BET!!!! Why do you hurt me so?

I hate BET. I don’t have enough space, time, or red bull to explain in total why I hate BET. But if you really want to see me rant, just leave me a comment, and I’ll get my mind right for it. I haven’t actually watched this channel in years. I’m so grateful for that.

Yesterday via Twitter a dear friend of mine (or not, since he sent me this mess and IMPLORED me to discuss) sent me the link to the BET Awards Nominees. At first I said I wasn’t going to look, but then I did, and I wept. First of all, I am desparately sad at the state of Black Music these days. It’s horrid. I realize that this is my stuck up opinion and that hey, everybody aint into what I’m into. That’s fine, but that just means that you suck. LOL. Now I am not above liking a F**kery song here and there. Here’s proof:


Before I get down into it, let me apologize to 80% of my friends. I’m sorry. I know you like The Dream, Ryan Leslie, Keri Hilson, etc. I still love you, and hope that you will still love me after this is said and done.

*clears throat*

On to the nominees. I’ll only cover the ones I really have a comment on.

Best Male R&B Artist: The Dream, Ryan Leslie, T-Pain, Ne-yo, Jamie Foxx.

Just kill me now. You know that we’re in a recession when The Dream & T-Pain are listed as R&B Artists. This baffles me. That’s singing? I feel this insults all men out there who are truly gifted and struggling to make it in the world of Autotunes. I don’t want anyone to win because this is an epic fail. I hope that this category randomly bursts into flames and never makes it to award night.

Best Female R&B Artist: Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jasmine Sullivan, Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole.

I mean I guess this is okay. This is about as good as it’s going to get thanks to NeoSoul being a different genre. I just can’t wait to see the Bey/JHud showdown. Clearly Bey will win it though because Gay men refuse to let Single Ladies die.

Best Group: Day 26, GS Boys, N.E.R.D., The Roots, Three 6 Mafia.

Here’s where I really want to go Incredible Hulk on the entire BET nominating committee, BET in general, 106 & Park, people whose initials spell BET, and the gambling industry for calling it “placing a BET”. Are you serious!? You would put The Roots and N.E.R.D. beside the GS BOYS??!?! I don’t even know who they are! I had to google it to find out they are responsible for the STANKY LEG! I’m not so out of touch that I didn’t know what that was. I hate hate hate BET. I don’t even know what Three 6 Mafia did last year. Someone, fill me in? Screw this category. Again, I hope it bursts into flames. I love me some N.E.R.D. and The Roots. They don’t deserve this mockery.

Best Collaboration: Jamie/T-Pain “Blame It”, Keri/Weezy “Turnin Me On”, Jim Jones/Ron Browns/Juelz “Pop Champagne”, T.I./Naked Lifetime Special “Live Your Life”, Young LA/Young Dro/T.I. “Aint I”

This should be… Best clusterf***.  Or Best Club joint. I’m just happy this year that the whole category is not just alternating between Weezy & T-Pain. I swear one award show I saw was like So&So/Weezy, So&So/T-Pain, So&So/Weezy, So&So/T-Pain, Weezy/T-pain. Who cares who wins.

Best Female Hip Hop Artist: Lil Mama, M.I.A., Trina

WTHoly Ham & Cheese Batman? Lil Mama? She’s still doing music? I thought she was a judge on a show in which she has no expertise? I’m so lost right now. I bet M.I.A. will feel real salty if she doesn’t win. (At least she should) I’m a FLA girl so of course I like Trina.. but not enough to give her a freaking award for teaching us how to look back at it. Stop the madness.

Best New Artist: Kid Cudi, Jasmine Sullivan, M.I.A., Ryan Leslie, Keri Hilson.

I support this category because no matter how much I can’t stand the artist, I respect them hustlin’ for that money, and I’m all about them getting props. I’m just sad that MY fave new artists never get love. That’s probably because they are still selling CD’s out of their cars. Why isn’t Drake on here? He’s not new, but technically, maybe he is? Or is it because he doesn’t have videos and hoes? I guess Mixtapes don’t make it in. They should. Where is Janelle Monae? Or was she new last year? I have too many questions. My vote is for M.I.A. (who also, isn’t new). I like Kid Cudi, but I’m not on his jock yet.

Video of the year: Beyonce and then some other people.

Bey is nominated twice. If I Were A Boy (who sat through that whole thing?) and Single Ladies. It doesn’t matter who else is nominated because the Gay Male Illuminati will not allow Bey to lose for Single Ladies. Done.

Best Actor: Common, Idris Elba, Jamal Woolard, Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson

I had to look closely at who the heck Jamal Woolard was. I didn’t see Notorious. Sorry. I’m a Will Smith Stan…. he better win. Too bad I won’t be watching to know.

Best Actress: Angela Bassett, Taraji P. Henson, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Rosario Dawson.

Angela & Beyonce please sit down. First off Taraji should win hands down. This chick was up for an OSCAR! People finally know her name and will stop calling her “I hate you Jodi”. I’m both mad/happy she’s even in this thing. Mad because a BET award is like winning an old dusty TV from a random raffle. You don’t mind having the TV, but you don’t need it, and it’ll go in that room that no one uses. Happy because BET was smart enough to recognize her awesomeness. Rosario is great too, but Seven Pounds does not = Benjamin Button. Sorry, sit down. Jennifer Hudson, I’m not exactly sure what movie this is for. Love you, sit down.

That’s about it. These are my randomly rude thoughts and I’m sorry if you feel like I offended your musical tastes. If you would like to be put on to what I feel is real music, please hit me up. I love to share and expose underrated artists!

Feel free to comment here or over Twitter/FB.


14 Responses

  1. Yet another thing that is now on the list of boycotting!!! COON Network…oh my bad shucking and jiving television…Dang it… BET!!!!!

    I want BET to play the theme song from Sanford and Son or What’s Happening and never air anything again!!! I will be content if they showed static!!!!

  2. From Jason Plummer since my Theme hates allowing people to comment.

    I have finally found someone who feels my pain. I haven’t watched BET in over 2 years now & I feel like I got 5 years put back on my life. When was the last time something even remotely related to being helpful or of use was said or shown on this channel. Programming used to be good with shows like Rap city, video soul, teen summit, etc, but no more. As a matter of fact, if they show one more blackbuster movie that has run 10 times the previous week, month and so on I will explode. Now on to the subject at hand, that is the BET Awards. Sadly this is one of the few ways Black artist get recognized for their talent within our community. I say sadly because the show is the laughing stock of the music world when it comes to awards. When you look at the Grammy awards, the Oscars, and other major award shows they have a level of class and royalty that come with them. Anything can’t just be said or done on these shows and if it is, there are serious repercussions. Not at the BET awards, not only are good artist overlooked when this may the only opportunity they have to get recognition (ie: common, UGK, etc) but pure trash is placed next to greatness as if it really belonged there (i.e. the best group category). I mean seriously all you need is hot single, dance or a ringtone that is catchy, and then you will be up for an award. When do we start to use our community to promote the best of our community? How do you have a best new artist category and don’t include Drake when he is clearly more talented than half the people already nominated? Oh wait, if you not commercial then you don’t stand a chance, that’s right. When will the day come that people won’t look at the BET awards and spend the next morning calling into radio shows talking about how this person looked like trash (which they probably did) or that person said some things they shouldn’t have (like open profanity while accepting an award). And let me say this, I am very sick and tired of these artist cursing, using obscene gestures and language, then getting up on stage and thanking God as if He was really important to them. C’mon now, no need to be politically correct when you know damn well God didn’t tell you to talk about popin pills, promiscuous sex, consistent violence and disrespect for human life, society and rules. For these reasons, I have no desire to watch this debacle called an awards show. I’d rather watch grass grow, go play in traffic during rush hour or work on something else that will deteriorate my mind since that’s all I would be doing anyways. Hey maybe the Kids choice awards are on at the same time…..

  3. I so agree with Mena on this…

  4. Ok people. Let’s ALLLLLLLLLLLL woo-sah!

    C’mon now, at this point WE KNOW that BET is for teenagers. That’s the demographic. And the artists nominated in these categories are what’s hotness among the kids. Kids don’t listen to “smart music.” Hell when I was a teenager you couldn’t tell me that Master P “Make Em Say Ugh!” wasn’t art. So I can’t knock the kids for liking stupid music anymore than I can knock a channel that targets kids to appease their horrible taste.

  5. @Robin… BET sucks so bad. Yes, teenagers watch it, which means BET should be doing better. If you are going to have the mindless stuff, balance it with something better. But I can totally knock BET for acting like complete douches because…..well I just can. LOL

  6. Great post and analysis type thang. Looking at these nominees is pretty depressing/discouraging/outrageous. At the same time, the BET awards are prolly the least credible and prestigious of the award shows out there. So…I guess we shouldn’t expect that much.

  7. Yea* expecting much from them is like expecting Sarah Palin to come to her senses and quit politics for porn. But there’s always hope.

  8. I think your real qualm is with Viacom. The last thing we should do is get rid of the only channel that caters to our demographic. I am surprised at the level of deep-seated animosity you all have by the way for BET…shock me, shock me, shock me with that rebellious attitude *sarcasm*. I do believe that BET has plenty of room to grow, but why do you hate what’s on now? Look for the positive in our station. Fuck that write a tv script for a sitcom and pitch a pilot, take some action. If I was BET and I was reading this I wouldnt change a thing, primarily because you all claim you havent watched the channel in years. It amazes me how much energy you have for something that you don’t even support. Plenty of blogs have become books, and plenty of books have become tv shows…MESSAGE!

    As far as the award nominees go…

    What stands out to me the most is that you all want Drake to get best new artist. Best new artist needs a best new album, or at least a best new single. Mix tapes dont count because the beats are jacked (not paid for) although Drake is fire! He’s no more best new artist than the dude on the corner with a mixtape. Plus his mixtape dropped in 09, nominees are based on 08 for the most part.

    Clearly, you didnt see Notorious. Jamal Woolard did a good enough job to be nominated, and Angela can stand up also (if you eliminate that shitty accent she tried). I believed that was the Wallace family, and that’s what acting is about.

    Best Male R&B artist two of the five can sing, five of the five are packed full of talent. I think if youre the best you have to be a total package. Of those in the industry who these five are writing songs, producing the track, and selling the product. Not too many people can do that. Yes, some of the nominees are more package than others but the five are more package than most.

    Best new group…name some other groups that dropped records in 08. Name some other groups that arent Black, that sold to Black people.

    Im at work so this is all I have time for now, but stop hating and start participating. Yes, you can participate and make changes.

  9. Yes ultimately my qualm is with Viacom, and Bob Johnson. I’m guessing this is your request for me to go into a full-fledged rant about why I hate BET. (I alluded to the fact in the beginning of my post that I would only do so if asked). I’ll work on that for you.

    If i COULD write a sitcom for BET, hell yes I do it. It’d be awesome, make me famous, and make me plenty of money. Alas.. I cannot. I could write a few anger-filler letters to BET.. I could. Or I could rant and rave about it on my blog and on other blogs looking for others who Hate BET so we can build a coalition and take this shit to the streets! Until I figure out what I actually CAN do about how craptastic BET is, I’ll continue to boycott BET. You know.. I seem to recall boycotting working before….hmmmm. Not that I’m saying the two situations are ANYWHERE similar, I’m just saying, don’t act like it’s never been done. You’re saying that if you were a BET executive and you found out that people were boycotting your business (let’s just say it was more than just the people on this blog) you wouldn’t do a thing? Let’s just say we’re glad you aren’t a BET exec. If I found out that people were boycotting my business, I’d think long term as to how that could effect the bottom line. If we’re not reaching as many viewers, ad money goes down, blah blah blah.

    Again, I’m not a writer, I blog on a blog that is called One Fourth Random. It’s random, so if it sucks that’s my excuse. So if you’re asking me to write a book, I’ll happily do so if you will pay for me to hire ghost writers, and get it published and things of that nature. Look, I stay within my lane.

    I have energy for just about everything. Keep getting to know me and you’ll find that out. Hell I blogged about fried chicken. I can blog about how Awesome Jesus is, and I’m positive I can write 700 words on the greatness that is my big toe. I blogged about this because (as I stated above) someone asked me to. Of course my personal opinions and things are in there… but I said sorry before I started to that makes it all good right? 🙂

    Ahhh Kid Cudi sneaks in because he has a single. Is that the official rules? I’m just asking. And the phrase that you added “For the most part” means… not always, so I’m sure an ’09er could have gotten in. Drake gets way more love than Kid Cudi. Either way, I hope he wins it because M.I.A. isn’t new. Or is that not the rules because her NEWEST single was new? I thought the Artist had to be new, not the music. I dunno. As it seems you have inside info the the BET Nominating Committee, please let me know.

    No I didn’t see Notorious which I said. I also never said that he shouldn’t have been nominated, just that I didn’t know who he was because…..*drum roll* I didn’t see the movie.

    As for best actress, You can’t eliminate a shitty accent if it exists, and again… this is my opinion. Angela can stay sitting down, Taraji is awesome.


    So to be “Best” something you had to have a “best” thing come out right? What did the GS boys have come out other than a youtube video? Young Joc signs them and now they are award worthy? No No No and no. I don’t have to name other groups. My point is that if you don’t have enough to fill a category, then just don’t. (i.e. Best Female Hip Hop Artist) They could have gone with 4 as opposed to 5. NEXT

    Best Male R&B…. I only said that 2 of the 5 COULDN’T sing.. and for that alone I was over the whole category. Talent is also a matter of opinion… So I stated my opinion. It stands…

    I do this for fun. I do not condone the use of the word hating on my blog so you will be fined. Please direct me to what I need to participate in? That part confused me. You know I’m from Bay County!

    *PS… to anyone who reads this and feels like my post was dripping with sarcasm… it was.. it really was. But not in a mean way. I know the above poster and therefore it’s all love. Even if I didn’t know him, love would still exist.

  10. Additionally going back to my Best New Artist rant, I recognized that Mixtapes don’t count but that they SHOULD because Drake is awesome, and I want him to win. And I also changed my vote to Kid Cudi based on newness.

  11. J-Jennings you just failed at life! LOL, I kid, your argument was for the most part, quite coherent, only you lost me when you stated that “[BET] cater[s] to OUR demographic”. I understand that the main component of the acronuym for BET is Entertainment, but this channel really only caters to ages 12 to 20. (Where is the programming that encompasses the rest of the black community?) This is evidenced by the fact that the faces in the crowd of BET’s franchise show 106 and Park get younger and younger by the day (pretty soon they’ll only be infants in the crowd). The station perpetuates a lot of negative stereotypes about the black community and only chooses to fight them with a guy name “Cousin Jeff” who barely gets any airtime. I also disagree that this blog is more hate that participation. I think publishing a statement like this is a way of affecting change. Now if the “rightening” of BET was the blogger’s sole goal in life then I would agree….”get off the sidelines and get in the game!” but clearly this is not her main goal in life. As far as the nominees for the awards go…you have to be living under a rock to NOT think some of the nominations are absurd. How is M.I.A. a new artist?? Is it b/c WE “black people” just “discovered” her in 08??? And I agree as much as I love Drake it would be crazy to nominate him as a best new artist, but the same can be said for Kid Cudi…his first single ever didn’t drop until 09 and his album isn’t due until later this year….a Kanye Co-Sign does not a “best new artist” make. Also…the GS Boys don’t even have a record deal….the “Stanky Leg” dance is a national phenomenon, however I would argue that the song is not. And yes 3/6 dropped an album this year, but did anyone care?? Did anyone buy it? 10 bucks says you can’t name the release date or their second single from this nominated album without googling it.

  12. damn, ya’ll OD’d on the comments…felt like i was reading a damn memoir book. the JG blog is that crack I see!

  13. I am not asking you to write a sitcom or a book, I do mean that some blogs turn into books (ex. Stuffwhitepeoplelike, TuckerMax, PerezHilton). From those books movies and television shows can form, and your show should be on BET. The blog is entertaining, and Black owned. On television you can also rant all you want (ex. Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Carlos Mencia). I hope you never stop writing your blog(s), I would lose my mind at work. Boycotting works, however since none of your readers seem to watch BET as is. I just feel that is not the same as boycotting. I don’t watch Cartoon Network, that doesn’t mean I am boycotting it. It means I don’t watch cartoons. People keep saying the programming is not for them, to me that says you’re just not interested, not boycotting. It’s the only channel you’re guaranteed to see Black people on. To me that means if Black writers and BET executives worked together at least we would have a bona fide option for broadcasting. Additionally, this BET discussion was more so for the comments, than to you. I feel like people hate BET because smart Black people tell them to (ex. Boondocks, Tavis Smiley, JGizzle Blogging Quizzle)
    “And y’all buy the shit, caught up in the hype
    Cause the nigga wear a coofie, it don’t mean that he bright
    Cause you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice
    It just means you don’t understand all the bullshit that he write” -HOVA

    I simply like to know the reasons people have such anger toward a channel that’s providing bENTERTAINMENTt not bEMPOWERMENTt. You dont read books in the club, you just dance.

  14. …now as far as the nominations. Best New Artist I don’t disagree with you, I just wonder why anyone is considering Drake. I understand you didn’t see Notorious. That’s why I said clearly, it’s more shock than anything. Don’t boost Taraji’s she’s an average actress in a good movie. She played a weeping Black woman who took care of a…Baby…Boy. Just because I feel Angela should be nominated doesn’t mean I feel she needs to win. GS Boys created a dance move, changed the dance floor game for…ev..psyche. But they did make moves, you did the stanky leg. I know…shh.
    Participation: write to BET and apply to the selection committee don’t just feel disgusted. Take action, but dont stop writing here. Just do both.

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