The Tahiry Effect: Women and their tricks

Most of my blog topics stem from conversations or requests. This one is no different. As am I often found doing, yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend on the complexities of relationships. I was talking about the newest phenomenon in cosmetic procedures: hydrogel injections, affectionately known as Butt Shots. My friend was utterly disgusted, confused, befuddled, and angered. All at the same time. I explained to him that these injections give women with little to no derriere (no Dereon or Beyonce for that matter) the Tahiry effect. I don’t know if she’s fake, but I’m just going to say that these extreme dimensions are pretty rare. And I’ve seen some coke bottles.



Now while there are plenty of women that naturally have bodies that people like me admire and most men of melanin desire, there are far more women who fail at this. It’s quite alright. Just like other stereotypcs about our people and our men, it is not always true that black women have big ole juicy apple bottom bootys. My friend then went on a mini-rant about how it’s not fair that women are constantly tricking men (in this case, it don’t matter if YOU got it).  He argued that it’s not right to make a man fall in love with your backside and it aint even yours. I’ve heard this argument plenty of times from many men. Some men hate weaves, even well-done weaves, breast implants, liposuction, spanx, injections, acrylic nails, and even make-up.  They hate the idea that they will meet a beautiful woman and she will wash away in the shower. I totally understand, that’s not a very nice thought.

My initial argument with him was that it could be a reaction to the imagery that men like to idolize. Women tend to care a little bit more about looks and tend to be a bit hard on themselves. When we’re with our man-friend and we catch his eye wandering to the girl that walks by with a booty that is beating like an african drum, a small piece of us inside looks back at our own mamase mamasah moomakusa (RIP MJ) and feels a bit dejected. While we’re rocking the sexy Halle Berrrrrrrrraye circa 1991 Strictly Business thinking we’re fly, yet our man is constantly oogling the girls on TV with the indian hawaiian silky down their backs, we begin to seriously consider that sew-in. Now I’m not saying it’s always to this extreme. A bit of it is because sometimes we let insecurities creep in and I’m not going to sit here and pretend that not even really strong black women don’t fall to insecurities. We’re human and it happens. But just like men go out and buy the cars and the bling to make women sing, women go out and do the things they believe will attract men. If we aint got it, we can buy it.

Take a look at this. She’s a pretty decent chick originally, but what this magazine did to her took her to anoher level. Men fall in love with photoshopped girl and this becomes their version of how a woman should look. This becomes what he’s out looking for, and “normal” women just don’t stack up. When in reality, this version doesn’t even really exist.


He then challenged me that there is someone for everyone. Just like there are men who prefer long hair, there are men that love a girl with the ‘fro. Additionally, he said that men falling in love has more to do with timing and less to do with the dime that just walked by that he has just got to have. He said, it doesn’t make sense for a woman to go to all of these lengths to look a certain way beause she feels like that’s what some man wants, because it really won’t be the deciding factor for him as to if he wants to be with her or not. If he’s ready, he’s ready, if he’s not, he’s not. Getting your flapjacks filled with hydrogel won’t speed the process. Of course he added, at the end of the day it’s always best to just be yourself. Agreed.

I then countered that perhaps the whole thing was shallow on both ends. Men fall in love too quickly with the way a girl looks, so fast it becomes all they care about. If she’s an awesome person deep inside (out the gutter please) then who cares if her looks wash away. Perhaps she wasn’t trying to trick you, but she just loves the process of dressing up, putting on make-up, and getting her nails done. Or maybe whether you like it or not, she just loves the way her face looks with makeup on. Perhaps she loves doing different things with her hair and so she enjoys getting weaves just to try out random styles. She may not even need it.

Now let me say that I do not fully support cosmetic enhancements because I am one to believe that you should be happy the way God made you. At the same time it’s like, do what makes you happy. I’m sure if Tahiry’s assets are in fact a figment of our imaginations and she didn’t get it from her mama, it was still a healthy investment. She’s getting hers. It trips me out though because this is becoming a widespread phenomenon. I’ve heard of Butt Shot parties where women line up and a woman with a syringe comes by and makes their dreams of being the newest member of the Twerk Team a possibilty.

It’s crazy out there. What do you Random Readers out there think? Are you cool if a woman has had some enhancements to give her the body of your dreams? Women, would you or have you had some work done? How do you feel about it?


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2 Responses

  1. No, no and no. What kills me is when women start trying to fit an ideal. Even dudes who are aiming for numbers or playing the field don’t keep going after the same prototype of a woman. Dudes (even when they aren’t going after different races) want to sample the rainbow. Even when it’s just sex they can appreciate the beauty of various kinds of women. Short or long hair. Applebottom thickums or dancer physique. Dudes go after it all. With this in mind instead of enhancing what they feel they don’t have, women should focus on bringing attention to what they do have. As I tell dudes who are competing with each other, “No one can beat me at being me.”

  2. I don’t believe in physically altering my body for anyone. Luckily as I gained weight in college I gained the assets that I once coveted. Now at the same time I do wear weave from time to time to give my actual hair a break and you would be surprised how men who wouldn’t look your way the week before are now staring you down. But in the end I believe if you’re doing it for you there is no problem.

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