To My Readers:

I’m not going to lie, I started blogging a year ago on Rants of a Wild Child, now I have my own site, and I contribute to a few others and it’s DRAINING. To be honest the reason it’s so draining on me is because I have something to say about EVERYTHING and I’m still struggling to figure out how to say it succinctly.  You guys are awesome because you stick around for it all! Well this week I had so much to say that it was emotionally draining for me to even get up the energy to write about it, and then edit it down to a reasonable length. I just ended up abandoning a lot of thoughts. For the time being. I’m not taking a break, but this week just got the best of me. Not to mention as we end out the year, the day job is getting more and more demanding. Fear not, next week I’ll be back to go over some of the things that plagued my mind this week, and some new stuff. I just wanted to kee you guys abreast of OFR, and make sure you knew not to delete the bookmark! LOL Stick with me!



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