New Year's No-No's


Greetings everyone! As the New Year finds everyone in hopefully good health and high spirits there are several things that come with it. Everyone wants to start over as if the actual changing of the years erases prior ills and fails. Well I understand the mentality behind needing a definite point in time to get your life together, but let’s be a little honest with ourselves. If there are some changes you need to make in your life, and you know about them well enough in advance to plan on making them at some defined point in the future, you are doing yourself a disservice. Just go ahead and do what you need to do, and feel better faster.

I digress.

I decided to make a nice little list of things that I would be most happy if the masses could avoid doing publicly as the ball drops this year. I think it’s a step toward freedom for all mankind. It seems that as social networking picks up more speed and people live vicariously through their lives online, we are becoming more and more privy to thoughts that I’m sure we could all go without. So in an attempt to pump the breaks on senseless status updates and driving people up the wall, here’s a little list to hopefully guide your sharing this holiday season.

  1. Everyone adds people here and there on FB that perhaps we don’t like, don’t know, or grow to hate. It’s not necessary to announce on FB that you will be deleting people in 2010. This makes no sense. Do you expect people to stop and analyze their FB interactions with you to determine if they are on the chopping block? Ok…and then what? Do I now have 16 days to plead my case? LOL It’s not that serious. Just delete and move on.
  2. Same with Twitter, don’t need to hear that you are unfollowing people because you just don’t have room in your life for the nonsense. That in itself is nonsense and you should start moving more life furniture starting with *points finger* YOU.
  3. Unless you are speaking on your winterboo updates, no one needs to hear you lament about how you will end your single streak in 2010. Unless of course you are being totally honest about the things that make YOU an undateable person, and you are planning to change those things, 2010 will probably look like 2009, 2008, etc. So please, just go back to updating about what you had for lunch.
  4. We all have plans to lose weight every time the New Year rolls along. However, don’t flood the gym without knowing what you’re doing. These times the gym is super packed and everyone needs to be on point. Don’t be lazy and hog the ab machine. Also, don’t front like you’re trying, but in reality you just stand behind the treadmill machines stretching for an hour. FB Photos will tell your secret in 4 months.
  5. Success is an ongoing measure to reach for. Don’t start talking about how you are going to take a break and then get back in grind mode come 2010. As someone who loves a good accountability partner, and can be one for you if you like, I’m just going to slap you upside the head. Success never sleeps, so neither should you. Telling me that you’re going to chill, but you have big plans in 2010 tells me you aren’t hungry, and I like to eat, so get out of my way. πŸ™‚

New Year’s Resolutions are for you and no one else. I’m all about the power of affirmations and I share my more broad affirmations that can be used by all, but we don’t need to hear/read your entire list of ways you are going to get your life together. Chances are you won’t finish the whole list, and then how will you feel knowing, that I know, that you know, and well…. you know.

That’s about it for now, I feel like this post comes off a bit more Crabby Sally than I intended, but it’s Monday, it’s early, and vacation starts on Friday. Do you have any other New Years No-No’s that you would like to add to the list? I considered doing a rants on the big Facebook F’ups I see on the daily, but that’s another post all together. Join in the fun!



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  1. Yep! I totally agree especially with #4! If you do NOT know what you’re doing please lawd step aside! Ugh I am not looking forward to the New Years flood at LA Fitness πŸ™‚ okay okay we all have to start somewhere I suppose … (ahem join a class!!!)

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