It's 2010 and…

…I’m loving it!


Here’s the hitch though:

I need a break from blogging. I’ve pretty much been blogging for a year straight. I posted almost 200 articles last year. I got really burned out from it because I felt like I started it for fun, but then I got caught up putting pressure on myself to respond to certain things. Those who know me know that I’m always on “the Koolaid” and I’m always happy. It just burns my britches to see bitterness, petty behavior, and snide gossip all the time. Being a blogger, you often feel the need to pick up on the latest story and give your spin, and so forth and so on. It was tough on me being constantly faced with all the drama of the world. Oh I’m still faced with it, and I’m still fighting it, I just need to not put pressure on myself to constantly respond to it.

Another thing is as I inch closer to starting my MBA this fall there is a lot to get in order. I was already struggling with finding the right time to write my blogs, that’s only going to get worse, so I need to set some time apart to put together my Vision Board, and really restructure my life so that in the upcoming months I’m not stressing out as I get prepared to leave the working world and become a student again. Once I do that I can schedule time to write as well as a schedule of consistent posting. Again with the timing, my involvement in my community will continue to increase as I continue to mentor “My Kids” and I become more involved with the plight of the homeless via The Samaritan House of Atlanta. When I make my move for school, I’ll be needing all of y’all to recommend to me some great programs to get involved in. So stay up!

I’m not quitting blogging, I’m just going to move this site to a free one, and use it for more personal rants, and then post my really good and deep topics on and Single Sisters Speak Out. So all the content will be moved and I’ll still be writing. It’s just my more personal thoughts will be reserved for those that truly care and can relate. I have amazing stuff going on in my life right now (apparently I managed to escape the plague of Black Woman Single Syndrome the media is hyping up beyond swing flu) and I should be able to share that with close friends and efriends alike. Just make sure you’re subscribed to and stay linked to this blog so that you’ll get more information on where it’s moving and when. In the meantime, please get connected to me so you can catch my Twitter #rants that could also be turned into a blog one day. 🙂 Also, add me on Facebook as a friend but let me know where you are coming from so I don’t ignore you into the abyss. 🙂

It’s not over. I promise.

Thank you so much for supporting me. You guys give me life!


P.S. I know I’m not done blogging, not even a little bit. I love sharing life’s experiences and lessons. I said I’d start on my book this year, and it’s coming. I feel like I can do that now and I have the focus, the direction, and the confidence. But as I begin the path of a Black MBA student this year, prepare to see my ewriting pick up. 🙂


2 Responses

  1. If anyone feels this, you KNOW I do!! When blogging is forced, it’s not fun anymore. You should have space to say whatever makes you feel whole and complete. So I encourage and understand this decision 100%!

  2. @Skinny Black Girl, LOL I knew you would! Thanks love! I promise I won’t have “eReal Estate” all over the place though. haha.

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