I'm a star how could I not shine?

“….and I wonder if you know, what it means…to find your dreams.”

Man I do. 2009 was crazy but it was so good. I really got my mind right last year. This year, I was motivated and I created a vision board as a physical reminder as to why 2010 is going to be great and why waking up every day is such a blessing. I got the support of some of my e-sisters and we all decided that we would create our boards and have them complete by tomorrow. I’ll share with you guys their boards when they are all complete, but for now here is mine.

Click here for close ups on each section.

Here’s the explanation of my vision:

  • I read online somewhere that when creating a vision board that is focused on the well being of one’s life, you should put a picture of yourself in the center. A picture that shows you smiling and happy. I think this picture captures that perfectly. Affirmations.
  • My three main focuses for this year and life in general are God, Growth, and Gains.
  • GOD
    • I kept this section small because there is no room for flexibility and compromise. I give my life completely unrestrained to God.
    • I have to recognize the power of a praying woman. I’ve seen how powerful God can be when you call upon him.
    • I must not forget how awesome God is that he gives me 90% while only asking for 10% in return. Even in hard times, God asks for less than a server does at any restaurant.
    • Money is always on everyone’s mind, but I will stop letting it control me. I control it.
    • I will secure scholarships for my MBA program this year. Each school awards money, but I’m looking for full rides and supplemental scholarships. Little to no DEBT!
    • My credit score has been on the mend since 2009 and I’m really pleased with where I’m at. I will reach and exceed 750 by the end of this year.
    • The “Protect your assets” clip is funny. I need to continue to build and collect my assets, as well as keep my booty in shape. 🙂 Indeed.
    • The $1,000,000 bill is powerful for me. In my business endeavors this year I will be fruitful. Whether it’s money in my bank, or money for a worthy cause, I’ll be collecting them Obamas.
    • Basically this year, I will really latch on to my long-term wealth building strategy. ROTH’s and other investments. I’m grown now, time to act like it.
    • This section ended up being the largest because it just encompasses so much.
    • Business Schools. I know where I want to go, I know where my heart is, I don’t know where the money is. LOL Either way, all of these schools will be FTW.
    • The “Princess Diaries” is a shout out to remind myself to keep writing. Keep blogging. Keep inspiring. Keep Learning.
    • Some symbols like the Ailey dancer, the ΔΣΘ, the bag full of pearls and money, my avatar in a sexy bikini, and the random references to looking fly are just affirmations to keep up with my passions. Health, Fitness, Shopping, and the Greatest Sorority ever.
    • The section concerning my love life makes me smile. There really isn’t much to say except I understand now more than before how real relationships work. It has a lot to do with more than just Love. I have the “Fire & Ice” symbols there to represent the balance that is needed (as well as… he and I’s connection). The Obamas are proof that two people can work together even with the world watching. Will & Jada are proof that love is about being open, honest, and communicating. The picture of he and I is proof that black love is still alive and well, and two highly driven individuals can find each other and find happiness. My putting his professional business on my board represents how I value his success and I make it a priority for me as well.
  • There are several random little shout outs on the board that I am affirming. Live life! Drink and be merry! Travel! I wish to leave a strong legacy. That doesn’t happen overnight so the building starts now. I want to help heal the world! When I die they will say “Nothing like her ever was.

That’s about it. It was sooo powerful for me to make this. I almost cried when I made the picture of FLOTUS and myself side by side. Someone commented on FB “You do resemble her, except you won’t be the President’s wife, you’ll be the President!” *sigh* I love the faith the world has in me. I won’t let you down. 🙂


P.S. I recommend that everyone do this. Seriously.  Check out SkinnyBlackGirl’s Vision Board. The rest will be up soon!


4 Responses

  1. Love it! Seriously, I’m so happy we all decided to do this. I’m gonna save my really sappy comment for the post with all of our boards, but this was a great experience!

  2. […] Also please check back for a future posting where I will unveil the vision boards of my E-Sisters: JG*, SkinnyBlackGirl, and AlissaInPink. If you want to read of their personal journeys in this project, […]

  3. Good job on the vision board

  4. This looks great! I’m gonna get mine started soon. I hope.

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