Two Truths & A Lie

Who hasn’t played a good ice breaker?

I know we all remember those college dorm days full of Never Have I Ever which led to a disastrous drinking game. But on the less damaging side, I’m thinking more like Two Truths & a Lie.

Twitter is a great social networking tool that I’m not sure many of us truly use to it’s potential. I’ve been known to look to my followers to play fun games online, so I decided to play Two Truths & a Lie via Twitter to see just how well I know my followers. Please, see the fun below!

This is getting good! Follow me @JGRunsTheCity to play more two truths & a lie! Also, This post is loosely related to the Athenos Two Truths and a Lie Party in Atlanta, where their giving away lots of cool stuff, including a free trip to South Beach!  I’m going, so if you’re local and thinking about attending, let me know or RSVP to attend at the Athenos Facebook Page under the Events Tab!