Stop. Celebrity. Worship


Please! Celebrity Worship Syndrome. It’s not good for you.

I just can’t take it anymore. We can discuss celebrities without the worship. It’s to the point now where anyone with over 2,000 followers on twitter thinks they are a celebrity and deserve shout outs in the club and a platter of free wings. No Bueno! Although I’ll take them free wangs. Lemon Pepper please.

An-tee-ways. I’m tired of hearing about every little thing concerning so and so or who cares. Well, it’s not so much hearing about it as it is how everyone blows things way out of proportion. I am of the camp that celebs need not talk about their private lives AT ALL. Just because the media is a lynch mob and pesters the hell out of them does not mean they have to oblige. Whether it’s good or bad. We make these people role model when outside of what they do professionally we probably wouldn’t let them pay us to take care of a loved one. Does that make sense?

For the above reason, I don’t see why we continuously ask celebrities to “speak out” on certain causes and issues all the time. I understand we do it for the fundraising or the awareness, but that stops working when said Celeb does something that the rest of humanity does but that we expect them not to. They are not Popes people.

Examples of Celeb Worship Gone Wrong:

  • Rihanna felt the need to come out and speak on the DV situation between her and Chris Brown. Like I said, I believe private lives should be private no matter who you are, but whatever. She said she knows that she’s a voice for young girls and she had to speak out so that someone in her position could get out. I applaud. However, the next week she’s in an interview in which she says if a girl doesn’t send her boyfriend naked pictures then she feels bad for him. Basically encouraging those young women she wants to save to participate in the same activities. Nevermind that they don’t have PR Teams, Lawyers, or millions in the bank should the same exposure happen to them. Now, I’m not saying a few fun pictures back and forth is a bad thing (plus no one cares about my opinion) but that’s child pornography for most of her fan base, and chances are higher that the pics will make their way around the school. Stop the worship.
  • Recently word got out that Pleasure P of the uber-famous boy group Pretty Ricky (/sarcasm) could quite possibly be a convicted child molester. Hmmmm. While I never found his music to be all that great (never heard his solo stuff, just Pretty Ricky’s) I could tell from his twitter following and myspace groupies that most of his fans are tiny-aged. So you have young boys bumping and grinding against pillows on youtube to homeboy and young girls frothing at the mouths and talking about Boyfriend #2. That’s a problem when you consider that this guy is probably really really sick and should be behind bars still. Worship…stop. Please.
  • Then you have the First Church of Tiger Woods (shout out to @SDotWalton) that is pretty much a cult full of strange people that don’t leave the house much. They have since disbanded because *gasp* Tiger did something that millions of people in the world do every day! While what he did was triflin’ I think for these crazies they may need to look at the bigger picture. #stopcelebrityworshipshrug

I could create a list that would span the entire equator of all the dumb things that celebrities do. Clearly that’s why this blog isn’t as popular as millions of others. I don’t particularly tackle celebrity gossip which is what the millions want to read. Last night Dwight Eubanks (sp?) from RHOA (a show I don’t watch) came into my job. I was bitched at for not knowing who that plastic looking man was. After being told who he was real proper like, I remember that I wrote a blog featuring him concerning Gay men who marry women and I wanted to laugh. Child Boo. Bye.

Here’s how it works, we let celebs stick to what they are good at (i.e. acting, singing, sports, WHATEVER) and we go about life without having to read their every dumb moment on Twitter, paying extra to get in the club just because they will be walking through it, and seeing their every downfall interrupt our favorite show that they happen to not be on. That’s all I’m saying.

If you or someone you know is addicted to celebrity gossip and their every move, there is help. Call 1-800-stopthemadness and we’ll get you or your friend locked away in a padded room for life. iKid!


Bey's Back!


It’s not like she ever went anywhere, but you know, she was chillin for about 5 minutes so to have a new video from her it’s like Christmas came early. So I heard all the Twitter that Beyonce and Lady Gaga did a remix to Video Phone but I didn’t ever seek to hear it because I honestly just didn’t care. Lady Gaga, while EXTREMELY talented, scares me and reminds me of the monster I always knew was under my bed. Imagine that, I’m 25 and she finally decides to show herself. Lady Gaga is like Paranomal Activity and True Blood in real life. iDigress.

Here is the video.

Now you guys KNOW that I LOVE Beyonce and would NEVER say an ill thing about her… ever. While my application to Beyonce Standom got lost in the mail, I am still being closely monitored by the Black Gay Male Illuminati. So at the end of this post I will do my repentance Single Ladies montage complete with yelling “NOW WHERE. MAH. RING.?” (© VMA’s) in the mirror at least 20 times.

On to the video. I mean when it comes to Bey recently I’ve just been left confused. As I’ve previously blogged about, her last 4 Sasha Fierce videos (well it was 3 at the time) looked damn near the same with a few little tweaks here and there. I honestly got to the point where outside of Single Ladies I didn’t know which video was what and went where. It seems Bey has a bit of a thing for the number 3, black and white, and evil twins whether they be her breast or two strong looking women.

Here in her latest installment Giselle gives us a bit more. A lot more actually. First let’s start with what hasn’t changed.

Things Bey’s producers can’t let go of:

  • Her being half naked. This time in the beginning, her onesie has the sides cut out. So It looks like Bey had to actually get in the gym for real for this one. No corsets baby.
  • Ahh #basic jerky dance moves. (More on this later)
  • The number 3. Once again we’re faced with watching Bey and backups. Except this time they are men. (Scholars maintain that they were ALWAYS men)
  • Lack of pants. Seriously, I pray that Jesus protect Beyonce from a yeast infection. That is all.
  • Boobs… I feel like Bey’s boobs were just all over the place in this one. Not quite like Ego but all in the place nonetheless. It’s funny because she’s still a member of the IBTC, but somehow her breast got more people and I now believe them.

Next we can go on to what has changed.

New things Bey’s producers decided to give us:

  • Color. Like real color this time.
  • The real Beyonce. The Houston in her really came out. I mean when I first heard the song (love it) I heard it when she said “Shawty whacho’ name is” but I mean watching her say it took it to another level. I swear the re-recorded just for that. Straight up this was not Beyonce in the video. This was her original self, Bianca. Straight up hood.
  • Knowledge of Bey’s stripper abilities. We get it. I had to ask my friend, “Who exactly is this video for?” Because I love Bey and now I’m going to get in the gym, but seriously. I think this is for all the men that love Jay-Z but hate on him and therefore wish to fantasize about his wife. She kinda put down the jerk (no new boyz) and picked up the pole. Seriously, I’ve seen those same moves in Strokers, Magic City…wait… I don’t go to strip clubs. So ummm….scratch that.
  • Beyonce twinnage. Instead of bringing back the evil twins (she must have a rule only allowing a set number of others on the set with her.) Bey decided to just reproduce herself over the green screen. Interesting.
  • Lady Gaga. This was kind of embarrassing for me because this was the first time I ever heard her contribution. I just didn’t see where she fit. Again, she’s an amazing singer and it was nice to see her without looking like Leatherface and wearing a mask of previous Pop Diva’s skin. However, what was she talking about? Which beat was she singing to? Why would they put her in the same outfit as Bey, next to her, knowing that Bey’s ass would eat her alive? Lady Gaga just disappeared in the abyss that is Beyonce’s shadow. Back there she found Kelly, Michelle, Lil Mama, Latoya, and that other chick. No Hubba Hubba. Their dance sequence had me all kinds of befuddled.

Other than that I think Beyonce once again showed what we already knew. She’s extremely hot, and her weave can take on several forms. She’s extremely hood and Jay-Z has probably installed a pole in every room in the house. #notmadathimplaya. LOL

I think I’m the only one that had something completely different in mind for a video concept for this song. But then again, I’m sure guns, random space men, and 80’s hip hop clothing all have something to do with being recorded on a video phone.

Any thoughts from the masses?

Love Of My Life: An Ode to Hip Hop


You know I can’t actually recall the moment that I fell in love with Hip Hop. It seems as though I was randomly introduced to it and at first I wasn’t concerned one way or another. It wasn’t like I didn’t have other types of music to hold my interest. Sure it stood out, but I mean honestly I think at the time I just wasn’t ready. I was struggling in a world of trying to figure out exactly what it is that I even like. I didn’t have time to step out and try anything new.

As I got to know Hip Hop I started to learn and understand how deep and intricate it really was. How it could take me from feeling one way to feeling another in a matter of minutes. One minute I’m deep in intellectualism from the rhymes of Mos Def or Black Thought then I’m being seduced by the smoothness of Common or Slum Village. When I’m feeling goofy and nostalgic about love I hear “Kiss Me Through The Phone” and instantly the little girl that still lives within me blushes. When I need Hip Hop’s encouragement to get up and be Successful, he’s always there to push me beyond the money, the cars, and the clothes. I didn’t realize how much I relied on Hip Hop until things got tough and Hip Hop was there to Brush My Shoulder off.

It’s funny how I missed when it got to the point where everyday I would wake up and anxiously await reconnecting with Hip Hop. We would go over what we shared the day before and I’d start looking to see if Hip Hop had anything new to offer to me. It always does. Something new to uplift me, get me crunk, or calm me down. Sure sometimes Hip Hop gets on my nerves, but I’ve learned to actually accept that and even though I hate to admit it, sometimes I love the “childish” side of Hip Hop.

I think I’m beginning to love the sides of Hip Hop that are different from me. Sometimes I do need a lil Goon motivation I suppose. I don’t always have to be so deep. Sometimes I just need to dance and not worry about what’s being said and I just need to go with the flow. Hip Hop helps me to understand that.

I seriously can’t say when it was that I fell in love with Hip Hop. It’s like I knew it was awesome all along, but I just didn’t take the time to stop and truly listen. Perhaps I was being so cautious about learning and growing with something new I missed out on some of Hip Hop’s greatness. I think I was being a bit “stuck up” and full of myself by glossing over what I considered to be Hip Hop’s less conscious contributions. In truth that’s what makes Hip Hop so eclectic, so unique. There’s always more than meets the eye with Hip Hop and I just need to continue to discover the layers.

Just like Hip Hop is there for me flaws and all, I think that’s how I have grown to be there for Hip Hop. I don’t want to be taken so seriously so maybe there is a time and a place to “party, party, party let’s all get wasted.” Hip Hop is very social, loved by many and hated by even more so I guess sometimes that plays a role too. But I’m way more of a lover than a hater so perhaps that’s why I’m falling….

I still can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened. But I truly feel as though it did, and now I can’t see my life without Hip Hop. I’ve actually learned so much about myself because of Hip Hop. The way that Hip Hop speaks directly to me about things I thought no one else understood. Hip Hop helps me be honest with myself. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly I think Hip Hop will continue to grow just like I have. Perhaps we can grow together continuously drawing upon the past as good samples to help build the future.

I'm sorry, I just don't like "The Game"


The other day I asked all my tweeps if I was the only Black person in America that does not like the show The Game. This show gets more love than Chris Brown has bowties. Without being its biggest fan I know that it was canceled on whatever channel it was on initially, but old episodes can be seen on BET. (Which means I’m REALLY never going to watch it.) I have also gathered that they are very prone to playing the same show over and over again, but that’s no fault of theirs. While many of my twitfam responded that I am in fact the only person in TEH WHOLE WURLD that does not like this show, others held me down and made me feel sane by echoing my sentiments.

Let me say that I have given this show a try. I really have. All of my girlfriends would rant and rave about this show and I was starting to feel left out. Me and my bff had already watched every season of Sex & The City over bottles of wine and blocks of cheese and I felt like she was moving on without me. So one night I went over to hang out with a bottle of wine in tow, and she was watching The Game. I was excited! I was finally going to be ushered in and addicted to this new show! Yes! Ehhhh no. Here’s an example of an episode I watched:

I just don’t think I get it. Like is this a drama? Is it a comedy? Because they are acting dramatic one minute, and it’s serious, and I think we’re on to something, but then…… OH! There it is. Lame goofy moment and now Twin A is chest bumping Idiot Athlete. I just don’t get it. The acting is piss poor, the writing is bad, and where is the other twin!?

I really started to think about it and it made me kind of sad. I know, I know it’s just a T.V. show but I think it points to something else. I grew up at the Token Negro™ and so I related to shows like Saved By The Bell and hell even Friends. I never really got into Girlfriends (although I do believe this was a good show) and I didn’t watch many Black Television shows growing up. This actually sucks to me and I wish that I had. I’m also not that big on drama. So while The Game is “funny” it’s too dramatic with this girl sleeping with this guy who has a girlfriend, but who’s mama is over here doing this or that. However ultimately I just don’t relate to the characters. I’m not into athletes and girls that love athletes so it’s all just a bit much to me.

This takes me back to Madea. I enjoyed the first few “Madea” movies but after that I just felt they were too predictable and I hung them up. But a lot of people’s defense of that character is “everyone has a Madea in their family” and it almost makes me feel left out again because I don’t. I don’t relate much at all to any of the characters except to say that my uncle is pretty loud and funny and perhaps one day when he’s old and senile he’ll be like Madea’s brother. But as it stands now….nope.

So could it be that The Game really does just suck and I’m not some poor lost girl that needs to get in touch with her roots (no Kunta). Oooooooor (Tom Joiner voice) is The Game truly the best show on Earth and I just need to suck it up, watch some marathons, and drink until I fall in love with it?

Any other shows out there that the masses seem to love but you hate? (If anyone says House you will be banned).

Celebrities Are The New Circus Freaks


And I can’t stand them.

These days with Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, and a news media that’s pretty much a joke, celebrities have pretty much proven themselves to simply be lame people with lots of money. Many of them don’t actually have any talent, they probably just either knew someone out of a diminishing group of people that still have talent, or they are in the genre of talentless hacks that for some reason has become cool these days. With all of the gossip blogs, television shows, and reality shows that pretty much show celebrities acting a fool, looking a fool, or making fun of them for being fools, it’s as if we prefer making fun of them versus being entertained by them. They are the new circus freaks.

That doesn’t seem like fun.

Celebrities are way overexposed. Even D-list celebrities are overexposed. How did THAT happen? What happened to the days when I’d only have to be bothered with your face by paying to see your movie or concert? Or when the only time I’d see you was in a video? Now I know your dog’s name, your favorite color, your favorite drug, and what your private parts look like. That’s way outside your area of expertise.

This is all our (well really you people that idolize celebs) fault.

We put celebrities up on a pedestal and beg to know more. We buy the gossip magazines, and we watch “Access Hollywood” and crap like that waiting for the next bomb to drop. We watch train wrecks like Real Housewifes of Who Cares, and we line up to get a glimpse of the newest baby of whatever celebrity that has nothing to do with your life. I’m really sick of it. I mean I can ignore these things, but do you know how hard it is to go out of my way to ignore all things celebrity related? I have to not watch T.V., stop tweeting, ignore the internet, and move to a remote island off the coast of Antarctica. Do you know how cold it is up there?

But the reason I’m so bothered is because all of this attention leads to stupid publicity stunts. Case in point, Rihanna. I find it all too convenient that she has chosen to BREAK HER SILENCE OMG RIHANNA SPEAKS! GET THE INSIDE SCOOP! PICTURES INSIDE! at the same time that her newest singles are dropping, and I’m guessing she has an album coming out soon. Look, I only saw bits and pieces of what she had to say, and I’m sure her speaking out will help some girl who looks up to her that’s in an abusive situation. However, I can’t help but feel like this is NOT part of her healing, and ultimately she cares far less bout the welfare of her fans than they do about her welfare. Of course I have no way of knowing this, but I bet you that she could have spoken out about this well before her new hairstyle and all of the many video shoots. While I’m sure healing takes some time and she’s a role model and she needed to talk about it (I guess), the timing just don’t seem right to me. I’m not trying to hate on the girl (since you guys still continue to use such a stupid phrase) but I’m just not buying the hype, and certainly not the album.

Stop being sheep. Between February and now Rihanna could have BROKEN HER SILENCE! DON’T MISS OUT! Hell she could have even waited until the dust settled on her album that I’m sure won’t be much of anything spectacular (that girl is not Beyonce) and it would have seemed more genuine. The timing is just fishy to me. However despite all of that, I hope that those girls that needed to hear what she had to say take heed and don’t allow themselves to be caught up in the same trash. If that happens, then I’m guessing it’s worth the celebrity PR stunt.

But from now on, can we do more to make our own lives interesting instead of spending time salivating at the lives of people who wouldn’t even pay someone to pee on fire to put you out? I mean I think I’m pretty freakin cool, but no one cares because I don’t shave my hair into funny styles or make a gillion dollars. Stop being so shallow… adore ME! I’m awesome! But no really. As soon as the celebrity worship stops, we’ll see less of them, they’ll stop acting stupid for our attention (Tila The Alien anyone?) and maybe they’ll even drop the prices to their concerts. Maybe. Please, let’s all join up for the cause to end Celebrity Circus Shows. If you are someone that follows every celeb on twitter and knows every detail and intimate fact about God knows who, we can get you help. Just reach out.

Anyone else tired of it, or am I just cranky today? 🙂 (It could be both you know).
Oh and stop with the hybrid names. No one calls Will & Jada Willada. They wouldnt’ stand for that ish!

It's official: Today's music aint for us.


I read this article a few days ago and I had to hang my head in shame and find a corner to go SADDOWN in.

They write:

Apparently the BET Awards aired tonight. I wasn’t at all surprised by the number of tweets that showed up on my twitter timeline criticizing today’s music for not being lyrical enough, for being too violent, or otherwise not up to par. To that I say:


If you believe that, most likely you are 25 and above. In fact, you might even be 21 and above. And, if that’s the case, current music is not for you to like. It’s not created for you, and really, it shouldn’t be created by people much older than you. Music has always been driven by young people. Young people are the ones who have hours to spend in their rooms listening to music. They also have parents who give them allowances with which to buy music. Young people have been responsible for almost every major music movement in this country from rock n roll to hip hop.

I guess I really just wasn’t ready to admit that I had jumped the shark myself. I thought I was still young enough to be ooh’d and ahh’d by the latest releases into mainstream music. In all reality I am, but this blogger does make some good points. I can’t say that I follow them word by word, but it gave me something to think about. I think I pointed out in a blog before that raunchy music is not new. People have been singing some pretty wild stuff since back before our grandparent’s time. Minnie Ripperton and other older singers had some songs that might make Trina blush (okay, not THAT bad, but still). However, we all justify that away with “but it was still better, and more complicated that the stuff out today”. Sure, maybe it was, but then again, the music that is out today is catering to a whole new generation of listeners. Not us.

This is a tough pill to swallow. I realize that the musical artists I love and adore are older than me, and may not be in the game much longer (JayZ…..I see you will NEVER lease so this aint about you). What will I do when these artists leave their craft for good? Why can’t I expect a 25 year old artist that grew up with the same good music that I did to actually be talented and produce great music beyond samples and autotunes?

That’s what gilds my lily. I understand that each generation will always have issues with the next, but these days we’re opening the door for talentless hacks to become musicians. With the overuse of Autotunes (even for rappers…who don’t even sing… they speak) and studio trickery, it’s like the C & C Music Factory scandal is actually the norm now. You remember, they had the cute skinny chick as their front woman, with a huge black lady backstage doing the actual soulful singing. I almost don’t see what the point is in going to concerts anymore. What you get is not what you see. But hey, years ago people didn’t think rap was music, but even then rap was a part of the hip hop culture. The MC, plus the DJ, plus the dancers, and the graffiti artist all worked together to create a culture. Rap is becoming separate of any culture and *shrugs* I’m just not ready for that.

I look to MJ as an example. MJ wrote songs about ANY and EVERYTHING. No one cared because it was good. Today, artists sing/rap/grunt about the same things: money, chicks, money, drugs, money, strippers, love, money, loving money, etc. Everythings sounds the same, which is why when a new song comes out and everyone loves it I think, “Well of course you do. Sounds just like the one that played before it!” I’m so out of touch. I just feel like people are becoming sheep to the music. While it may not be made for “my generation” anymore it’s still what’s blasted when “my generation” wants to go out. So if I have to deal with it, I feel like I can complain about it. Can someone tell me the draw to Gucci Mane? I feel like my mother when I say that I can’t understand a word that he says. Is he sincerely mentally challenged? Did he have a stroke or something? Suffering from some type of trauma? Please advise.

So I said that I understand what the blogger above was saying and that I’d take my “over the hill” self somewhere and sit down and shut up about it,  but then I continue to rant. I’m sorry, it comes with being old. You know old people speak their minds without caring about a dang on thing. So if I’m considered old now, then I can rant and rave about everything and you just have to “respect your elders”. LOL

So what do you think? Is music today only for the 20-below crowd? Should us “older cats” just shut up and let Soulja Boy be great? Can we only enjoy artists in and above our age range?

What if R. Kelly were found guilty?

r kelly

I wonder if people would still support him like they do now.  I was thinking about this because so many people still want Chris Brown’s head on a platter. I completely understand. We saw the evidence of what he did, and he made a plea deal in which he admitted guilt. I still stand by the fact that we don’t truly know what happened between them, but no matter what, he shouldn’t have beat that girl down like that. So I understand why people are not willing to forgive him, or at least allow him to have a career again. I’m not in his target audience so I honestly don’t make it a point to say “I’m going to boycott his music.”

What I don’t understand is why people have no problem supporting other artists that have committed abusive or sick crimes as well. I’m not completely sure if this is true, but supposedly Brian McKnight was arrested in 1997 for beating his wife. Don Cornelius was arrested LAST YEAR for domestic abuse. James Brown was arrested twice for domestic violence but the first time the charges were dropped when his wife refused to testify against him. Eminem and his wife were clearly abusive to each other, and he turns around and makes music about killing her. I rarely hear people talking about how they will never listen to a James Brown track again. BET has no problem allowing Eminem to perform on their stage, nor did they mind Don C. rambling all night on stage.

But the one that gets to me the most, the one that really grinds my gears…..R’uh Kelly. This man was on video peeing on a teenaged child and doing all sorts of Dirty McNastiness. At the age of 27 he married a 15 year old Aaliyah. I believe he has shown a pattern of liking them young, which makes him completely sick. There were other instances in which he was charged for having child pornography, however those charges were pretty much dropped on a technicality. I think this is what makes all the difference in people’s minds. I get it, the justice system works in that if someone is found innocent they should be treated as such. The reason Chris Brown=horrible is because from a legal standpoint he plead guilty. R. Kelly does not=horrible because he was found innocent in a court of law and so we can pretty much ignore/forget what happened. I get it. But COME ON. R. Kelly is a street-walking sicko, and his concert here in ATL sold out so fast they had to book another one. I was shocked to even see my friends who were so quick to line up for tickets. This man calls himself the PIED PIPER!

I cannot support this man! I’m not saying I support Chris Brown, but at least he plead guilty and did SOMETHING for his crimes. Granted he may have decided to take the “easier” route but what if Rihanna would have refused to testify against him? Like the James Brown case those charges might have been dropped and he would have walked away scott free. I have to at least give him a point more than R. Kelly for saying “hey, I was wrong.” R. Kelly may have been found innocent in the court system, but what about public opinion? We don’t have to jump through legal circles. I don’t understand how so many people can bash Chris Brown to the ends of the earth and not even give him a chance to rehabilitate himself, when you have a man that does sick things with teenaged girls who roams free, and they support him. I can’t even listen to his old hits without feeling like he’s talking about a 14 year old girl.

Seems Like You’re Ready:

It seems like you’re ready (seems like you’re ready).
Girl are you ready,
To go all the way?
It seems like you’re ready (seems like you’re ready).
Girl, are you ready,
To go all the way?

Never in my grown woman life has anyone questioned while in the throes of intimacy if I am ready to “go all the way.” However, I do recall that being a common phrase at one point in my life. High School.

Let me love you constantly.
Oh,oh, your body is my playground,
Let me lick you up and down,
Make you feel like a woman should.

You know John Mayer did it right. He said “your body is a wonderland.” I can deal with that way better than it being a freaking playground. And of course since I’m already convinced he’s talking about a child, his “make you feel like a woman should” I take completely out of context and assume that he’s trying to make a young girl feel grown.

I could go on for days on his lyrics. But I just want to know. If R. Kelly were found guilty of his heinous crimes, would people throw away his music and stop supporting him? Would they recognize him for what he is and write blogs/tweet about how he is the worst thing since black licorice? I wonder.