Only a few days left!!

So life again has happened, and JG* has been a busy busy bee. I’m still fasting and I can’t tell you guys how hard it is. I am learning alternative ways to cook and that is helping, but Goodness. Jesus be a fence! Temptation loves to find it’s way in, but fighting and winning is so rewarding.

My race is Saturday and I’m really excited. I’m not doing it for the time or anything. I was able to raise some money, and I’m doing it for the challenge. I have to admit. My running has slowed down a bit. Me being so hungry doesn’t really help it. LOL Since I usually work out at night, and I can’t eat after 7 it does make it a bit hard. I’ll work out, be starving and can’t eat. It’s not a good look.

I didn’t get to really play around with my food too much this weekend. I kept it pretty simple. Greens, sweet potatoes, more veggies. I have come to love Ezekial bread though. I have found that if you toast it, it’s pretty much just like regular bread. I think it’s pretty Dandy! However, once the fast is over I’ll probably go back to buying my whole wheat bread from the Farmer’s Market. The softness of that bread makes everyday sandwhiches just glorious!

Keep running!



Day 4: Craving but dealing

Good Morning Runners and Healthy eaters!

Yesterday some of you may have seen me tweeting about my Soy Curls. Well here’s a looksey real quick as to what I’m talking about.


Interesting right? Well, I couldn’t wait to try some things with them so last night after midnight I gave them a try. Here’s the deal with Soy Curls. They are hard, and you have to re-hydrate them. You do this by soaking them in hot water for 10 minutes. Then you season them and cook in a skillet to be whatever you want them to be. Whether it’s beef or chicken or whatever. Last night I made “Chicken” salad with a few soy curls and it was yum! I’ll post the recipe below. The guy at the vegan store really put me on to them. I told him I was big on texture which is why tofu was just out of the question for me. He pointed me right to these.


  • Soy Curls
  • Veganaise (Mayo)
  • Celery
  • Garlic power, garlic salt, Poultry seasoning or chicken flavoring, celery salt
  • Chopped onions
  • Chopped Celery

Re-hydrate the soy curls for 10 minutes in hot/warm water. Drain and season with poultry seasoning. Place in skillet for about 5 minutes along with onions. When finished, place the onions and soy curls back in a bowl, mix with Veganaise, Celery, Garlic Salt/Power and Celery Salt to taste. And you’re done!

I wish I would have taken a picture.

For dinner yesterday I had sloppy joes over rice. And I made my first green smoothie! Yum!


I did 1 banana, a cup of pineapple, 2 celery sticks, and a handful of collard greens. TASTY!!!

Let me tell y’all. Yesterday was hard. I wanted some red velvet cake, a cookie, some fried chicken, SOMETHING. I went to the Farmer’s Market to get all my veggies and fruits and I just about died. It was hard. The devil is a liar! LOL

And I worked out last night. I was really worried about that part, because I knew I was going to be hungry afterwards and I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it. It wasn’t too bad, and I felt great! I’ll be able to handle next week’s race NO PROBLEM!



My Green Smoothie top choices

So I went to the farmer’s market and raided the produce section. The DEVIL is a liar though because it took so much for me to talk past the red velvet cakes, the sweet smelling coffees……. OH MY GOODNESS. I wanted to just dive around in the cheeses, and roll across the bread aisle. But I held strong. Now I want to cry.

But here’s a few green smoothies I’ll be trying this week.

Recipe #7
1 cup pineapple
1 banana
2 sticks of celery
1 handful of your favourite leafy greens

Recipe #12
3 bananas
3 huge handfuls of baby spinach
2 cups of water

Recipe #26
3 handfuls baby spinach
2 celery stalks & leaves,
1 cup water,
1 green apple,
1 frozen lady finger banana
a quarter of fresh pineapple

Recipe #31
4 large ripe bananas,
2 large handfuls of kale,
1 small handful of parsley,
1 handful of baby spinach and
2 cups of water

Recipe #44
1 banana
Handful of Strawberries
Large Handful of Spinach
Dab of Water

Recipe #45
3-4 celery sticks
50 cent piece of grated ginger
1-2 apple or banana or pear (varied to what felt right that day)
2 cups water

Recipe #52
2 bananas,
2 cups spinach,
a stalk of celery and
2 cups of water

Yum! JG*

Day 3: Feelin’ Good Feelin Great!

JG* is a happy camper! Yesterday went much much better. Of course I was hungry, but that’s the point. When I’m hungry, I know I’m hungry for God and that’s a great feeling. I had my usual goodies yesterday in the early half of the day. An Apple and some Puffins cereal. Then I had this AMAZING soup. It was an organic vegetable soup. Tasty! Yum! Loved it. I’m going to try the black bean soup I bought today. Thing is, I HATE beans. But I have to eat ’em. For dinner last night, I whipped up this:


Curried Vegetables over Brown Rice.

When I tell you I ate this plate with complete reckless abandon. You would have thought that I had just gotten out of prison.

Well after scarfing down my dinner, I went to have my soul fed. We have Bible Study on Tuesdays and it was great! It was also lovely to be with the rest of my fasters. The word was amazing, I may start posting online the topics and scriptures we covered. I gotta tell y’all. God is so good!

So I’m feeling great! I’m still struggling with that 6 a.m. prayer only because I absolutely CANNOT wake up. It’s weird. I wake up enough to pray, but I feel like a zombie. And once I’m done, I collapse back to unconciousness. This morning though I had a friend help me wake up by texting me nonstop. Sadly though I was awake, I was completely non-functional. It was a mess. I can stay up all night, and get up when I have to, but I am not an early riser. At all.

Tonight for dinner I’m making veggie chili. I’m really excited about this. I’m also going to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. It’s been forever since I’ve been there and I love love love that place. I’m just mad I can’t get any of the really good stuff like bread, and pasta. That’s killing me too.

But I press on!


Day 2. Wins and Epic Fails

This is my face this morning.


This is due to the epic fail that was dinner last night. I bought this Tapioca Loaf “bread” because I didn’t think I was ready for Ezekiel Bread, and boy was I just completely grossed out. I figured I would use this time of fasting to work on another area of my life that I’ve been successfully working on. Healthy Eating. Although the week before the fast I had fried chicken every single day. LOL But I digress. I figured that since my diet was so restricted, I would learn how to cook/love/appreciate alternative foods. What was I thinking? So for dinner last night I had a GardenBurger veggie burger with Soy Pepperjack Cheese on the Tapioca “Bread”(dairy, flour, and all other things logical-free), and Sweet Potato fries. Needless to say I demolished the fries. The burger however, elicited a simple “ehhhh” from my mouth when I first bit into it. My friend who was witnessing this said “That’s not what people usually say when they first eat something.”


When I opened the vacuum sealed package containing the bread (clue #1) the bread began hissing. Like it was “activating” or breathing or something. This seriously worried me. The veggie burger smelled really good and I added some extra seasoning to it thinking that this would help. Not so much. It was like biting into a flavorless McDonald’s hashbrown pattie that was full of chunks of spinach, carrots, corn, bell peppers, and broccoli. It was very awkward. The cheese though, that was the worst. I chose pepperjack because I was told that getting regular cheddar was going to taste gross for a beginner. The peppers in the cheese were to offset the completely gross soyness. NO dice. I can’t even explain it. Well after realizing that just eating Sweet Potato fries might be doing too much, I rushed to my frige to see what I could hurried make and consume in 20 mins. At this point it was 6:40 and according to my fast I can’t eat after 7. I settled on a grapefruit and for the moment it did the trick.

To be honest, I wasn’t hungry really all through the night. I said my third prayer at 6:15 for my family and I read the scripture as to why Danial began the fast to begin with. I think this provided comfort to me.

Again, waking up at 6 so far is the HARDEST part. I wake up, kneel to pray, and I think I’m back asleep by the time I say Amen. I think I’m going to start waking up, getting FAR away from my bed as possible, reading scripture, then praying. But the prayer is so important. It allows me real private time with God and it prepares me for the day. I pray for strength as I go through this, a closer bond with God, and breakthroughs in the areas of my life that God knows I need the most work on. As I type this, I haven’t had anything to eat since 6:50 pm yesterday and it’s now 9:00 am today. I’m not starving, and I’m only feeling very minor signs of hunger. I’m drinking water, so it is helping to curb that and In a few minutes I’m going to have a cup of my Puffins cereal. It’s pretty tasty even if it is practically cardboard. 🙂

*unenthusiastic excitement* yey! Breakfast.


LOL Come on back tomorrow. Later today I’m going to try to post some more Green Smoothie recipes.



fasting for the spirit

i wanted to write this post because both JG* and i are currently fasting. 

fasting is something that i tend to do like all the time and i’m consistently scrutinized for it because people don’t understand the purpose of fasting. not only does fasting serve as a great tool to detox your body, but it’s an even better tool for detoxing your spirit. 

some might say, “ladebelle, what do you mean by this?” all of us have spirits and all of us accumulate some sort of toxins on our spirits due to the music we listen to, television, our feelings, etc. many fasts are designed to release these toxins from our spirits leaving us feeling lighter and fluffier (in the proverbial sense). 

my favorite fast has to be the master cleanse. this fast is also known as the lemonade diet and was made famous by beyonce. i love this fast because not only do i have the chance to get the pollution out of my body, but i use it to cleanse my mind and like i said, my spirit. during this fast i may only listen to uplifting music, don’t watch television, pray and meditate more, and spend more time outside in nature. 

i’m on a different fast now though. i was raised as a roman catholic and sacrificing for lent has become more of a habit now then anything. so as i posted previously, i am sacrificing cooked foods for the 40 days that lent occurs. up until today, i hadn’t been doing anything to ensure that my spirit was taken care of during this time as well. with that being said, i’m also incorporating 5am prayers followed by the return of my morning workouts. for me, physical exertion is next to Godliness because that’s one of the many times that i know that i can’t make it without Him and my guardian angels. 

i just thought i would share this with you guys… comments welcome per usual!

Day 1 of my fast

Well it’s day one of my fast, and I feel great! I woke up at 6 am and said a Prayer and sent it up to my Lord to take care of everything going down on this earth. Last night I went shopping for Fast Foods. Heh. Get it? And I came home with a cart full of great veggies and fruits. I’m going to go by the farmer’s market later in the week and get even more for cheaper. I also picked up some vegetarian goodies since I figured this is as good a time than any to try some of these things. Learn how to cook vegan/vegetarian dishes. I’m always down to learn how to cook something new. I’m pretty excited about this! For some reason, my appetite is really curbed, and I’m feeling fine. I have corporate prayer at 12, and then another personal prayer later on this evening! I’m starting my morning off with some water, puffins cereal (no milk, I was going to buy Almond Milk, but I decided I’d get it at the Farmer’s market) which is whole grain, wheat free, gluten-free, and free of everything else. I bought some apples and a grapefruit for a snack. For lunch I have stir-fried vegetables, and for dinner I’ll be making curry vegetables. Or I may try one of my veggie burgers with my Tapioca Loaf “bread”.

Very excited. Continue to log on to hear my daily fast stories. 🙂

Thanks for your support!