Two Truths & A Lie

Who hasn’t played a good ice breaker?

I know we all remember those college dorm days full of Never Have I Ever which led to a disastrous drinking game. But on the less damaging side, I’m thinking more like Two Truths & a Lie.

Twitter is a great social networking tool that I’m not sure many of us truly use to it’s potential. I’ve been known to look to my followers to play fun games online, so I decided to play Two Truths & a Lie via Twitter to see just how well I know my followers. Please, see the fun below!

This is getting good! Follow me @JGRunsTheCity to play more two truths & a lie! Also, This post is loosely related to the Athenos Two Truths and a Lie Party in Atlanta, where their giving away lots of cool stuff, including a free trip to South Beach!  I’m going, so if you’re local and thinking about attending, let me know or RSVP to attend at the Athenos Facebook Page under the Events Tab!



Busy Week

Hey Guys… busy week before the holidays, but I promise I have blogs in the pike. I really do! LOL They are just all half-written, and I’ve been so swamped I haven’t been able to finish them. Throughout the holidays I’ll post them, but sorry, I’ve just been so lazy! Next year OFR will be back in full force. Hang on! 🙂

To My Readers:

I’m not going to lie, I started blogging a year ago on Rants of a Wild Child, now I have my own site, and I contribute to a few others and it’s DRAINING. To be honest the reason it’s so draining on me is because I have something to say about EVERYTHING and I’m still struggling to figure out how to say it succinctly.  You guys are awesome because you stick around for it all! Well this week I had so much to say that it was emotionally draining for me to even get up the energy to write about it, and then edit it down to a reasonable length. I just ended up abandoning a lot of thoughts. For the time being. I’m not taking a break, but this week just got the best of me. Not to mention as we end out the year, the day job is getting more and more demanding. Fear not, next week I’ll be back to go over some of the things that plagued my mind this week, and some new stuff. I just wanted to kee you guys abreast of OFR, and make sure you knew not to delete the bookmark! LOL Stick with me!


1/4th Random gets a face-lift!


Well as you all can see, my site got a bit of a makeover. I was up all night last night tweaking things and it’s actually going to be a few more days until I get all settled in. I love it! Here’s the deal, I’m trying to move onward and upward with this blog and in order for me to do that I need it to be flexible. I will more than likely start updating more often throughout the day as news hits and moves me and I will be posting about a broader range of topics. Everything from events that I catch wind of or that I’ll be attending to the latest in entertainment that I happen to care about, to politics, to more of your everyday randomness. I hope that you like the changes and to my email subscribers I love you very much and you will probably see more posts in your inbox on days that are jumpin!

Come on in! Make yourself comfortable!

Can I please blame it on the Alcohol?

During the weekend of the year set aside to remember our Soldiers, the internet came ablaze with the newest piece of complete F***ery. Probably the biggest I’ve seen this year. According to the title of the video.. a young gentleman of an irrelevant man band named Sexy Spec put out a video and issued a challenge. Before I get into it, let me just show it to you all.

The song is called Tipsy. It’s pretty bad, and it makes me wish I were drunk.

Ok… Seriously. Who really, I mean REALLY cares about Pretty Ricky? When this first started, I was hit with simple confusion. Who is this guy? What are the words that are coming out of his mouth? What is IN his mouth? I’m familiar with Pretty Ricky, being a FL girl and all, but I never got close enough to learn names, faces, or pretty much anything about them.

My heart started to beat faster.

This young gentleman is issuing a CHALLENGE to more widely known and appreciated R&B artists on the art/act of GRINDING. Yes! This guy would like to have a friendly competition on who can gyrate and grind their pelvises, while wearing panties, the best. There was no pause, and no *no homo*. While I do not condone the usage of those words, I have come to accept them as the straight man’s way of excusing his questionable behavior.

This guy wants to know who is the best. Not his sister, his mother, or the mother of his children that I’m sure he has with all that thrusting. HE wants to know. And in an attempt to show you he’s serious, he backs it up in his mother’s bathroom hallway or something in his RED GRANNY PANTIES (that’s what they are. Accept it.) and begins to convulse. I’m sure his smedium self thought he was really doing something, but what my bleeding eyes saw looked more like a seizure in slow motion.

Then as if that wasn’t enough the lyrics to this song make me sad for the young impressionable girls that clearly fall for this delusion of grandeur.

“All white linen and gucci loafers” ….. Doesn’t count dude when your loafers came in a box. Check to make sure Gucci even makes those before you take pictures in the club in them. Can totally tell where these guys are from. 🙂

“She said she cum 100 times looking at my poster” What? Who does this? POINT.THEM.OUT!

And then the rap piece at the end in which dude goes on a strange rant about B*tch A** and Hoe A** N*ggas and so forth and so on, really kind of ruins the already disgustingly nauseating mood. I honestly had to stop watching the video because I didn’t have any paper bags to breathe into to prevent me from passing out. I had it playing in the background and when dude started flipping out I was like WTHoly Hamhocks and Waffles Batman?

Everyone, please. Hide your young teenage daughters who are hoeing themselves on MySpace and probably salivating at this strange display of the Man-V.

I would really have to be DRUNK to think that this was hot/sexy/erotic/not gay, so Tipsy really wouldn’t do it. Blame it on the alcohol INDEED.

Here are some other things to blame for this complete clusterf*** of shame

  • Al Gore for inventing the internet
  • The FAMU Strikers for popularizing the freaking thrust
  • Miami for inventing “riding out”
  • The Color Red
  • Sarah Palin for failing to provide a perfect example of family values
  • The country of Taiwan
  • Martin for the episode about his reunion when he said “Pretty Rick what dey call me”
  • Polar Bears

This aint the Real World

So as a young 20 something about to reach that Quarterlife mark, I fnd myself once again living with a roommate, temporarily. It made me think back and reflect on previous living situations and the ups and downs that come with it. I’ve had 5 roommates since my first year of college and while I *like* to think I’m a cool roommate, I do not like having them.

I’ve lived with 2 girls and 3 men.


Yup. Two of which I have had a completely platonic relationship with and they are simply friends, and the other that was pretty much what some people call “Shaking up”. Yea* I lived with a boyfriend, and it wasn’t bad until we broke up.

Living with men has shown me that we are clearly from two different planets. The things that I find important and value, men typically do not. A lot of people say that living with the opposite sex is easier and I have to just diagree. Living with people you aren’t married to is difficult as it is. Throw in the “opposite sex” wrench and it goes from bad to worse.

Now I’m not just talking about how he leaves plates with food around as if his mother still lived there. Or how he drinks out of the jug, or how his idea of cleaning is simply putting away a few things here and there. No, I’m talking about the drama that comes with it.

I have lots of friends that are guys. Please reference my post on the possible reason women have a hard time being friends. These chaps are simply friends and chances are we’ve never even hugged too long, or if we did hug, it was the Church Hug. Chances are also that we have a lot in common, and probably have that same level of “Kick it and hang out” in our relationship that he has with his other “homeboys”. This makes the girlfriends/side chicks/wannabes absolutely insanely upset at life.

Imagine taking that to the next level by becoming roommates. It has been my experience that when this happens, hell does a bit more than just break loose, it enters earth. I am always warm to the girls of my roommates because I have no reason not to be. I don’t want your dude, and I probably don’t know you, so I have no reason to be a witch. On the other hand, this is all completely lost on the other party and I’m treated like the ugly step child. I feel like I have to sleep with one eye open.

So while lots of people disagree with shaking up, how about being roommates with the opposite sex? Does it work better or worse? Later I’ll blog about Men/Women… can we really be *just friends*

Facebook Rules of Engagement

I am one of those completely addicted, window always open, Blackberry mobile, over-users of Facebook. I left the slums of MySpace long before I even really got started. However, I believe that Facebook is truly the devil. It has our undivided attention, it does trickery with our minds and we continue to give in, it could quite possibly bring peace to the Middle East via the Causes application and several groups dedicated to the issue. When you think about it, Mark’s rise to the top was quite sudden and he may even be handsome. When he (or his team) blogs Facebook changes and updates, the world listens. When he makes a run at politics, I’m moving.  I think I’ve made my case. Facebook is truly the Devil.

Anyway, being that I know this, I use Facebook accordingly. There are several unspoken rules to using Facebook and they are broken almost as if they truly don’t exist. This makes sense considering that they actually don’t, and I’m making this up as I go. Granted, some people may feel differently about these rules as every Facebook page is different. I’m just saying, think about it. Take a second, back away from The Book, and consider your usage.

Facebook Rules of Engagement:

01) Do Not Tag Him/Her.

If you take a picture with a male/female friend of yours Do.Not.Tag.Them. Allow them to tag themselves if they wish to be recognized. Despite Stalkerbook’s Newsfeed delivering everyone’s every move every second, there is a good chance that your pictures will go unseen by the Dark Side should someone find a need to be jealous. Yes, we all know that you guys are just friends and you just happened to see each other in the club and snap a quick shot. But let’s be real. As soon as the S.O./Main/Side Chick or Dude/Person interested in Chick or Dude but hasn’t said it yet, sees these pictures they are going to flip. They will try to play it cool at first, but eventually they will start reading you guy’s Wall-To-Wall’s and looking going through all of their “Pictures of So and So” to try to count how many y’all took together. Just do the world a favor and avoid that drama for yourself. Let them deal with the crazies.

02) Chose your Wall words carefully.

Writing things like “Last night was fun….” or “Did you get my text?” or “*blushes*…… You are so crazy……” and other ambiguous things on another male/female’s wall is just wrong. The Bookerati is lurking and will see this and more than likely leave a dead cow head in your bed. Writing “Did you get my text” is pretty useless and seems like your are purposely trying to mark some territory. It would seem to follow logic that people are generally more connected to their phones than their FB accounts. Chances are, your text was received and promptly ignored because they were boo’ed up with the person that you are probably trying to piss off with your e-boldness.

03) Stop the Honesty Box business.

When Honesty Box first came out it was kinda fun. Men you would get all the flirty messages from girls about how hard they’ve been feeling you for the past XX months. And ladies, we would get the dirty, vivid thoughts of the men who only wish they had the chance. It was like a fun game of hide and go seek for Adults….and online. Then the “I think you are ugly” messages started coming and the “I hate your guts” secrets and it just wasn’t as fun anymore. Things really got nasty when the “He’s cheating on you” and the “she was at my house last night” message started to roll in. Most people have taken down their honesty boxes, but that doesn’t stop HB from finding you. I know I still get messages and while they’ve always been sweet it’s annoying. We’re too old to be secretly admiring people, and trying to find out our secret sexual desires. Let’s do better. Leave the honesty box alone.

04) Stop the application invites.

We are not in high school. I do not want a tube of e-lipstick from you, I do not want to join your e-cause, I do not want to know what my big toe says about me. Stop it.

05) Be smart about your FB usage.

I know we get excited and document EVERYTHING and want to share it with the world (or not, Rihanna), but let’s be smart. Unless you lock down your FB friend’s list to only include those people you would trust to share your life with, keep it basic. You never know who is looking. Getting arrested, fired, killed because of Facebook is the ultimate in Darwinism. Oh and please stop with the FB depression. If you are going through some things, we understand. Reach out. But if every one of your status updates in the past 4 months has been a cry for help, I’m either going to call in the suicide e-watch crew, or assume you’re crying wolf. Either way, send PM’s if you need shoulders to lean on. Convincing the e-world that you are crazy will surely not make your life better.

06) Take it easy.

Look, at the end of the day, it’s just Facebook. Stop stalking, stop caring, and stop letting it control your life. I use FB mostly as a way to push this blog, and launch my mini e-modeling career like those chicks on MySpace (I kid). I hear the wild and crazy stories about the FB breakups and makeups. I’ve been told someone couldn’t be my friend anymore because of a picture I tagged them to that was innocent. I’ve had girls threaten to fight me in my HB over a dude that I barely shook hands with. Those of you who know me, know that JG* does not fight. At all.

These are some rather basic thoughts I had regarding FB usage. I’m sure there are plenty more. Please feel free to co-sign and add to the list. I have another list of Internet Rules. But that’s for another day.