Save OUR children!


This post will remain sticky on my site for the next two months as I attempt to turn ripples into WAVES!

In light of the recent events surrounding the murder of Derrion Albert and how many of us were put face to face with a major issue facing our communities I am stepping up MY efforts to make a change where I live. I implore you all to do the same. I’ve been volunteering most of my life whether it was with school, my sorority, on my own, mentoring, cleaning, building homes, anything. However, this time I want to take it a step further.  I had an idea that I tweeted about a few weeks ago, but I allowed the lack of response to distract me. Now I’m going full force with it.

First watch this video.

In this video the distraught mother of Derrion Albert speaks on how her son was headed toward a future that should be every child’s dream. Honor Roll student, college-bound, never in trouble. He loved Chicago and made it his home.

There are other kids out there that are just like Derrion Albert. Maybe they have a computer, maybe they don’t. Maybe they are on the honor roll, or maybe they aren’t. Maybe all the need is someone to show some confidence in them, and provide them access to things that otherwise would be out of their reach. I’m all about personal responsibility but I am also about social responsibility. I will not sit here and pretend like the children in my neighborhood could just suck it up and pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get out there and get the same level of education as the children in Roswell. I won’t do it.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to raise money and use it to buy Old/Used Mac’s for the Dogwood Branch of the ATL Public Library system. That’s in my neighborhood of Bankhead. Then I’d like to start teaching a computer class for the children and teenagers to get them to learn more about technology and using different types. If anything this will open them up to new things and maybe get them interested in something they didn’t even know existed. One child. If I could at least help one child.

Here’s where you come in, there are supposedly 100 subscribers to this blog. If each of you gave $10 I’d be 1/3 of the way to my goal. I have 800+ followers (minus the spam) on twitter. If each of them gave $5 I’d be way over my goal. So all I’m saying is the gifts don’t have to be large. I have over 1000 Facebook friends so all I would need is $3 from each of them.

I’m going to talk to the head Librarian there and post our little interview here on the site so you know that I’m not BS’ing. But please, start helping out NOW! December 25th is the end date for this fundraiser, so let’s do it! Let’s exceed the goal! For everyone that was “inspired” and “moved” by what happened to Derrion Albert, let’s go! Drop $5-$10 in the Chip In and let’s try to help some children have hope and see a different path! If you want to do something like this in your city hit me up!


When The Hood Life Gets…Hood

So clearly most of my readers should know by now that I was out of commission for a minute there due to my home being broken into. Well I’m back. It feels good. Walking into the Apple Store was like a rush of cocaine through my system. It felt like that same feeling that you get when you bite into a piping hot piece of Popeye’s Chicken, or those IKEA meatballs. Either way, since having my last BabyCakesMac stolen from me I vowed that the only way this one was getting by me is if it is torn from my cold dead hands. Not happenin. This whole thing has forced me to really reevaluate some things.

Let’s start with where I live. I live in what is commonly known as the roughest part of ATL, Ge-aw-jah! I don’t even mind telling you because I am sure that you will NOT come into my neighborhood to stalk and kill me. It isn’t worth all that. I live in Bankhead, previously home to T.I. and Jeezy. And honestly, I once saw a house with a Jeezy billboard in the front yard. I mean a real billboard. It was strange. I live in Bankhead because a friend of mine bought a beautiful house there and had a room to rent for cheap. I made it happen. Now I have never lived in or near the hood, so I was a bit like a naive kid. Like “oooooh this is like the movie ATL! Yey!” or I felt like this gave me my black card for life. Well if that’s the case, you can take it and have it. This aint for me.

Now I have lots of respect for the people in my neighborhood. I’ve talked to my neighbors and tried to be embracing and not terrified. I try not to run from my car to the front door when I get home late at night, and I try not to side eye every crackhead or thug who tries to holla at me while I’m at the mailbox. I’m super friendly, conversational, and I’ve even chilled on my front porch like on the movie Friday. All this to no avail.

After a very much enjoyed bachelor’s party at my house last weekend, it seemed the goons were on alert. They saw all the fly cars parked outside my house, probably saw the strippers arrive, and probably FELT as though there was money in the house. Wrong. The next day in broad daylight they hit us, and they hit us hard. I’m sure the whole neighborhood knows who did it, more than likely saw them do it, but you know the rules. Snitches Get Stitches. This is why I’m not made for the hood. F stitches, I wanna know who has my stuff!

That’s the next thing I learned. I have a strange attachment to my electronics. Now mind you I wasn’t overly depressed when I realized some of my most prized possessions were gone. I instantly recognized that those things could simply be replaced, no problem. However, what I wasn’t prepared for was the boredom, longing, and delirium that followed. It was like my whole life fell apart. I had to download a million apps for my phone so I wouldn’t be too far out of the loop. I had to exchange cooking for people to let me watch True Blood at their house. I couldn’t update my blog. I couldn’t tweet while certain events were happening. I was lost. This in itself is a problem, but since replacing my computer, I’ve driven the obsession deeper. It was really painful. I had to get Lo-Jack for my computer!

While I’m not much of a T.V. watcher, not being able to go to sleep to Will & Grace and Frasier every night is leading to me having some really weird apocalyptic dreams and things. It’s just not the same. My iPod is gone, how will I go running? I went to do laundry the other day and the $1.50 in quarters they got me for was really missed. I felt a complete feeling of despair.

This is when the Hood Life gets Hood. I feel like a lot of today’s youth watches BET and these videos that glorify the hood life and they feel like they want that. I know I have a young cousin who is a majorly spoiled brat who insists on being nothing but “hood”. Yea* because hood kids get fairly new cars and trips out of the country. The truth is it’s nothing to desire. There are people who are fighting daily to get out the hood while T.V. mocks their struggle and people make a few bucks off of it. Please believe that T.I.’s club may be in Bankhead, but he is not. Despite the feeling of having been violated, and now wanting to side-eye every person I come in contact with daily, I’ve actually decided to think of ways that I can sincerely reach out to my new community. Granted, I miss my condo, and I may have to get some protection, this may be an even bigger lesson in the process of being taught. Clearly whoever stole our things felt it was something they HAD to do. It was extremely well orchestrated. I almost wish I could find them, sit them down, and show them how they can use my Mac to make dirty videos learn more about the world and not just make hot beats. While I’m still pretty upset about what happened, I’m trying to focus that energy more on the positive impact I can make on my street from here on out. Maybe if I had done that first, none of this would have happened. They say all things happen for a reason.

But now that I’m back online, expect it to get good. Real good. Thanks for holding on with me!

Greek Picnic 2009: Day Two – I'm back in Undergrad

So after the night at Cascade I was feeling pretty hype. However, I woke up the next morning realizing I’m too old for this and my duck walk doesn’t come as easy as it used to. Basically, I was really sore. In the interest of time, I’ll be brief. The picnic awaits! Yesterday was pretty much like a scene out of the Hangover. If you haven’t seen it, please do. I couldn’t go to the Step Show as I had many places to be, but I did have a fellow Greek go and take pictures and get some good blog fodder for me, so that will all be up later. The Kappas and the SGRhos won, so CONGRATS to them! $10,000 is a lot of money! Spend it wisely, and send me a few bucks.

I, on the other hand, went to the Coleman Love BBQ in Mozley Park. *sigh* I got there when things were winding down and the park was going crazy. I couldn’t have been there but for 30 minutes when we were headed back and I noticed my car on the back of a tow trailer. My car got towed and after begging and haggling with the dude, he drove off with it. They were getting us good too. I have never seen tow trucks in action like that. Afterwards, I hit up the Que/AKA party at 595 North. It was pretty…..interesting. Extremely swole, and lots of fun. I love watching older Ques set it owt. From what I heard, parties were live all over the city. Uptown, the Loft, Djangos. The Sorors were deep everywhere. For a second I was all alone at the party, and eventually back up came and I felt like I could OOP without being side-eyed. 🙂 (in a loving Sistagreek way of course) Those of you who follow me on twitter really got a detailed account of the happenings last night. Okay! Here are some pictures from the Happy Hour on Thursday at 595 North, and the pictures from the Coleman Love BBQ and the Que/AKA party last night. I’ll come back later with more updates and chapter info that I can remember. Sorry it took so long, but it was a real mission to get my car back. LOL

Greek Picnic 2009: Day 1

I just want to send a sweet prayer of thanks to my Father above me for allowing me to overcome my fear of large crowds of Greeks. I want to thank the sweet green grass below and the beautiful blue skies above for coming together in perfect harmony and sending beautiful black people to the city of Atlanta for good Greek fun. I’d like to thank Tiwa for hosting what looks to be a great weekend and for introducing me, I’m sure, to my future husband. Of all the fine lookin Greeks I came across, someone has to be looking. And this Southern Belle is starin’ back atcha! I have to laugh because this blog was a great way for me to introduce myself to the beautiful men. I’d spot them out then saunter over camera in hand “Hi… I’m blogging the Greek Picnic, can I get a picture, chapter info, and phone number names?”

So needless to say the Greeks turned out full force on a Thursday. I was very surprised to see it pop like that, I can only imagine what the rest of the weekend will look like. Sadly I’m having camera malfunctions with the THREE different cameras I used, so some of the pics from the first event won’t be up until later.

The first event was the Happy Hour event at 595 North and it was on point. There was a group performing named Shevy and they had this whole western, face covered, we’re still on line thing going on. I tried talking to them, but I guess part of their act was refusing to answer me. LOL But they were actually really good. Pics up soon. There was a spoken word act and a comedian, and they could have been the same person, I’m not really sure. I was too busy trying to capitalize off of the guilt-free flirting. The food was good, the drinks were great, but word on the street is that my fellow Greeks weren’t tipping. Come on y’all! Do better for the rest of the weekend.

Next up was skating at Cascade. I took for granted that people needed to go home, get dressed for skating, eat a little bit more, sober up before attempting to roll, but no. I got there at 11:45 and it was thick. I had to park some extremely far distance away and risk my life to cross the street. I have to admit I was super excited about this, and had planned on re-enacting every skating scene from ATL. I was going to fake not knowing how to skate to try to get some poor gentleman Alpha to teach me or something. To no avail however because when I walked in, Tiwa promptly informed me that they may as well not even rent out the skates as the floor had been taken over. Lovely! I took one look out into the crowd and what he spoke was true. So true. I loved it! The energy was real live and hype and it reminded me of the good ole college days. I was trying to front like I was still in school, but my lack of knowing strolls to all the new songs may have sold me out. Either way, there was some creative stuff going on out there and I think everyone was having a great time. Pics! A few are from the Happy Hour that I took with my BlackBerry, the rest are from Cascade. I will try to get the other Happy Hour pics up later today. Oh and I apologize for my bias. LOL I’ll try to do better.


Much love to:

  • Alpha Phi Alpha- Tau Delta Chapter – Florida International
  • Kappa Alpha Psi – Kappa Rho, Texas State (Sorry, I must have asked him 6 times for his Chapter and I still don’t remember it), Epsilon Sigma, Alpha Gamma (Mr. “Nasty” Nine needs to hit me up. LOL), and Mu Mu.
  • Zeta Phi Beta – Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Chapter. Lovely ladies that took a pic for me.
  • Phi Beta Sigma – I didn’t get the gentlemens names but they were awesome and took a great pic for me!
  • Delta Sigma Theta – The Real Beta Alpha Chapter, The Epsilon Chapter, and the super cute and super crunk chapter setting owt all the cute strolls.

More to come! I’ll update this with more pics (I have some I’m going to post to the Funny Greek Shhh Facebook group too), and more recaps of each event!

If you have pics, videos, funny stories, let me know. If you see someone in a pic, and I didn’t shout out their chapter, or you know the school, let me know. or feel free to hit the comments.

GreekPicnic '09: Please, act like you got some sense

If you haven’t by now, please check out the Official Website for a full rundown of all of the events! Also, it would probably be a good idea to follow them on twitter. (And me while you’re at it)

The ATL Greek Picnic begins tomorrow and I know TiwaWorks has a fun-filled schedule of events for the entire weeked. I’m sure it will be good times. With that being said however, let’s go over a few rules to maintain decorum.

  1. Please refrain from wearing multiple pieces of ‘Nalia. Again, we get it, you’re Greek! Being that this is a special weekend however, I’m sure a T-Shirt and Dog Tags won’t be too obnoxious, or maybe a T-shirt and a purse. Just don’t get all crazy.
  2. Do not wear shirts with your letters in different colors. That’s just wrong. So that means no this:
  3. Keep the Strolls with some kind of class. If you gonna do the Stanky Leg, well that’s on you. But please, do not invoke your inner “White Pants Girl” and show off your stripper aspirations. Have fun, but don’t disrespect everyone and have our Founders rollin’ in their graves and the old heads who recently discovered YouTube ready to fine us all. Please see the following video of what NOT do to do. Thanks GS Girls!
  4. Men of Omega Psi Phi, if you are going to wreck, wait till everyone else goes home. LOL (I haven’t been to the picnic before, but someone for some reason asked me to include this. So y’all ack right!)
  5. The picnic is a great time for networking, strolling, and general good outdoors funness. Get it all out of your systems. The after-parties are for more maintstream fun. Every chapter of every org cannot be in the club strolling simultaneously all night. Some people would like to dance, and would like to do so without worrying that their swagg surfing isn’t accidentally breaking your stroll line. (Again, someone told me that this was an annoying part of previous parties.)
  6. Keep your hearts off your sleeve. If people want to talk ish jokingly and in all fun, make sure it stays that way. I don’t think this is a problem, but let it not go without being said.
  7. If it’s 400 degrees out there during the picnic, you will look silly wearing your line jacket. We know, you paid $375 for all of that customization, but everyone does not want to smell your natural scent as you stroll past us.
  8. If it’s 400 degrees out there during the picnic, do not also decide this is a perfect time to debut your Greek Booty Shorts you had spraypainted and your teeny tiny halter top. Keep the goodies in the jar.
  9. During the step show, often times teams will say chants. Let them do their thing. We know you are excited, but all your yelling and chanting is drowning out the steppers.
  10. The venues that are hosting these events are doing so graciously. Please be kind. Tip your servers and bartenders and remember that not everyone knows who we are and why those dudes are hopping around. LOL You would think this would be a no-brainer, but it’s sadly it’s not.
  11. Take lots and lots and lots of pictures, and video! Then send it to me so we can get it up on the blog.

Let me add that I know I’m not the authority on all things Greek, this is just a fun list thrown together from random commentary from other Greeks. Y’all Greeks get touchy, I swear! LOL. I’m sure there are plenty more to add to the list. If you have anything else, add them in the comments!

Above all else though, have a blast!

GreekPicnic '09: Stroll Sex

****Don’t forget! Check out the Official ATL Greek Picnic 2009 Website and follow them on Twitter!****

I had to do a bit of a chuckle when I thought about this because I recalled my own moments of attempting to explain this to friends of mine. From conversations I’ve had this is a common practice. You know how it goes:

The club is packed, all of those fliers that you had printed clearly went to good use as there isn’t a soul sitting down and the Juice Is Loose © (All the Frats that have “Juice” parties). Y’all have probably turned the air conditioner off so that everyone is all sweaty and also because all that power was cutting the DJ off. The Ques have most definitely stripped down to their Crown Royal bags and hiking packs full of Oil, the Kappas have unbuttoned their button downs and their baby oil is looking juuuuuuuuust right. The AKA’s have kept it cool under the fan all night as to not mess up their fresh press, and the mood simmering on perfect.

All that comes together at the right moment when the newest The Dream song comes on and all the Greeks hit it to the floor. This is when it happens. The front of the line sets that shimmy out so hard that any girl within a 5 foot radius is instantly thinking about what the names of y’alls children will be. The Alpha’s slow the Ape Walk down just right so that when they back up a step, all the girls around them move an inch closer. All of the Sorority girls have every dude in the club hypnotized by their hips and the way they’re “Rockin that thing”. As each Greek is doing their thing, they look out into the crowd and make eye contact with some poor helpless soul that has no clue what they are in for. It’s as if in this moment you are strolling just for them and they are silent saying prayers of Thanks to their parents for paying that tuition bill because clearly, this is what College is about. The lights are dancing around each Greek, and it’s almost as if the music is playing in another room, because every person watching can hear their own breath and each call is heard crystal clear throughout the room.

The lucky boys and girls around the room who were able to make that eye contact connection are now in a trance of planning.  They are plotting in their heads: How can I find them after this stroll? Is it just me or did it get hotter in here? Can they turn on the lights just for a second, I’m trying to find the one 3 from the back of the line. I wonder if they were feeling that connection we had? Yea, I’m sure they were.

This my friends, is what I’ve heard referred to as Stroll Sex. I was iChatting with some of my greek friends about this phenomenon and some agreed that it is the pinnacle of any good party. While it’s referred to by other names, or simply not named at all, it is a real art form. I questioned on of my friends that is a Que as to whether or not Ques were able to pull this off what with all their hopping and what have you and he assured me that Ques were in fact experts at this. Please check out the following conversation (Click his name to go to his awesome blog Three Ways To Take It)

  • Me: You know how it is, it’s like that moment when it feels like you are grinding just for them.
  • Slim Jackson: Ques are experts in this.
  • Me: Are you sure? How the hell do you figure? How are you even able to make eye contact?
  • Slim Jackson: I mean, we just assume we can beast anyone within a general area.
  • Me: Oh yea?
  • Slim Jackson: After all, we are action figures and mythical creatures.
  • Me: iDied

I mean, if the Ques can do it, anyone can do it.

Additionally, I was chatting it up with one of my Krimson & Cream brothers and he put it so nicely. (He has a blog too!):

  • Me: I’m writing a blog post about Stroll Sex.
  • Supra Villain: Oh? Yeaaah. THAT!
  • Me: Yes?
  • Supra Villain: That was the greatest weapon in my bag. Used to get ’em everytime. Followed up by *censored*
  • Me: Oh my! Well okay then….

See, it is art. Here are a few examples:

Stroll off competition. Guess who won? 🙂

Kappas and their (In)Famous Shimmy

Where I’m from the Ape Walk gets ’em erry time. LOL

The lovely Zetas at a pool party

Now each of these strolls may not be in exact stroll sex situations, but in the right setting could definitely lead to the above mentioned phenomenon.

So my fellow Greeks, are you familiar with this art form? If yes, post videos, tell stories, have fun. If no, will you be getting with your LB’s and LS’s to try and pull something together to get it in this weekend at the ATL Greek Picnic?  Haha!

I know I’ve been sparse with the Greek posts, it’s tiring to the soul. But tomorrow just in time, I’ll be posting ATL Greek Picnic Decorum, so please make sure you come back! Also, I’ll be at all of the Greek Picnic events snapping pics and talking to people. Please email me if you have a business you want to promote, or you want to be featured.

Have fun!

Everything's Gay…only not

So it seems like the recent trend in the world is to be Gay. I mean all the cool kids (but not actually, The Cool Kids) are doing it. There is nothing wrong with this, but as a young single woman who strongly desires the company of a man, it is slightly scary to feel like the Walls of Gay are closing in on me and all available Black Men will soon go the way of Prada Shoes and matching belts. Now this may seem like an exaggeration, but I have some pretty fly gay male friends here in ATL and they constantly tell me that this guy, that guy, and yup, that guy over there, are in fact Gay. This thoroughly saddens me. I’m a supporter of Gay rights, no doubt. But I’m also a supporter of a fine man that wants to date ME. LOL

I work at a night club on the weekends and sometimes we have parties promoted by the FAB 5 (Fine and Black) and when I tell you, the whole club will be packed to the hilt with some of the MOST GORGEOUS men in the world. Seriously. It brought tears to my eyes. They were all Gay. To watch them grind on each other and feel jealousy coursing through my veins was just torment to my heart. I mean on a regular club night, I’d be lucky to be able to say “there are some cuties in here”. On Gay night however, amid all the tight shirts, sexy shoes, perfect fitting jeans, smell good, and clean hair, I’d say about 98% of the guys would have me buying THEM drinks if it weren’t for the fact that my eyebrows are the only thing they like on me. (Even the Gangsta Gays compliment me when my hair and makeup is on point) I even ran into some men from my old University who I had no clue about until that moment.

When you turn on the TV, it’s everywhere. We use fashion as the quickest determination of who’s gay and who’s not and so according to the world of Gay Persecution, Skinny Jeans 100% make you Gay. Well hell. Also, dressing nice and bright is another indicator. Anything different. Jesus rescue me and take me home. That means that

This guy


This guy


This guy


And this guy



Now, outside of the jokes, I think we can hopefully safely say that these men are not Gay. However, we are so quick to jump on the “They are Gay!!!” train because they dare to be different. (I’m slightly convinced on Kanye though, living in ATL has hipped me to some stuff). When you look on TV there’s the LOGO channel, Bravo TV’s shows, Will & Grace, True Life: I’m Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered, Prop 8 this, Civil Unions that. It really shows us all how Homosexuality and the lifestyle is really moving to the forefront. I wrote a blog on Men who sleep with Men yet claim they are not Gay as well as the women that marry them, and it was at that time that I really started to understand the separation of the sexual act and the lifestyle.

Living in ATL when you combine the media attention and the rumors and the Gay accusations from Gay men themselves, you really start to feel as though you are in the minority if you are straight. As a single woman this puts me in Panic mode. How will I find my husband when EVERYONE IS GAY!? Oh my goodness, what if HE is gay? Or THAT guy is gay? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)  Oh no!

Well I think I’ve hit a wall. One day a friend of mine was talking about a mutual friend of ours and she said, “well he’s cute, true, but you know he’s gay.” Me *jaw dropped* NOOOO! I’ve run into men that I had previously attempted to flirt with at my clubs Gay night doing Single Ladies with one hand flipping in the air, and the other hand holding an Apple Martini extra cherries. FML.

After that day though it seemed like everyone was pointing out that everyone else was gay. It got to be so annoying that I had to just stop in the street Jennifer Lowe Hewitt style and just ask God above “What do you want from me!” I came to the realization that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is not Gay! We have to stop substituting the word Gay for words like different, lame, fashionable, [insert whatever here]. Just because he wears Green pants with a Yellow sweater does not make him Gay! Just because he smells good and takes time to get himself right when he’s stepping out does not make him Gay! Just because he sleeps with men every now and then….. wait. Wait. Nevermind.

I’m just saying. All this over-trivializing of the Gay lifestyle is getting to be too much. When I tell you, he could be wearing a white tee and a fitted, fight dudes in the club, and go home and cuddle up with his man-boo. Right now we are at the height of Gay activism and there is much work to be done. I wish people would stop trying to belittle their movement by making the most mundane things a “Gay” thing. The yellow journalism has got to stop. I’m sure we put a lot of people in the Gay category who are in fact not Gay and who the Gay people would rather throw back on our side. (Who is claiming Diddy these days?) I wrote this post to say that the word Gay is being thrown around too much and honestly makes a mockery of the true Gay lifestyle. I know it’s easy here in ATL, but really. It’s ok. We’ll all be alright. Besides, even though the ratio of women to men here is 40 to 1 and of the men in the city, only a good 30% are available, at least we have some good eye candy. We also have a huge pool of men to pick from to go shopping with. Now I’d say that’s a fair trade!

I bet if this dude was wearing some what is deemed as “straight” clothes, no one would think twice.

Sashay- Shaunte!