Quick 10 minute cadio video!

So for those of us who don’t always have time to get that hour in at the gym I’ve found something quick fast and easy! Check out this video. I did the cardio workout, and then did a shortened verion of my Ab workout and some lower body moves. All total about 17 minutes. I think it was worth it and it makes me feel good knowing I’ll be burning a few extra calories for the rest of the evening!



the morning after… my workout in review

hey guys… another vlog comin at ya!



A workout is a workout

No matter how you do it! Get it in! 😉 




Me looking a mess as always. I took this picture after the West African dance class I took at the Alvin Ailey studio. Those who know me and know how much I love dancing, can probably understand how honored I was to walk in and take a class here. I went to NYC last weekend and couldn’t WAIT to get to the Alvin Ailey studio. It was an hour of fast-paced instruction and dancing. I was sweating even in the 40 degree weather! 

I want to encourage my ladies to get out there and do what you can to get your daily workout in. It doesn’t always have to be in the gym on the treadmill, or running 3 miles. Take a really fun class at your local YMCA or even go to a fun salsa club. Getting your heart rate up is an important part of getting your cardio and will ensure that you are burning calories all throughout your day! 

If you are in NYC or will be soon, please make sure you stop by the Alvin Ailey studio, and if you have seen or will be seeing (like me!) their 50th anniversary show in your area, let me know how it goes! 



“Running for THEIR lives!”