Woman's Instinct…or Delusions of Grandeur


You know we ladies are great for “knowing” that things are happening around us. It’s what some call a really good gut feeling, but is commonly known as “A Woman’s Intuition”. We can read faces and analyze one’s demeanor quite expertly to determine if what is being said or done is truly what is intended. This can be for good or for bad, but either way it’s quite a skill. While I truly believe that this is all true and that we ladies have great instincts I also believe it’s a slight bit mixed in with delusions. Yes, I said it. Delusions.

You may be asking yourself, “What does she mean by that?” and I’m truly glad you asked. Sometimes I feel that women are prone to making things up in our own heads and then attributing those “revelations” to our instinct or gut feeling. I’ll give you an example. I’ve blogged about this before, but I’ll just copy and paste the scenario I’d like to discuss. From Sex and The City:

Carrie starts dating Mr. Big, she has sex with him on the first date, he takes her out for Chinese where she runs into an old friend on a date. Problem: Old date doesn’t introduce her to his current girl because he’s ashamed because he doesn’t think she’s pretty. He also tells her that that restaurant is where men take women they are ashamed of but love the sex. Carrie is later out with Mr. Big and he runs into a guy on the street and fails to introduce Carrie to him. He also backs out of meeting her friends later. Carrie takes this as “Oh my gosh! I’m the secret sex whore!” She gets drunk and shows up at his house acting like a fool. He calmly tells her that he took her to that restaurant because it’s his favorite, he didn’t introduce her to the man in the street because he couldn’t remember the guy’s name, and he couldn’t meet her friends because he had courtside tickets to see the Knicks. Carrie stands there looking dumb.

Now, this is a really good example of what I’m trying to explain. Granted this was just a television show, I KNOW most women watched this like it was the Gospel and spoke to their real lives. Here Carrie gets a gut feeling (loosely based off of her random encounters) and she makes up these grand delusions and comes dangerously close to talking her big mouth out of a good thing. I think this initial interaction with Carrie is what led him to treat her like she was crazy at times as they went on to date.

Sometimes ladies, we take what could be a tiny gut feeling and turn it into a mountain of emotions. Say you’re talking to a guy and things are going great! He gets a new job and now he’s super busy and you are fully aware of this. However, he stops calling you every 3 hours and the text messages slow down. Now you know fully well that he’s busy for a reason, and you have no other signs to point to any other causes yet your mind starts to working. As you go throughout your day with this new decrease in conversation you begin to make up things in your mind. Is he seeing someone new? Did he not like that new perfume you bought? Did you say something crazy? You start to drive yourself crazy and the next full conversation that you have with him you unleash a flurry of random accusations, emotional outbursts, apologies, and exhausted sighs. At the end of it all he replies with what you already knew, “I have a new job, I have to impress, and you know I’ve been working non-stop. I try to check in when I can.” [Insert POW! face here]

All of that for nothing. I’m not saying that a Woman’s Intuition is not something to pay attention to, but please be aware of our own inclination to lend ourselves to our emotions. Sometimes we talk things up in our own minds which leads to us talking ourselves right out the door. There are some women out there whose “intuition” constantly tells them that their man is cheating. Sometimes he is, and other times he might just be grinding extra hard just to be right for you. Take the time to truly think about it and be discerning before you act a fool. I’ve seen many a friend get caught up with the “ooops” face when they discover that they were wrong. On the flip side, don’t be delusional in thinking that your no-good, bad boy thug that you snagged is doing 100% right by you when he stays with a chick on the side. Don’t ignore your intuition when it’s knocking you dead in the head constantly.

It’s a balancing act. Honestly, that’s what being a woman is all about right?


I Think You're Crazy

So one day I was told by one of my previous gentleman callers who I’m still really close to that I’m crazy. I’m sure he’ll read this and flame me for it, but I’m crazy right? So I don’t care. LOL  It went like this:

Me: You know what? I need to realize that just like you date crazy girls, I think I like crazy guys.

Him: There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you recognize you’re one of the crazy girls.

Me: *looking around* (Even though we were chatting online) Me!? I am!?

Him: Yes. When I tell girls about my crazy exes, you’re one of the stories.

Me: Wow! But I mean. I’m not like… crazy crazy. Bust the windows out ya car crazy!?

Him: No…. but you’re crazy in the head.

That’s how it went. It took me about 20 minutes to digest it. Then he hit me with:

Him: Well… I always end the story with “but she’s really sweet and awesome and we’re still really close.”

So what does that mean? I’m that sweet awesome girl who will freak-the-heck-out on you and have you tellin stories about me for years? Ok maybe not years. I might be giving myself too much credit on that one. But I am JG* and I do have that effect on people. *Laughs heartily… realizes I’m the only one laughing…. erm…*

So yea*. I pretty much found out that I’m crazy. I kinda feel like it’s a badge of honor. You know Kanye said Shawty kinda crazy but it turn me on” so you know it must be a good thing if the Good Mr. West said it.

I’m kinda excited. Like I feel like this is a big step in my love life. Guys LOVE a crazy chick. It plays into their ego or something. They get off thinking to themselves “I made that girl crazy! Yea!!! I got that make a chick crazy thang!” So what if you aren’t the guy that did it? Are you then like “I got a crazy chick. I’m gonna tame her! Yea!!! I got that tame a crazy chick wang!” I think it all goes back to their wangs.

Sex must be better with a crazy girl. You know. Get her all riled up and then she’s acting all crazy and the guy just swoops in with his personal calming device. But it’s that crazy/beautiful sex. That Mr & Mrs. Smith kickin-yo-ass-then-kissin-you-hard-in-the-mouth sex.  You break a few things around the house, and you get all scratched up and then afterward you’re like “dang you crazy!” but it was worth it.

So yea* with all that being said, I’m embracing my crazy. I’m getting closer to 25 and I think this is a step in the right direction. So if you’re feeling like your love life just isn’t where it needs to be. Go crazy. Your type of crazy may vary, but just do it! I’m telling you! It works. I tell guys sometimes that I’m crazy, and they love it! I wish I would have gone crazy a long time ago!


This shit is real crazy. But he embraced it!

Let me add that I don’t genuinely think I’m all that crazy. I mean I get where my friend was going, but ulitmately I think I’ve just been victim of being an emotional chick. I’ve calmed down a bit, but I still keep the crazy card in the back pocket because I’m TELLING you. Guys love a crazy chick. Granted, we should be maturing out of this, but how many guys do you know that are dating/continue to date crazy girls? Mmmmhmmm. Some of them are even considering putting a ring on it. Think about it. Then go crazy. 🙂

Hehe Let’s see how well my love life goes after this post! 🙂

***I do not condone or endorse craziness. At all.

Alone (kinda) at the gym

“He who shall not be named” gave me a workout to do when we weren’t running. It isn’t so bad, but I did do a video blog of my evening alone in the gym. Couple of points I’d like to note from the video. 

1) When I first go to the gym, it was empty. Perfect

2) Later, a random lady came in to talk about Barack and how things have changed. Talking Politics makes me nervous with strangers. 

3) The loud T.V. show in the background is in fact “All of Us” 

4) My ability to edit and combine two different videos, is horrible at best. 🙂