How can you be a Cool Kid?

Last night I hit up the Cool Kids show here in ATL.  Actually I was working. It was a win-win. Get paid to party. I had a GREAT time. Those of you who follow me on Twitter were privy to just how much fun I had. Wish all of y’all were there. Good Music, Good times. New local ATL rapper Prynce got his thing off on the stage with Greg Street. I’m not the biggest fan, but everything else was great! Check out the Cool Kids on MySpace and help these guys stay relevant. 🙂 Chester French was in the place too! Get that new mixtape! Ohhhh and my FAVORITE DJ was in the building spinning and I love love love him!!! Ahhhh! DJ Wreckineyes. I may post his newest mixtape next week.

So I’ll post up some pictures from last night and keep it movin.


Introducing "Mr. Old Soul" Moses Muzek

I’m not like the foremost authority on Good Music, but I have good taste I believe. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to my readers and beyond singer Moses Muzek. Living here in ATL, he is awesome, a fellow brother in Krimson & Cream, and a great, great singer! From what I can tell you may be able to get lucky and catch him at Apache Cafe on a Wednesday night. So without further delay, here he is, straight from the man himself. Songs will follow the intro.


My music stands as tribute to my influences… Growing up I was fed the sounds of Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Parliament, Curtis Mayfield, and the list goes on. I adopted the music of my parents at a young age and have held it in the highest regard ever since. I started where most music stories have… In the church. Like most, I didn’t want to be in the choir, and like most, my mother forced me to do it anyway. Who knew that what I fought so vehemently would come to mean so very much to me…

Singing/songwriting is my therapy.

How would I define my style?
Simply put, Old-Soul…

This WILL be my life…

More to come…

See you soon…

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Leave U Lone [audio:LEAVEULONEFINAL1.mp3]

Claw Foot Tub [audio:CLAWFOOTTUBFINAL1.mp3]

We Gon’ Make It [audio:WEGONMAKEITFINAL1.mp3]

All songs are Copyright © 2009, RedSee, Inc. All Rights Reserved. (That’s real Government talk, so don’t be lame and try to take it, the Boys in Blue would be at your door. Well. I’m not sure. I don’t know what happens in those cases, but it would be bad I’m sure.)



Star Chasers

This song is old. Real old. But it really applies. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to chase the sun. Not cool. LOL. Not cool. Check it out.

With the current state of music though, it’s impossible not to continue to listen to the good old jams. What’s in your rotation?