Only a few days left!!

So life again has happened, and JG* has been a busy busy bee. I’m still fasting and I can’t tell you guys how hard it is. I am learning alternative ways to cook and that is helping, but Goodness. Jesus be a fence! Temptation loves to find it’s way in, but fighting and winning is so rewarding.

My race is Saturday and I’m really excited. I’m not doing it for the time or anything. I was able to raise some money, and I’m doing it for the challenge. I have to admit. My running has slowed down a bit. Me being so hungry doesn’t really help it. LOL Since I usually work out at night, and I can’t eat after 7 it does make it a bit hard. I’ll work out, be starving and can’t eat. It’s not a good look.

I didn’t get to really play around with my food too much this weekend. I kept it pretty simple. Greens, sweet potatoes, more veggies. I have come to love Ezekial bread though. I have found that if you toast it, it’s pretty much just like regular bread. I think it’s pretty Dandy! However, once the fast is over I’ll probably go back to buying my whole wheat bread from the Farmer’s Market. The softness of that bread makes everyday sandwhiches just glorious!

Keep running!



Day 2. Wins and Epic Fails

This is my face this morning.


This is due to the epic fail that was dinner last night. I bought this Tapioca Loaf “bread” because I didn’t think I was ready for Ezekiel Bread, and boy was I just completely grossed out. I figured I would use this time of fasting to work on another area of my life that I’ve been successfully working on. Healthy Eating. Although the week before the fast I had fried chicken every single day. LOL But I digress. I figured that since my diet was so restricted, I would learn how to cook/love/appreciate alternative foods. What was I thinking? So for dinner last night I had a GardenBurger veggie burger with Soy Pepperjack Cheese on the Tapioca “Bread”(dairy, flour, and all other things logical-free), and Sweet Potato fries. Needless to say I demolished the fries. The burger however, elicited a simple “ehhhh” from my mouth when I first bit into it. My friend who was witnessing this said “That’s not what people usually say when they first eat something.”


When I opened the vacuum sealed package containing the bread (clue #1) the bread began hissing. Like it was “activating” or breathing or something. This seriously worried me. The veggie burger smelled really good and I added some extra seasoning to it thinking that this would help. Not so much. It was like biting into a flavorless McDonald’s hashbrown pattie that was full of chunks of spinach, carrots, corn, bell peppers, and broccoli. It was very awkward. The cheese though, that was the worst. I chose pepperjack because I was told that getting regular cheddar was going to taste gross for a beginner. The peppers in the cheese were to offset the completely gross soyness. NO dice. I can’t even explain it. Well after realizing that just eating Sweet Potato fries might be doing too much, I rushed to my frige to see what I could hurried make and consume in 20 mins. At this point it was 6:40 and according to my fast I can’t eat after 7. I settled on a grapefruit and for the moment it did the trick.

To be honest, I wasn’t hungry really all through the night. I said my third prayer at 6:15 for my family and I read the scripture as to why Danial began the fast to begin with. I think this provided comfort to me.

Again, waking up at 6 so far is the HARDEST part. I wake up, kneel to pray, and I think I’m back asleep by the time I say Amen. I think I’m going to start waking up, getting FAR away from my bed as possible, reading scripture, then praying. But the prayer is so important. It allows me real private time with God and it prepares me for the day. I pray for strength as I go through this, a closer bond with God, and breakthroughs in the areas of my life that God knows I need the most work on. As I type this, I haven’t had anything to eat since 6:50 pm yesterday and it’s now 9:00 am today. I’m not starving, and I’m only feeling very minor signs of hunger. I’m drinking water, so it is helping to curb that and In a few minutes I’m going to have a cup of my Puffins cereal. It’s pretty tasty even if it is practically cardboard. 🙂

*unenthusiastic excitement* yey! Breakfast.


LOL Come on back tomorrow. Later today I’m going to try to post some more Green Smoothie recipes.



Day 1 of my fast

Well it’s day one of my fast, and I feel great! I woke up at 6 am and said a Prayer and sent it up to my Lord to take care of everything going down on this earth. Last night I went shopping for Fast Foods. Heh. Get it? And I came home with a cart full of great veggies and fruits. I’m going to go by the farmer’s market later in the week and get even more for cheaper. I also picked up some vegetarian goodies since I figured this is as good a time than any to try some of these things. Learn how to cook vegan/vegetarian dishes. I’m always down to learn how to cook something new. I’m pretty excited about this! For some reason, my appetite is really curbed, and I’m feeling fine. I have corporate prayer at 12, and then another personal prayer later on this evening! I’m starting my morning off with some water, puffins cereal (no milk, I was going to buy Almond Milk, but I decided I’d get it at the Farmer’s market) which is whole grain, wheat free, gluten-free, and free of everything else. I bought some apples and a grapefruit for a snack. For lunch I have stir-fried vegetables, and for dinner I’ll be making curry vegetables. Or I may try one of my veggie burgers with my Tapioca Loaf “bread”.

Very excited. Continue to log on to hear my daily fast stories. 🙂

Thanks for your support!


JG*’s Spiritual & Physical Transformation!

Sorry, I was gone for a minute now I’m back! I had a lot going on last week, from traveling to Chicago, to traveling to Florida, to getting back to GA! 🙂 But y’all pray for me that God shows favor to me in my endeavors.

So next week I will begin the Daniel Fast with the other members of my Church. I’ll be tweeting, and blogging about how it’s going for you guy’s inspiration and reading pleasure.

Here is the breakdown of the fast that my Church has provided us with.

The Passage:

“And He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.” Mark 9:29 KJV

The Purpose:

  • To corporately commit to praying and believing God for:
  • Members being ethical
  • Member’s employment
  • Member’s peace of mind
  • Sacrificial Giving
  • Members being moral
  • Member’s health
  • Members spending daily time with God

The Period

The fast will last for 21 days. It will begin Monday, March 16th at 12:01 a.m. and end on Sunday, April 5th at 12:00 midnight.

The Procedures:

The type of fast we’ll be doing is the Partial Fast. This is the fast where you abstain from certain foods and/or thing. You CAN eat fruits and vegetables. The foods that we will not be eating during the fast period are as follows:

  • No meals after 7:00 pm
  • No meat
  • No sweets or sugar
  • No white potatoes
  • No breads or pasta
  • No fried foods
  • No dairy
  • No beverages other than PURE water

The Plan:

In addition to our food sacrifice, each member is asked to give up a non-food item of sacrifice. For example, you may go on a spending fast, or a facebook fast, etc.

  • I am giving up Blackberry applications. While this may seem small, it’s a major sacrifice for me. No more Facebook for Blackberry, no more TwitterBerry, and I’m taking my email groups that I’m a member of off my phone.

The Prayer:

We will use three different prayer times during our corporate fast. Two of the prayer times are set times when all fasters should be praying. 6:00 am (alone) and 12:00 pm (praying with someone if possible) will be the daily set prayer times. The third time will be determined by each individual based on what works best for their family schedule it can take place any time, day or night.

  • I will be doing my third prayer at 6:00 pm. This pray is to be for or with your family.

Well, this is the fast, and I would really appreciate everyone’s support. If you are interested in doing this fast as well, please comment or send me an email at and I can get you even more information, or answer any questions.

I’ll also be working out during this time, but with some modifications.


day #10

and i’m pretty sure that i’ll never do this again… 

my body is trying to detox and i’m not letting it do a good job. well, i was up until last nite. but i’ve been sick since i started this whole raw thing and things are almost starting to look on the up and up. 

in the past week, i’ve managed to lose 7lbs and my skin looks horrible right now. it’s detoxing and this is a rough process. but on the flip side, my insides are quite happy. i’m forced to drink way more water to curb the hunger. but i need to be incorporating some more green leafy veggies to help with my iron deficiency. i’ve always been anemic but now it’s way worse. my blood was denied after i was recruited to donate. *sigh*

i’m having cravings badly. like yesterday i was craving an asian morningstar veggie pattie with muenster cheese and fake bacon topped with lettuce, tomato, and horseraddish mustard. the day before that the things i would have done for a turkey hot dog with sauerkraut and some spicy mustard… but nonetheless, i haven’t had any of those…

i’m still working on diversifying my meals. for dinner i’ve been eating apple slices with peanut butter because that seems to fill me up and my lunchs are filled with salads. i’ve been drinking lots of juices and things too… ardens garden are always my favorite but i really loved the purple carrot juice i mentioned a couple days ago too. 

next weeks big task? incorporating my workouts. i think that will aid in this awkward detox phase i’m in. 


“hungryily yours” ladebelle

Green Smoothie Goodness!

A friend of mine sent me an email with an astronomical number of green smooth recipies that I want to share with you all! I’ll only share a few at a time, but enjoy!



Remember to use pure water and organic produce for maximum results. You may like to add more or less water to the recipes depending on how thick or thin you like your smoothies. Feel free to experiment and create your own recipes. The most important thing to add to your smoothies is 2-4 large handfuls of dark, leafy green vegetables.

Victoria Boutenko’s Favourite
Blend well:
6 leaves of red leaf lettuce
1/4 bunch of fresh basil
1/2 lime (juiced)
1/2 red onion
2 celery sticks
1/4 avocado
2 cups of water

Sergei Boutenko’s Favourite
Blend well:
5 kale leaves (green)
1/2 bunch of fresh dill
1/2 lime (juiced)
3 cloves garlic
1/4 cup sundried tomatoes
2 cups of water

Recipe #1
2-3 cups of greens of your choice,
2 cups papaya,
2 oranges
No water necessary

Recipe #2
1 handful lettuce leaves
1 handful mint
3 bananas
2 cups water

Recipe #3
4-5 kale leaves
3 apples
1/2 lemon juiced
2 cups of water

Recipe #4
3-4 stalks celery
2 ripe persimmons
1 banana
1 -2 cups water

Recipe #5
1/2 head romaine lettuce,
1 cup pineapple,
1 large mango,
1-inch fresh ginger

Recipe #6
2 -3 cups of your favorite grapes
1 handful parsley
2 handfuls of baby Spinach
2 cups of water

Recipe #7
1 cup pineapple
1 banana
2 sticks of celery
1 handful of your favourite leafy greens

Recipe #8
1/2 avocado
1/2 capsicum
one small onion
2 cloves garlic
one chilli
2 handfuls black cabbage
2 cups water

Recipe #9
3 bananas
a cup of papaya
4 big handfuls of baby spinach
2 cups of water

Recipe #10
2 bananas
1 apple
1 pear
2 handfuls of parsley
2 big handfuls of kale
2 cups of water

Food time again!

Here is another great recipe that I wanted to share. It was quick fun, and made me smile. 🙂

Look at all that delicious goodness

Look at all that delicious goodness

Bleu Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast, Butter Noodles, and Asparagus

Bleu Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast

  • 3 Chicken Breasts
  • Bleu Cheese or any good creamy cheese of your choice
  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Seasoning
  • EVOO

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the chicken breasts in half but not completely. Don’t split them. Just enough to open the chicken breast. I then pound the chicken to a little more than a 1/4 inch thickness. Season the inside with salt, pepper, seasonings of choice. Place a few Sun-Dried tomatoes on one of the halves (take the oil off) and then cover the tomatoes with the bleu cheese. Close the chicken and season the outside. Drizzle with EVVO, place in a pyrex dish and cook for about 45 mins depending on the thickness. Do the color of the juices test to determine doneness.

The rest is up to your discretion. The noodles are simple, boil until soft, toss with butter, garlic and seasonings. The asparagus I saute like any other veggie but you can steam them and season.

Let me tell ya, this was a GREAT meal. 🙂