Kanye & Spike Jonze: "We were once a fairytale"


Art can be weird. Take a look:

First off let me say that that Spike Jonze is doing the dang thing this year. Most people only know his name through the “skater circuit”, Jackass,  his productions for more underground music artists, and perhaps you saw Being John Malkovich. To put it mildly he is the ISH but this year he’s making a huge splash with his movie adaptation of “Where the Wild Things Are” that I absolutely can’t wait to see. So I’m proud of Kanye for teaming up with him on this mini-movie as that definitely got my attention and started him off with points.

Now, about the actual mini-movie. The best word I can think of to describe it, actually the first word that came to my mind is: weird. First let me back up and say that I did like the movie. But it was still weird. I believe this is a look into Kanye’s life from how he experiences it. He is in an ego driven daze and on the brink of being out of control. This is from the movie but I think it reflects his daily life. The people in the film really aren’t feeling him like he’s feeling himself and I believe if you checked the blogospere after any of his wild antics, you will find that this too is true. I’m a Kanye fan myself, I wouldn’t say Stan (I was headed there until 808’s. Loved it, but nothing to stan over), but I am grounded enough to love his music and hate his image. So I think Kayne West began to realize this year that the fan worship is starting to diminish. When acting an ass in public, expect people to treat you like one.

The scene in which Kanye basically has a lucid wet dream with a couch full of leopard-print pillows was awkward only because I never thought in my lifetime I’d be privy to what Kanye looks like while having sex. Even if it is technically with himself. His acting in this mini-drama was pretty good if I’m allowed to say that. He had the dazed stammering walk down to a science as well as the belligerent self-inflating speech. I give him major points for that. The whole thing turns weird when Kanye makes it to the heavenly haven of porcelain. At first I was unmoved by the confetti vomit, but I just did a *kanye shrug* and chalked it up to artistic license. At the end of the whole sequence though I got it. Kayne had to kill the little voice inside of him. Some say it was his soul, but I don’t think that makes a lot of sense. I’m more inclined to believe that Kanye was killing his ego. That little monster that was inside of him that would rear its ugly head and control him, making him look like an incredible ass to the whole world.

Deep son.

At the end of the day I have to applaud Kanye for continuing to set the bar creatively and opening his fan’s minds to the alternative. I think Kanye “gets” it but he just doesn’t care. He knows that he’s spiraling out of control and that his relevance is quickly being reduced to his wild behavior. He needs to not let it get to the point where his music takes a backseat and the only reason people tune into him is to see how Lo(han) he will go. He’s too talented to be on an episode of “Where Are They Now?” so he needs to get a grip. He occasionally shows remorse for his actions and we all know the things that inspired 808’s & Heartbreak so hopefully he will finally start to care and do the things to get him back on the track to further greatness. I think this mini-movie will be added to the list of things that make him “great” but he still has the power to un-do all of that.

What do you think of the mini-movie?


I'm Sorry For Not Being Sorry

sorry***Today’s topic was a reader request. I just had to say that so that those who know me don’t think that someone’s out there doing me wrong and trying to apologize. :)***


What is the point of an apology anyway these days? Understandably sometimes a person does make a mistake and an apology makes sense, but other times they really did mean to do that. In those cases you get the “I’m sorry you feel that way” apology that to the naive person sounds like an apology but in reality it’s more like a “I stand by what I said, but I’m sorry that it had that effect on you.” And to be honest, that’s not so bad. At least they care somewhat about how you feel. However my issue is that temporary insanity is not that great of a defense. So when you are constantly apologizing for something you did, it makes it seem like you are trying to say that you had no control over yourself at the moment.

I’m here to say, IF YOU MEANT IT, SAY YOU MEANT IT! This isn’t just a personal thing. Every time I turn on the news (more like look it up online) somebody is apologizing. The number one cause of their ill-intending action is “high emotions”.  Joe “You Lie!” Wilson claims his emotions were running so high that he just had a random bout of Tourettes and you know what? He’s sorry. Kanye West runs up on the stage to snatch away Taylor Swift’s magical little moonman and he can blame it on emotions (and the Henny) and guess what… He’s sorry too. Lil Mama gets excited anytime the word New York is mentioned that she will either uncontrollably cry or crash a very exciting Jay-Z & Alicia Keys performance.

She can’t help it! But she’s still very very sorry.

Listen I understand that apologizing is great PR. You hurt someone’s feelings the least you could do is apologize right? Well that’s really PC and I guess I agree, but honestly I feel like if people had to stand behind their actions and be held accountable more often, we’d have less dumba** moments. If I can act a fool then turn around and issue an apology, and all is forgiven then what’s to stop me from doing it again? Plus what does that say about you that you can’t control yourself from doing really dumb things.

I would venture to say that most apologies are forced and not meaningful so again, I don’t see the point. The damage is already done and you giving me a fake apology really won’t help, but instead may piss me off further. I actually thought that Kanye’s original apology was HILARIOUS. Seriously, it sounded like he wrote it while still drunk.


Hilarious! See I would have probably accepted that apology just because in the midst of me feeling like crap, he made me laugh. I must be the only person around that still attempts to think before I act. Now I’m not perfect and I have been known to utter random emotional outbursts at an ex-boyfriend here and there which led to me apologizing immediately, but honestly even in those cases I was apologizing for the wrong reasons. We need to learn to either watch what we say or do, or just deal with the consequences. For me personally, don’t apologize unless you really mean it. Otherwise just say, “look, I’m not trying to be an ass here, but I stand behind what I said/did.” Depending on what you said or did will determine how we interact in the future. Half-assed apologies always set people up for the okie doke. Sure they said the words, but did they really mean it? That’s how we get caught up in sour situations.

Protect yourself. Keep it 100 at all times! The next time someone says “I’m sorry” to me for no good reason I’m going to reply “Yes, you really are.” LOL

I promise I’m not rude y’all!

Dealing with Death


In light of the most recent Kanye disturbance (That I’ve forgiven him for. The man apologized, I just want him to SIT DOWN for while) and last night’s interview on Jay Leno (see below) it really made me think about how some people deal with death. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but I tend to write what I’m thinking.

While many people wish Kanye West dead (those people need to be sedated) and did not see the sincerity in his interview with Leno, I absolutely saw what looked to me like pain gone unchecked. We know that Kanye West is not above acting the fool and has also been known to pitch a hissy fit or two concerning award shows, however he has also been humbled before when he tried to give his BET Hip Hop Award away to UGK & Outkast. I say that to say that clearly he takes these awards seriously in one way or the other. Regardless, it’s no secret that Kanye’s best friend and mother passed away last year and considering we are all aware of what his schedule has looked like we know that he has not really taken any time off. I took some time to myself to consider if I could do what he’s done in light of MY own Mother passing, and by that I mean continue to work hard and fine tune my craft. I assure you, I could not.

Many people have dealt with harsh losses and I can say that thankfully I have only dealt with one in my mature life. My grandfather passed when I was a child and while I’m sure I was affected it’s not something I can reflect on today. Last year I lost one of my closest friends that was like family to me and it hurt. I mean it really hurt. The only reason I was able to really deal with it is because I truly believe that part of his light passed on to those of us he left to watch from Heaven. I refused to really be upset because I knew I gained an angel. His death was due to illness and for that I’m glad that we were able to prepare. This type of thinking is extremely difficult and helps when you have a strong support team like I did. At the same time, I don’t think I could harness that type of energy if say one of my parents, my grandmother, or my uncle were to pass. Sure I know it’s coming, but I’ve yet to figure out how I’ll be able to deal with that. It’s not something we really spend time thinking of when things are good.

You see some people experience a major loss like that and they barely miss a step. To the outside world it’s as though they are fine and there’s nothing to be concerned with. With these people it is hard for those of us watching to feel like we need to reach out a helping hand because we’re sure that they have it all together. So we treat them like we always have, get annoyed with them when they do the slightest things, and for us we continue as if nothing has happened. I’ve seen and experienced this with my own eyes and I’ve unfortunately seen the fallout from it as the pain finally caught up with the person and everyone had no clue. Looking back on it, perhaps we should have kept the kid gloves on just in case. Perhaps we should have dropped a few more hints that we would always be there no matter what. Perhaps when we saw the random and strange behaviors instead of getting annoyed we should have “known better”. Perhaps.

On the other hand there are those who’s pain is obvious and glaring. Those on the outside don’t know which way to turn or how to move without setting off the ticking time bomb. In these situations tensions seem the highest yet patience and persistence is what is needed. While it’s difficult it’s necessary if you truly care.

We’re all different and will mourn in our own ways. It’s not for me to say “they should be over it by now” nor is it for anyone to say “I can’t believe they are up and at it so soon”. Everyone deals in their own way. Since I have thankfully never dealt with such an extreme loss so close to me, I can’t say to anyone how they should feel. Even if I had it’s not for me to speak on. All I can do is be there for them like I hope someone would be there for me. While I understand most of us do not know Kanye we act like we do when he’s out there acting reckless. We (myself included) comment on his every misstep and mistake as if we had a personal stake in it. However when it comes to support are we there? Sure we buy his albums but how many of us blog or tweet or reach out to him to say “maybe it’s time to do for you and deal with the pain”. This is not just for or about Kanye, but anyone really. I said yesterday that we love to be entertained by someone’s downfall and destruction and Kanye is clearly a part of that. While I was incensed and angry about what he did and wanted him to understand the depths of his actions, I couldn’t believe people were calling for BOYCOTTS of this man. Seriously? Do you even know what boycotts were historically used for? Things way more serious than making a teenaged girl cry. Yes Kanye needs to be held accountable for his actions, but calling for his death? This modern day lynchmob mentality scares the hell out of me.

I don’t know what really prompted me to write on this gloomy topic, but after seeing Kanye struggle when Leno asked about his Mother I instantly realized that I couldn’t be him. We hold our celebrities up on this pedestal and for the most part rightly so. However we quickly forget that they are human just like the rest of us and they will go through the things that we go through. How many of us would be able to really hold it all together  in light of such a loss without cracking a time or two? I’m not giving excuses, just something to think about.

R.I.P Patrick Swayze. You too were an Icon. They talked about you during your struggle and I just hope you are in a better place now. Just no comebacks like on Ghost. 🙂

The VMA's have a big ego


The VMA’s confirmed last night why I have the cable package that doesn’t include BET, MTV, VH1 or anything that could confirm the downward spiral that is society. I mean I literally have the Food Network, HGTV, and other channels that are typically considered boring, but keep me sane.

On to the show.

It would be silly for me to simply go down the list and repeat all that happened. It was too late for me to write my blog post last night and by this point everything that happened is old news. Rather I would like to give my commentary on what I really took away from the show. Not just “wow, that dress was pretty” but more like what my over-analytical mind managed to dwell upon as the night came to a close.

The Michael Jackson tribute made me happy. I honestly didn’t hear a word that Madonna said because she began to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher. However, after Madge got off the stage things really picked up. I loved how they paid great homage to his legacy of having the TRUE best videos of all times and Janet sent shivers down my spine. I love her and I love her even more for giving an amazing performance when I know that she was probably reminded of how much he really meant to her with each move she made. I know I was. However I will say I died and laughed at the same time at the dancer that #failed on the Smooth Criminal lean. His poor dancing career will always be marred by that moment. Where were his shoes!?

Lady Gaga was something else. As someone who is relatively unfamiliar with her I had no idea what to expect. I first heard the Poker Face song (her complete version) in the gym during my Hip Hop Aerobics class and I wasn’t really listening. What I will say is she scared the living daylights out of me. I was vibin’ with her performance then she got all wild and bloody and creepy. Then after her performance, cut to her sitting there looking like a frozen Carrie after the Prom Blood Bath


and I literally jumped out my chair. Honestly, at that moment I knew prayer was desperately needed in that room. Later she actually walked onto the stage looking like that and if I were the presenter I would have surely ran off grasping for holy water. She capped off the night looking as though her face was the egg in the nest from last night’s episode of True Blood. Something tells me that she’s a huge fan of that show.

Outside of those things and a few decent/not so decent/who cares performances the show was pretty much like “If it wasn’t for MJ/Janet I wouldn’t even be watching”. I didn’t know who any of those VJ’s were, hardly any of the winners, and to be honest I didn’t care. Yes Beyonce was great, yes Jay-Z was fly (Where was VMA security last night!? Who let Lil’ Mama on stage!?)

Oh wait, there was that one thing. You know, when Kanye West proved why they shoulda never gave us ninja’s money. Just in case you were and are still under a rock here is the clip. Don’t know how long it will be up.

People were going crazy on twitter and facebook about this and this was all that the radio stations could talk about this morning. I’m actually pretty shocked and confused at the response. If this wasn’t staged, how could anyone look at this and think that it was okay? Yes, I know this wasn’t his first outburst and not the first ever at an awards show (ODB anyone?), but seriously when can we expect this dude to grow up? This man puts so much energy into things that do not matter that if he cared THAT much about the state of this country maybe he could help us get some things done around here. What IS his Philanthropy? The $500k that he contributed to his foundation needs to be matched so he can get some HELP.  He was RUDE. It doesn’t matter if the whole world believes Beyonce should have won. You send that out on Twitter, post a blog about it, or whisper it to the statue sitting next to you. Oh that was Amber Rose? Well, you tell her! Don’t get up and act a fool to someone that aint never done a thing to you on behalf of someone who probably could care less as she’s counting her millions. Get over yourself. You owe Beyonce an apology really. Thanks to you, HER moment was overshadowed by your idiocy as she had to compensate to make amends. Your half-assed, ALL CAPS, apology to Taylor Swift we could have gone without. I’m sure she could care less. You said what you said because you meant it, just apologize for your lack of decorum and permanently SIT DOWN. He’s a clown and it’s terribly hard to take him seriously. His attitude irritates me so bad that unless he comes out with another Late Registration, I honestly don’t think I could hang with him anymore. I can’t sell out with him anymore. His take on life frustrates my positive aura. LOL

I think the entertainment industry has always depended upon the sick and twisted parts of our minds. From the Gladiator arenas in which people lined up to see men eaten to death, to Crucifixtions and Lynchings that were public fun, to the freak shows that people paid to see. It’s no secret that we are entertained by other people’s humiliation and downfall. So many people applauded Kanye for “keeping it real” as though that was the only way for him to do so. You can Keep It Real without tearing someone else down. People loved the drama of it all because it wasn’t them. If someone ruined a moment for you that was very special in front of millions, it wouldn’t be so funny. On VH1’s Storytellers in Touch The Sky, Kanye talked about learning from others and not being an a**hole your whole life, but clearly he forgot all about that. Maybe it was the Hennesy.

To those of you that stand behind what Kanye DID, I really hope you take a long hard look at how you act in the streets. If you can excuse that sort of behavior I wonder if you even know what decorum looks like. I saw some people talking about how “he was standing up to the white man and the people tearing him down are kissing the slave master’s backside and blah blah blah”. Get out of my face with that. Where were YOU when Rep. Joe Wilson disrespected OUR President? Did you give money to his opponent Rob Miller? Did you do your research on who was really lying? Did you call your congressman or woman to get them to push reform? Or were Frank and Wanda on the radio right when they said that our people don’t want to hear about that? They claimed that we are far more concerned with what our silly celebrities are doing. SMH.

Oh but this…. this is funny.

Yeezy, back away from the crown

Update: Kanye said he aint say that. But I’m leaving this post as is, just in case he THINKS it! LOL Also, just goes to show that when you are known for talking out your backside, people will believe anything that is put out there.

I swear, between Yeezy and Queen Yawnce (as Luvvie calls her) I have blog material for days! Thanks!

Recently Kanye West announced that he is the new King Of Pop. He said that the Crown is sitting there, and he’s ready and willing to take it. The following video does a GREAT job at comparing the two artists. Please watch.

Now I don’t believe that anyone could say with a straight face that they even compare. And I don’t believe that Kanye West was making that assertion either, he was just like always talking out of his ass. The reason that this burns so many people’s britches it because it is so asinine for Yeezy to believe that he’s even close to the point of success that Michael reached when that title was GIVEN to him.

That’s the other thing.

You cannot just one day up and think to yourself “I’m going claim to be the King of Pop”. No hunny. It doesn’t work that way. This is a title that should be given to you. If the previous owner is not able to, then let the people speak. I need at least one white girl to scream and pass out at the mere mention of your name before you even fix your brain to THINK that you are in the same ballpark.

Do you see the pure joy on this girl’s face!?

Do you see how she will NOT let go!?

I did a youtube search for “Kanye West Fans” and nothing came up. Oh wait. This video did. A video in which a fan threw a PENNY at you and you told them to “Eat S*** and Die.” I mean clearly this person was a fan, and I assume their intent was not completely malicious. They did pay to come see you and all. But clearly, kindness is not your thing.  Please watch.

Now, ‘Ye. I love you. Addicted still brings a smile to my face, and that workout plan does get me right every time. However, it will be a LONG time before I can even feel comfortable giving you that crown. I mean you have some HITS but you do not have a classic album that transcends the mere idea and thought of the word GENRE. Michael is the King of Pop because King of ALL THINGS MUSICAL doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. He redefined popular music. My job recently hosted a company party for Microsoft. Everyone at the party was from Europe and South Africa. Music was played from all different genres and the people partied hard despite the fact that most of them could not speak English and therefore did not know what the songs were talking about. That is until they did an MJ set. When I tell you, they hit it to the floor hard and knew EVERY WORD!! EVERY SINGLE ONE! When the Germans can sing all of Late Registration, maybe then I’ll consider conceding that you are indeed the King of Pop.

I’m just saying Yeezy. I’d be much happier to give that to Prince before I even thought about looking your way. Even MJ himself has a lil sweet spot for Beyonce! Just think about it. Also, I don’t see why we’re having to give it to someone else anyway. Michael can still top the charts. It’s not like MJ was putting out the firest of hits these past few years anyways. We are still rockin hard to Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, and The Jacksons. I see no reason for him to have to relinquish his crown when his good deeds are still making an impact.

MJ did a video full of super stars waiting around to shoot a video. That’s Liberian Girl for those of you who don’t know. Tell me Kanye, if you opened up your superstar Rolodex to make a few calls, who would show up other than Amber Rose and Fonsworth Bentley? Oh and Amber Rose doesn’t qualify for you having a multi-ethnic fan following like MJ. These are things you need to be working on instead of trying to take what isn’t yours. Get some humility and then we can talk.

My 5 year old God Brother recently discovered MJ due to the coverage of his passing. His obsession is deep. He watches his videos repeatedly and even pointed out things that even I never knew. (i.e. didn’t know LaToya was in “The Way You Make Me Feel”) NOW THAT’S A LEGACY. I pray and hope you are still relevant in 50 years. Just because you and your boys dress funny, does not mean you have arrived. MJ started TRENDS, you just start blogs.


Who's pulling the Strings?

A dear close friend of mine just launched his own blog titled Rap and Paper and it’s awesome. Expect to see some contributions from yours truly on this site as well. It’s a great look full of the latest in Music and up and coming artists and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on. It’s almost…. RANDOM. 🙂 Check him out, support him, and read a guest post from him below.


by Supra Villain

If you’ve been alive over the past few weeks then I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of the Lebron vs Kobe commercials.  There’s the Vitamin Water “debate” commercial

which isn’t nearly as obnoxious, sinister, or funny as the Nike commercials

which only seemed to run during the different Conference Finals games.

However, as the NBA’s conference finals played out in their entirety, the captivating drama that was the first four games of each series was sullied a bit once the NBA officially got in on the Kobe vs Lebron media marketing hype.  Almost immediately after (literally the next commercial break) Lebron’s miraculous 3 pointer saved the Cavs in game 2, the NBA crafted a ready made “Where Amazing Happens” commercial set to the tune of Kanye West’ “Amazing” single.

In related news, Kanye West had his own “puppet” sports moment in 2008….

The “ready-made” NBA sponsored “Amazing” ad definitely got the conspiracy theorists going on how the NBA wanted/needed Kobe vs. Lebron in the NBA Finals and how they’d do ANYTHING to insure that happened.  And, for a while, you couldn’t blame the paranoid as some late game calls that went against the Nuggets and the Magic early on in their respective series’ seemed to fan the flames of conspiracy.  But, then the Lakers crushed the Nuggets without the  help of a rogue officiating crew, and Dwight Howard, despite a phantom game 4 call, manned up against Lebron and took his team to the Finals.  With that, I wonder if we can officially bury the puppets?  I thought they were great, and I’d be kind of sad to see them go, but this last commercial seems a bit inappropriate now as Kobe is once again in the NBA Finals, and Lebron is now once again…well…at home…playing video games.

“You gotta be HUNGRY Lebron!!!”~Puppet Kobe

What is wrong with society?

Let me get a list of things off my chest that have pretty much given this week a big gigantic question mark.

So earlier this week we were faced with the downside of being “Tipsy” in the club and that was a mess all in itself. I mean I can’t say enough about that disaster of a career move. Sexy Spectacular later went on Radio shows to back up his video and called all the men who watched it gay. I’m pretty sure Mr. Spectacular, that most men did not have to watch it to understand the gaydom behind it. Not to mention, if they were gay, having a bunch of gay men watching you grind doesn’t particularly help your case. Now it wasn’t gay because he was grinding in his mother’s panties. It was gay because he pleaded with other men to send him videos of themselves doing the same. Gay indeed. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But there is plenty wrong with what he turned around and did in that poor lonely hallway.

Well it seems as though the whole incident didn’t really go the way that Sexy Spec had hoped it would. He was blasted and scorned all over the internet (1/4 Random didn’t miss the chance either) and Twitter got the best of him.

In response to a twitterling calling him a Gay Fish he replied:


I mean whatever dude. You didn’t lose a single MySpace or BlackPlanet fan I’m sure.

Moving on:

So it seems that Octo-mom isn’t the only one out to make the US a Superpower again using the art of reproduction. Desmond Hatchett truly takes the cake!


Oh Bless his soul! This man is 29 years old and has 21 children. That we know of. Get OUT of here! He was on the court docket 11 times in one day for 15 of his children. His women get a little under $2 a month from him in Child Support after it’s been garnished and divided up. He claims he’s done and that he really didn’t want all of those children, “It Just Happened.” Understatement of the freakin’ year. He had a point though about the ladies that he’s impregnanting with his Post-Armaggedon Army. They know what they are getting into. It’s a bit hard for this guy to hide the 20 other children he has. Not to mention that among the 11 Mothers, some of them had to be repeat offenders. So to those women I have to say “You can’t be mad!” That and, “Have you ever heard of birth control? Condoms? Staying away from dudes who can get you pregnant just by sitting on the bus next to them?” I seriously just don’t get it.

I was having a conversation with a friend and he said he was wondering if he was becoming a hot commodity because he was a college educated man with no children. I told him that I don’t know about the hot commodity thing, and not to mention that everyone I know in our age group with children are all college educated. However, I did have to agree that more and more of the people I meet (men and women) have children. Now 25+ and beyond years ago, this was not a big deal. Clearly it still isn’t, however, I think it startles people because so many of our peers have children yet aren’t married and aren’t planning to be any time soon. He was asking if he should settle his mind on the possibility that no matter how hard the tries he’s going to end up “stepdaddy”. I honestly did not have an answer. It seems highly possible especially when you see guys like this dude who are hell bent on starting their own rainbow coalition.

Either way, next question mark of the week:


Kayne West.. the guy who he himself has said that he doesn’t do books, is writing a book. From the sound of it, it will big a thing with pages, pretty pictures, and huge letters strung together to make words and maybe a sentence or two. Almost like a children’s book. The title? “Thank You And You’re Welcome” Yes.. that’s right. Thank you for buying this piece of crap and eating up everything I do, even down to my shag-fro and friend with the leopard tights, and your welcome that I am so awesome that I can get away with it.

From his own mouth:

“This is a collection of thoughts and theories” and I’m paraphrasing right now, “I get paraphrased and misquoted all the time.”

He also has said the following about books:

“Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed,” West said. “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph.”

I mean, imagine that! Someone writes a novel… and it has WORDS! Also, “so self-absorbed”? Pot… please meet Kettle. Kiss it, hug it, and love it. Books are clearly trash because Kanye West does not deem them awesome enough to desire their autographs (because asking the author for an autograph and admiring their work and creativity is only reserved for people like Kanye) Only things that one would pay good money for are important. Wait.. I hear books can be quite expensive! What’s that? Oh…. not if you get them on Amazon? Oh yes… Right. I wonder how much a K. Yeezy autograph is going these days. I’d pay BIG money for his book if he signed it “Gay Fish.”

I have to also end my Kanye rants with, “I Love Kanye. I really do. But he’s a hot ass mess, and my support of him is practially gone.” It’s true people.

I…. think that’s all for this week. It’s Thursday and has been a short work week, so I may have a whole new list of “WTH” moments by tomorrow.