the morning after… my workout in review

hey guys… another vlog comin at ya!




and nooow introducing… a one ms. ladebelle!!!

ok guys… most of you know me from the other blog that JG* and i share…

but here’s a little bit about my passion for other things besides ranting and making fun of others. 


the real reason i participate is for the free face painting!

the real reason i participate is for the free face painting!



the first “run” (i actually walked) that i participated in was in 2002. it was an epilepsy walk/run. my dad is an epileptic so i felt compelled to participate in hopes of raising both awareness and money to find a cure. since then, i’ve virtually been unstoppable. i can’t count how many walk/run’s that i’ve done since then. 

a bigger personal goal for myself is to be able to run one instead of just walking so here i’ll be documenting my training in addition to JG*’s on my preparation for running. my training is going to be a lot different then JG*’s because of my weight and i’ve been a little delayed in my training. nontheless, i’m on it like black eye’s on peas!!!

looking forward to sharing my training (which starts monday) with you guys!

Stepping up to the challenge

So… JG* Runs the City has launched and I did some small scale self-promotion and I’m happy to announce that we have a new runner! 

A dear blogging/real life friend of mine who goes by the name Ladebelle is in on the fun! So expect to hear from her as well as we both take this journey through Fit Awareness! (I just made that up) 

You can check her out at Rants of A Wild Child. Let’s hope more of my blogging friends jump on board, and we get this thing viral. Obama style! (Even if you didn’t vote for him you know he was major when it came to his web campaign. But speaking of: HAPPY OBAMA WEEKEND!) 

Also, I’m working with Women For Women International about setting up the paypal account to go directly to them, but nonetheless, it should be up this week. Give what you can. I aint tryna take your money (I get country when I get serious) I just want to help some people across our great country and our home.