Hell Hath no fury. Day 2

Hell hath no fury than a Trainer on a mission. 

Here is the video I took after my second 3.1 mile run. It was painful, and I couldn’t move. I look a mess of course, but that’s all part of the pain. More video blogs to come, and please believe we’ll get some live action shots as well. 



J “Sorer than all get out” G*


JG* Runs The City has launched!


Thank you for making your way to my little nook in the vast and infinite world of the wide web. JG* Runs The City is a blog site dedicated to raising awareness and money (don’t groan!) about some of the more unnoticed issues plaguing the world as well as some more appreciated. Check out “Who is JG*?” for more information about what’s going on here and how you can get involved!

Also, I’ll probably update this blog more than once daily. So stay on the lookout!