Yeezy, back away from the crown

Update: Kanye said he aint say that. But I’m leaving this post as is, just in case he THINKS it! LOL Also, just goes to show that when you are known for talking out your backside, people will believe anything that is put out there.

I swear, between Yeezy and Queen Yawnce (as Luvvie calls her) I have blog material for days! Thanks!

Recently Kanye West announced that he is the new King Of Pop. He said that the Crown is sitting there, and he’s ready and willing to take it. The following video does a GREAT job at comparing the two artists. Please watch.

Now I don’t believe that anyone could say with a straight face that they even compare. And I don’t believe that Kanye West was making that assertion either, he was just like always talking out of his ass. The reason that this burns so many people’s britches it because it is so asinine for Yeezy to believe that he’s even close to the point of success that Michael reached when that title was GIVEN to him.

That’s the other thing.

You cannot just one day up and think to yourself “I’m going claim to be the King of Pop”. No hunny. It doesn’t work that way. This is a title that should be given to you. If the previous owner is not able to, then let the people speak. I need at least one white girl to scream and pass out at the mere mention of your name before you even fix your brain to THINK that you are in the same ballpark.

Do you see the pure joy on this girl’s face!?

Do you see how she will NOT let go!?

I did a youtube search for “Kanye West Fans” and nothing came up. Oh wait. This video did. A video in which a fan threw a PENNY at you and you told them to “Eat S*** and Die.” I mean clearly this person was a fan, and I assume their intent was not completely malicious. They did pay to come see you and all. But clearly, kindness is not your thing.  Please watch.

Now, ‘Ye. I love you. Addicted still brings a smile to my face, and that workout plan does get me right every time. However, it will be a LONG time before I can even feel comfortable giving you that crown. I mean you have some HITS but you do not have a classic album that transcends the mere idea and thought of the word GENRE. Michael is the King of Pop because King of ALL THINGS MUSICAL doesn’t quite roll off the tongue. He redefined popular music. My job recently hosted a company party for Microsoft. Everyone at the party was from Europe and South Africa. Music was played from all different genres and the people partied hard despite the fact that most of them could not speak English and therefore did not know what the songs were talking about. That is until they did an MJ set. When I tell you, they hit it to the floor hard and knew EVERY WORD!! EVERY SINGLE ONE! When the Germans can sing all of Late Registration, maybe then I’ll consider conceding that you are indeed the King of Pop.

I’m just saying Yeezy. I’d be much happier to give that to Prince before I even thought about looking your way. Even MJ himself has a lil sweet spot for Beyonce! Just think about it. Also, I don’t see why we’re having to give it to someone else anyway. Michael can still top the charts. It’s not like MJ was putting out the firest of hits these past few years anyways. We are still rockin hard to Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, and The Jacksons. I see no reason for him to have to relinquish his crown when his good deeds are still making an impact.

MJ did a video full of super stars waiting around to shoot a video. That’s Liberian Girl for those of you who don’t know. Tell me Kanye, if you opened up your superstar Rolodex to make a few calls, who would show up other than Amber Rose and Fonsworth Bentley? Oh and Amber Rose doesn’t qualify for you having a multi-ethnic fan following like MJ. These are things you need to be working on instead of trying to take what isn’t yours. Get some humility and then we can talk.

My 5 year old God Brother recently discovered MJ due to the coverage of his passing. His obsession is deep. He watches his videos repeatedly and even pointed out things that even I never knew. (i.e. didn’t know LaToya was in “The Way You Make Me Feel”) NOW THAT’S A LEGACY. I pray and hope you are still relevant in 50 years. Just because you and your boys dress funny, does not mean you have arrived. MJ started TRENDS, you just start blogs.



BET, What can I do to help?

It’s late. And this post is belligerent. I apologize in advance.

I am asking BET what I can do to help because with the rant I’m about to go on, I know that I need to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I know BET is all “we” got but it aint ours anymore, and any social responsibility it ever had is gone. I would like to see BET do better before we get rid of it. I’ll forward this to anyone I can. To appease all the people that cannot stand a person with an opinion let me say a few disclaimers (you know I love my disclaimers). First of all, everything I say is my opinion. I mean really, who the heck am I to be spouting facts like I am the original Wiki? Unless I state something is a fact, i’m typcially rambling my simple a** opinions. Secondly, I understand Free Speech. I am all about people saying what they want, but just be cool with me replying. I also get that this goes both ways. Lastly, I am not a hater because I dislike something. I’m a hater if I don’t have a reason.  Ohhh and I am not just hating on BET. I know they are owned by Viacom, and I’m sorry, I don’t like them either. I don’t watch MTV, VH1, or BET or any other channel associated. I watch True Blood and Frasier. And the Cosby’s of course! Sorry, this is LONG.

First I’ll say the good things, then I’ll rant belligerently.

Janet, you looked amazing. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know that for every pang I feel at a memory of him, you feel it a gillion times over. You were so classy, and your words were brief and to the point. I am praying for you and your family. Beyonce, your voice was beautiful (but the performance was weird. You kinda walked around like a stiff barbie. I know girl, they need to quit with them corsets on you). Ne-yo, you did some amazing performances, and I feel like you have redeemed yourself in my eyes. Maxwell, they could have ended the show with you if it wasn’t for Ms. Janet. Welcome back. Jay-Z, I was pleased to see you perform, however the way that Jamie hyped up what was about to happen, I was a bit disappointed when it was you. I loved it, but  I was really hoping that was going to be MJ Tribute time.

Now. The rant.

I just watched the #BETAwards (Take that you trending topic nazis. A-holes and losers) and I give it a big fat D+. I mean…. Holy ham and cheese. My biggest gripe with the BET Aawards was that they hyped it up to be this major event and the greatest tribute to MJ EVAR!!!! This is the only reason I patronized the award show this year. I am extremely distraught over the passing of Michael Jackson, and I felt deep inside that BET could pull it together quick enough to really pay tribute to Michael. Again, to you defenders….I KNOW BET only had 3 days. I know that the show was already planned and ready to go. But where I come from, that’s called EXCUSES! Either you’re going to do it, or you’re going to pack up your stuff and go home. I wasn’t asking for fireworks and acrobats. Just a GOOD tribute. I saw it tweeted that the show was extended an hour to pay tribute to MJ…. ummmm I must have missed this.

You shortened the nominee listing, extended the show an hour, and the tributes were less than flattering. Ciara singing Heal The World? She’s a bomb dancer, why wasn’t she dancing? Beyonce performed I Can’t Help It last week at her concert in tribute to MJ and KILLED it, why wasn’t she allowed to do that along with Ava Maria? Ne-yo (that’s right, I’m supporting Ne-yo) and Jamie SAVED this show. You would have done better to have the whole crowd do the Thriller dance all together. That way you could have saved yourself all the double and triple and overtime and it would have still been an awesome tribute. You could have put together a 30 minute mini-movie of rare video clips and interviews, some childhood memories, and some of his best songs and videos. At the worst, you could have loaded up YouTube and just played a playlist and let everyone party! If it wasn’t for the last 10 minutes of the show, I would have more than likely started shaking. Playing Michael Jackson songs as you cut to commercial was nice, but such an afterthought. The random stories people told were touching but it seemed like you snatched them up 1 1/2 minutes before they were put in front of the camera. I just felt like you let a lot of MJ fans down. I’ve seen better tributes on youtube. I would have been pleased as a pickle if you just paid someone to read to the audience this man’s blog on the awesomeness of MJ. All those people you wore out, tired themselves in vain. I know some people are saying “well just be glad that they did anything at all! A for effort!” and I get that. But that doesn’t take away my ability to voice my opinion, and I’m not in elementary school so effort needs to actually add up to something. I don’t understand celebrating hard work even if the work sucks. Do I pat a successful bank robber on his back because hey…. he put in hard work? We gotta stop just accepting mediocrity as “it was the best they could do”. I doubt it. OH and let me not get into why on earth Chris Brown did not get to perform? Someone tweeted that Al Sharpton blocked Chris from performing, but he denies that. I don’t know, but what I do know is that if they would have let him do a 20 minute set for MJ, my blood pressure would be at a nice number right now. Don Cornelius beats his wife and is arrested for it more than once, but Chris Brown is still being villainized. I’m saying, at 19 are we showing him that it’ll be 60 years before we can forgive him?

I’ll leave that alone for now.

Without the MJ shout outs (tribute is hard to swallow) the show was not the business. But I knew that it wouldn’t be because I don’t too much care for most of the artists slated to perform. I also disagreed with the nominees, and if it weren’t for having my hopes up about seeing some good MJ loving, I would not have watched it. See I know when to fall back. There were several things I did not understand:

Was BET doing a “Where are they now?” show? I’m not sure if those acts were already slated, or they just came out of the woodworks to see how they could contribute. Someone commented on my Facebook page,

Please blog about how BBD and New Edition looked tired meanwhile The O’jays looked like they just finished Diddy’s Boot camp Making The Band Style.

and I agree. While I actually enjoyed the BBD/Guy/Old school set, I was a little worried they were going to hurt themselves. The O’Jays came out and schooled everybody! Oh and were did they find these people? Tevin Campbell? Keith Sweat? Guy? They did their lil thang though. Good to see Tevin. Next year, I’m signing up to perform.

I know many people love Soulja Boy, but I just can’t embrace that. While “Turn My Swagg On” is catchy, watching him do it live was painful in my side. I hope he’s learning a lesson admist all of this tragedy. I hope we all are.

What on God’s green earth was going on with the Drake performance. If it wasn’t for Twitter, I would not have known that Drake had sprained his ankle. Now everyone who was ready to kill him for not standing up for BBD needs to say a silent apology. LOL I mean I wasn’t mad at him. Even if he wasn’t hurt if he aint like BBD or Guy why would he have to stand up? Either way, who told all them children to get on the stage? I don’t care if Weezy always brings his kids on during a performance, that does not make it okay. It just means someone needs to call Child Protective Servies. I was so embarrased. Yes, let’s have the kids on for “I wish I could F*** every girl in the world.” That’s a good idea. I can tell there was no run-through. Also, Weezy, no one heard a word you said. The whole rap was one big bleep.

Speaking of, Mr. Censor Man. WTF were you doing? Earlier in the show, you were trigger happy and ended bleeping words like “Boa” and “Blame” and “poptarts” and “smiley face”. Then Eddie Levert is on stage like he’s in the Barbershop with his boys and lets one fly and you sleepin on the job. You sir, #failed.

When Taraji P. Henson accepted her award for Best Actress, I was pleased that she won. However, she invoked Yvette and I tweeted that when she was saying “I love you” it sounded more like “I luh you Jody, I luh you!” And I was joking. Then, she came back to present an award, and they reenacted scenes from Baby Boy and I slid off the couch. Ving, WTH were you talking about? “Guns is Michael Jackson?” I mean, no. You got so far into character, not even Taraji could pull you out.

BET this whole thing just seemed rushed because it was. For the most part you didn’t even announce the nominees, the Censor man was trippin, the sound quality was horrible, and it lasted 3 hours and 40 mins for no good reason. I’m not sure what the initial show was supposed to look like, but I’m betting that it was going to be a fail too considering your adjustments were wompity womp womp. Jamie worked his butt off and I hope y’all break him off something extra. I’m so mad at y’all for the Tiny & Toya promos, Frankie & Neffie, The Mo’nique show, and that random game show. My advice to y’all is to gain a social conscience and start over.

I have so much more to say, but we’re nearing 2000 words already and that’s too much like a thesis. Tonight was just full of fail. It was fun, but it was a fail. Twitter was tripping as people got real reckless about the Trending Topics, and people lost friends because they actually liked the show. If you would like to see the performances, you can catch them here.

My Grade…. D+. I wanted my time back until Janet took the stage. I immediately started crying.

My Top Tweets:

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

And many many more. I get it. BET is Black ENTERTAINMENT Televesion. I just think it sucks that it has no desire to uphold a bit of social responsibility for it’s community. Go ahead. Flame away. Just get ready for the comeback. 🙂 *evil laugh*

Celebrating an Icon: Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Man! What a day yesterday! Nothing could have prepared me for the news that the KING OF POP had been called home. It’s funny, but I never in life thought I’d see the day. Given that he is 25 years older than me, I still always thought that Michael Jackson would never die. And I always wondered what that would be like. Well now I know. I think I’m still in shock. Once CNN confirmed it, I just went right to YouTube and tried to relive some of my favorite MJ moments and I’ll post those here for you.




I remember:

  • Being deathly afraid of the Thriller video. I was only a year old when it came out, but I distinctly recall it being played often in my early childhood. Maybe because it was one of the most major videos EVER.
  • Owning the entire Moonwalker movie. Smooth Criminal was like a true story to me. I was seriously worried for Annie. ARE YOU OKAY?!
  • The Remember The Time video that was also like a movie. I learned the entire Egyptian dance thing that he did. And when he turned into dust I was completely amazed.
  • When I found out how they did the extreme lean in the Smooth Criminal video. I think it was because he did it in a live concert. Still requires mad Ab skills son.
  • When Michael did that interview with Oprah at his house. I felt like he was in my living room. I recorded it on VHS, it was like the talk of the school. We were so hyped to even watch it. Here is a clip. The first minute is all I’m trying to show you. It’s hard as heck to find good YouTube videos now that the internet has been taken over by people who are bored.
  • Ohhh and then remember this part!?
  • When Michael did that video with Eddie Murphy. LMAO.. WTH on both of their part. Epic Fail on both parts. LOL
  • The Jackson Family 30th Reunion. I cried while at home jumping up and down at this awesomeness.
  • BILLIE FREAKIN JEAN!! Everyone else SIT DOWN as my girl Jen B says. Just sit. In addition, the first time he ever Moonwalked. I just got chills watching this video. The magnitude of this man is continuing to hit me. WHO DIDN’T SPEND HOURS TRYING TO DO THIS!?
  • The Scream video. They were so ahead of their time and Janet was so fierce. Like this was so amazing. I felt like I was watching my brother and sister.

That’s the thing. I know that I didn’t know Michael personally, but damn if I didn’t feel like we were related. I’ve seen The Jacksons: An American Dream more times that I can count. I remember the lines “She calls, let’s it ring two times, then hangs up!” I remember the scenes. I think I, like most fans, felt like we KNEW this family. We felt like the humble celebrity Michael Jackson was our friend. You can’t tell me that if ever in my life I got a chance to meet him, he wouldn’t have treated me like it was just as much of an honor to meet me as it was to meet him. So I could do all day with this list of memories. I really could, but I’m honestly still in shock. I’ll continue to play out his music, play all of his videos, and just celebrate his life.

PLEASE! CELEBRATE WITH ME! What are some of your favorite videos, songs, memories?

P.S. my angry rant against the people who couldn’t let this man rest before his body went cold is here.

C’mon! This man was amazing from the jump!

Dear Michael Jackson Haters

**You can read my tribute post here.**

That’s right. Y’all done upset me enough to bring out the word that I banned. I never before thought that the word hater was really necessary, but you done brought it out of me. It was the only word I could think that fit. I think it works because “hate” is truly the center of the issue.






I didn’t want this post to detract from my tribute, so I’m doing this separately. Here was the Facebook status I was forced to put up yesterday.

Picture 4

I was shocked that these words even had to be said. Depite the lows the this man had in his life, I cannot believe that people refused to let him rest in death. You tortured him in life, you would think that would be enough. Are you even serious? No matter what things this man has done in his life, I truly do not believe he had a malicious heart. Someone’s Facebook status said

“Now I can safely bring my baby boy into the world without Michael Jackson”

That’s just hateful. I cannot believe someone could be so….heartless (No Kanye) at a time like that. I mean BILLIONS of people in the world are mourning and you just poop on them. Just so you can say something rude like that. Because clearly, if you are half the parent you are hoping to be, Michael Jackson would be the last of your worries concerning bring a child into the world. I hope you look at your neighbor with that level of scrutiny.

I believe that we all have demons that we fight. Michael had his and fought them. I am sure that he made his peace with God long before his passing and I pray that despite the many who tried to tear him down, he was at peace with himself. We forget that this man had his childhood stolen from him. Some people can’t even deal with day to day pressure and people being in your business on Facebook, imagine what it was like to walk in his shoes.

This man IS an icon. There are people acting like he’s the first person to ever be mourned. Ever heard of that place called Graceland? There are people who still think Elvis is alive! If Facebook and Twitter were around when Elvis Presley died, I’m sure we would have gotten an earful. Interesting thing is that Elvis didn’t influence or move nearly as many people. The WORLD is truly mourning. The radio stations and DJ’s have been playing MJ music non-stop and that’s one hell of a playlist. When I think of all the artists that have sampled him, imitated him, and worked with him I realize that music will never be the same. To those of you who think I can’t multitask, yes, I’m still sympathizing with the people of Iran. I am still concerned about the hungry children here and abroad. But am I not allowed to mourn someone that has had a presence in my life for the past 25 years? Can I not be sad that someone who is a direct link between the generation before me and my own has passed? Yesterday I was on the phone with both of my parents when the news hit. We all shared in surprise and anguish. That’s crazy. So to all you out there with hateful spirits, please fight that demon. Let the BILLIONS (I repeat that because it’s funny that you can feel for the pain of others that you don’t know, but ignore the pain of those that you do) of people who are saddened by this news mourn in peace.

Man, I showed some real restraint in this post. I seriously wish I didn’t have to say any of this.