It's official: Today's music aint for us.


I read this article a few days ago and I had to hang my head in shame and find a corner to go SADDOWN in.

They write:

Apparently the BET Awards aired tonight. I wasn’t at all surprised by the number of tweets that showed up on my twitter timeline criticizing today’s music for not being lyrical enough, for being too violent, or otherwise not up to par. To that I say:


If you believe that, most likely you are 25 and above. In fact, you might even be 21 and above. And, if that’s the case, current music is not for you to like. It’s not created for you, and really, it shouldn’t be created by people much older than you. Music has always been driven by young people. Young people are the ones who have hours to spend in their rooms listening to music. They also have parents who give them allowances with which to buy music. Young people have been responsible for almost every major music movement in this country from rock n roll to hip hop.

I guess I really just wasn’t ready to admit that I had jumped the shark myself. I thought I was still young enough to be ooh’d and ahh’d by the latest releases into mainstream music. In all reality I am, but this blogger does make some good points. I can’t say that I follow them word by word, but it gave me something to think about. I think I pointed out in a blog before that raunchy music is not new. People have been singing some pretty wild stuff since back before our grandparent’s time. Minnie Ripperton and other older singers had some songs that might make Trina blush (okay, not THAT bad, but still). However, we all justify that away with “but it was still better, and more complicated that the stuff out today”. Sure, maybe it was, but then again, the music that is out today is catering to a whole new generation of listeners. Not us.

This is a tough pill to swallow. I realize that the musical artists I love and adore are older than me, and may not be in the game much longer (JayZ…..I see you will NEVER lease so this aint about you). What will I do when these artists leave their craft for good? Why can’t I expect a 25 year old artist that grew up with the same good music that I did to actually be talented and produce great music beyond samples and autotunes?

That’s what gilds my lily. I understand that each generation will always have issues with the next, but these days we’re opening the door for talentless hacks to become musicians. With the overuse of Autotunes (even for rappers…who don’t even sing… they speak) and studio trickery, it’s like the C & C Music Factory scandal is actually the norm now. You remember, they had the cute skinny chick as their front woman, with a huge black lady backstage doing the actual soulful singing. I almost don’t see what the point is in going to concerts anymore. What you get is not what you see. But hey, years ago people didn’t think rap was music, but even then rap was a part of the hip hop culture. The MC, plus the DJ, plus the dancers, and the graffiti artist all worked together to create a culture. Rap is becoming separate of any culture and *shrugs* I’m just not ready for that.

I look to MJ as an example. MJ wrote songs about ANY and EVERYTHING. No one cared because it was good. Today, artists sing/rap/grunt about the same things: money, chicks, money, drugs, money, strippers, love, money, loving money, etc. Everythings sounds the same, which is why when a new song comes out and everyone loves it I think, “Well of course you do. Sounds just like the one that played before it!” I’m so out of touch. I just feel like people are becoming sheep to the music. While it may not be made for “my generation” anymore it’s still what’s blasted when “my generation” wants to go out. So if I have to deal with it, I feel like I can complain about it. Can someone tell me the draw to Gucci Mane? I feel like my mother when I say that I can’t understand a word that he says. Is he sincerely mentally challenged? Did he have a stroke or something? Suffering from some type of trauma? Please advise.

So I said that I understand what the blogger above was saying and that I’d take my “over the hill” self somewhere and sit down and shut up about it,  but then I continue to rant. I’m sorry, it comes with being old. You know old people speak their minds without caring about a dang on thing. So if I’m considered old now, then I can rant and rave about everything and you just have to “respect your elders”. LOL

So what do you think? Is music today only for the 20-below crowd? Should us “older cats” just shut up and let Soulja Boy be great? Can we only enjoy artists in and above our age range?


Bad(a**) Rappers Gone Good

You know I was thinking about the state of Hip Hop these days and how much I hate listening to the radio, and a funny thought popped into my head. Who will Soulja Boy be in 10 years? What will Plies’ life look like in 15? Is it possible that Gucci Mane will leave the game alone to become a college professor? Will Lil Wanye coach a professional cheerleading squad in the hopes that his little girls (all of them) will have a shot at dancing on the field as opposed to on the pole?

Looking at them now it would seem impossible to believe that any of these things could happen. However, allow me to make a point really quick.


[nggallery id=5]

I honestly don’t think I have to break it down for y’all but I will, because this is a blog, and that’s what I do. Let’s start at the top, and what I think has been the great change.

Ice Cube.

Cube was a member of the most prolific gangsta rap group of all time. OF ALL TIME. Kanye would have never mustered up the knots (in his skinty jeans) to get up and interrupt NWA while receiving an award. NWA was Straight Outta Compton and had no problem saying Eff the Police. It doesn’t get much more gangsta than that. Plaid flannel shirts, Khakis, and house shoes aside they would stomp yo behind. Fast forward a few years though, and the biggest question we’re left with concerning Ice Cube is “Are We There Yet?” Ice Cube has made a complete 180 and seems to have put down the AK’s and Glocks in favor of a more conservative hobby such as fishing. You can catch Cube in any movie made for children, taking place in a barbershop, or featuring Mike Epps. Some would say he’s gone soft, but I guarantee you he still keeps that heat. When asked in an interview once how he would react if he heard his daughter listening to an NWA album he said he’d take it from her, but tell his son to turn it up. LOL Double Standards.

Ice T.

Yea* Ice “I wanna kill you so bad my d*** is hard (c) New Jack City” T. Ice T may still walk and talk like a bada** but let’s be for real. He’s married to real life barbie doll (I’m pretty sure she’s not human) with a cute lil Mini T. These days the only thing that’s hard about Ice T is that as Detective Tutuola, he has issues with his son. Typical hood drama. He runs the streets of NYC looking for pedophiles by day, while beefing with Soulja Boy by night. His 10-season & counting stint on Law & Order SVU places him on my list of rappers who cleaned up their act.

Snoop Dogg

This may be a harder one as many people may not truly realize how much this man has changed. I know y’all remember when there was so much drama in the LBC and it was really hard being Snoop D-O-double G. These days, Snoop is the Nate Dogg of collaborations and his best friend seems to be Pharrell. His silky smooth voice is no longer being used to intimidate the East Coast for not having love for the West Side and Death Row, but instead he’s got hits like Beautiful, Let’s Get Blowed, and Signs.

Now I love me some Snoop so I aint mad. Signs was my SONG. #imjustsayin. While making fun songs about weed as opposed to gangsta ones, he’s also quite the family man. His reality show gave me life and I tuned in every week. Not to mention his oldest son is cute, and may fit into my cougar plans in a few years. (I truly don’t think that little girl is his *kanyeshrug*)

Master P.

I’m sorry, he goes by Percy Miller these days. This man has been pretty upfront about his operations these past few years as he’s made the shift from a soldier without limits to a businessman with dividends. Master P has taken us on an emotional rollercoaster from the bayous to the boardrooms. From making us say UHHHHHHHHHN to having a show on Disney with his ballin son, I’d say P. Miller could be the poster child for leaving the game behind. Now his focus is making sure his son continues his high dollar education, serving his community, and using his television channel BBTV (Better Black TV) to promote positive images opposite to the ones he historically produced. I aint mad at him. He’s doin the dang thing, and with the likes of Denzel serving as an Executive on his channel, maybe they can at least challenge BET to step their game up. We’ll see.

I think it’s crazy that our kids idolize the “imagery” that today’s rappers portray. They don’t realize that it’s all for entertainment. Like the above entertainers have shown, there comes a point when you have to grow up. I’m sure that when Snoop unrolled that long line of condoms if never occurred to anyone, himself included, that one day he would be a family man training his sons to be star athletes, while treating his daughter like a princess. No one ever imagined that Ice Cube would trade in the guns for shears and family vacations. I can only hope that our “goon” rappers of today will clean up their acts in the same vein, and that those kids that idolize them now, will also idolize those changes and make some in their lives. But seriously, could you imagine Gucci Mane being a professor. What on earth would he teach? LOL

What other rappers have made the shift of Bad turned Good?

Music Monday: Radio Recognizes It's Role in Hop Hop Today


I was listening to the Ricky Smiley morning show the other day on my way to work and I was pleased with the conversation for that segment. I don’t listen often so I don’t know who said what or who is who, but they were discussing the recent comments made by Gladys Knight on Hip Hop music today.

“Well, it’s been good as far as giving young artists an opportunity to get out there. But, it’s been bad, in my opinion, as far as the quality of the music and the stories that they tell. It’s one thing to be raw about your history, but they took it to another level and it became vulgar. It has not elevated our industry musically, and it definitely has not elevated us as African-Americans, because we show disrespect for our partners, men and women. I believe we have lowered our self-esteem with these performances and presentations.”

Now first of all let me say that I agree to a certain extent! Not all hip hop is like this however. Several of the radio hosts agreed as well but it sparked a conversation on what Hip Hop was doing to the minds of young people today. I believe Ricky made the comment that when his children are in the car and strong-language hip hop is playing their entire demeanor is different. Conversely when gospel or anything smoother and milder is playing, they themselves are calmer and more well behaved. Other people agreed to have experience similar effects with their children and even with themselves. I think we all have those playlists that are designed to get us “crunk” or wake us up in the mornings, motivate us, or help us chill out. I know that back in the day my “Crunk” playlists were filled with Lil’ Jon, 8 Ball & MJG, and a slew of other rap artists, so clearly that point is logical. Likewise my “chill” mixes are composed of lots of Blue Six, 4 Hero, Sade, and the like. However, if music has these types of effects on our mature, more developed minds imagine what it’s doing to our children.

Just something for you to chew on.

The other major point they made was that while a lot of Hip Hop is vulgar and ugly today, that’s not the end all be all of the genre. There are PLENTY of great artists out there but they just don’t get the exposure. I was really taken aback that the RADIO station was talking about this when they are the ones that have a lot to with who and what gets played. This began the political conversation of the cycle of music. The radio plays what the people want to hear, but the people want to hear what’s hot on the radio. Which came first?

While I understand that party tracks were always hot, that doesn’t necessarily account for the high amount of ignorance going on today. Even back in the 80’s and early 90’s when Gangsta Rap was really making waves, there was still a story to it. A real one. Now we have Young Joc rapping about a life that he really doesn’t know. Or Plies making the most silliest songs when we KNOW he knows better. I believe that today’s society is used to being fed. Consider it lazy. We eat what you place in front of us. If more meaningful or at least musically intricate artists got more airplay you would see a stronger demand for that. Bump the people that say “no one wants to hear good lyrics anymore” they have their own agenda. It’s cheaper and easier to put out a track that took 10 minutes to engineer than to put out one that had actual hard work go into it. Those are the same people that took the news off of BET because “Black people don’t care about the news.”

Listening to the radio personalities pretty much say these things was refreshing yet disgusting at the same time. They pretty much admitted to being the perpetrators of bad music today and the reason the face of Hip Hop is looking more and more twisted, yet they were also unwilling to do a darn thing to change it. Again, I realize this is all a game of politics. The heads of these businesses only see the bottom line, not the social responsibility involved, but that to me takes us back to greed. Instead of setting up our own shops and doing our own thing including what’s best for our people, we need the money of the “big men on top” and we play by their rules. Now I know many people feel like it is not their job to babysit and raise other people’s children. I agree, but I personally have a heart of service and responsibility to my community. The same community that keeps our media outlets running to begin with.

Funny thing though, this morning I was listening to the radio again just to see what was going on and a Gucci Man song came on. I thought “Oh this beat is catchy” and I almost thought that I could like the song simply because there was no way I could actually make out what he was saying. LOL Like seriously, he could have been talking about chopping up babies and sending them to China for all I know, but in my mind he was discussing Health Care Reform and the national debt.

All I’m saying is we need to start holding each other accountable. Let our media outlets know that we don’t want the BS anymore, and maybe we can get the message across to them and the artists. I’m all for fun tracks, but you don’t have to reduce every woman down to a hoe you can do drugs off of. Let’s do better.

Music to my ears? Rarely

Remember this?

*dances around*

I used to wake up on Saturdays to the sounds of Al Green or Luther or Tina Turner and the smell of Pine Sol. Those memories about have me in tears. My mom would blast that good music while cleaning the house. I’d get up and meet her in the kitchen, dance around with her and then eat me some good cereal before my cartoons started up.

Now, this is what is supposed to wake me up.

I’m not going to use this time to talk about my love/hate relationship with S Beezy and all ATL music. I’m just using that song as an example of how things have changed and how sad it makes me.

The state of maintstream music (i’ll just say Black Music.. because Coldplay, Oasis, most European groups, etc, still have my heart) today makes me really sad and makes me feel old. I’m too young to have abandoned the radio and the clubs. I’m too young to be out of the loop with the newest sounds, dances, and music related trends. I work at a bar on the weekends, so I’m often exposed to it unwillingly and it’s always a shock to my senses. Hip Hop today is all about the beats. Lyrically it sounds worse than a small 3 y/o trying to string together sentences to let their parents know they just pooped a big one. It’s a mess to say the least. Hip Hop has always been about the sound, but it was just one element. The DJ handled his/her part, the MC did his/her thing, the Grafitti artist was tagging in the background, and the dancer was body rockin. Today, Casio and Autotunes rules the record and the “MC” is saaaaaaaaaannnngggin like thissssssss “yeeaaaaaa gettin monnnnnnanaaaayyy ooooooohhhhhhhh” WTHeck!? Not to mention the dances these days. Stankey Leg? Swag Surfin? Superman/Batman/Spiderman/Juwannaman/I’m not really a man- A Hoe? Crank Dat Anything-you-can-think-of-in-30-seconds?


Let me go back and say that I understand that it’s what the kids are doing these days. I get it. However the music of today doesn’t do anything to contribute to the art. Souljaboy is young, I understand that, and he needs plenty of guidance. However his lyrics should have never come within 1000 miles of network television. I would never be okay with my children listening to his music. And if they decided to do so behind my back, I hope to have the instilled enough fear into them that they better not hum a tune, or even think to emulate him.

And I know I am good for using a man’s taste in music as a measure of attraction. Don’t think I’m going out with you if when you come to get me “Becky” is playing. I will hop my still single booty right up out the car.


What’s really going on? I almost can’t take it, and it’s turning this 24 y/o into a serious homebody! But before I get beside myself and forget where I’m from. I give you a lil bit of my homestate flavor and when I’m home in FL you will see me hit it.

The Wu-Tang (the song is I just wanna f*** FL twist on B-more style)

Bean Ahhh (my fave)

But some of my fave artists I listen to that are mostly underground are: Slum Village, anything touched by J Dilla (RIP), Tribe, Older Kanye, Drake, Erykah Badu, Dwele, Eric Roberson, Viktor Duplaix, Amel Larrieux, Koop, The Cinematic Orchestra, Joe Budden, Common, 88-Keys, The Roots, Pharrell!, N.E.R.D., The Lady Jill Scott, Foreign Exchange, Old Little Brother, Daedelus, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Aya, Wale, Jaspects and the list goes on and on! It sucks that a majority of my music wasn’t put out in the past 2 years. What’s good about it is that it is classic.

What y’all listenin to?

Celebrating an Icon: Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Man! What a day yesterday! Nothing could have prepared me for the news that the KING OF POP had been called home. It’s funny, but I never in life thought I’d see the day. Given that he is 25 years older than me, I still always thought that Michael Jackson would never die. And I always wondered what that would be like. Well now I know. I think I’m still in shock. Once CNN confirmed it, I just went right to YouTube and tried to relive some of my favorite MJ moments and I’ll post those here for you.




I remember:

  • Being deathly afraid of the Thriller video. I was only a year old when it came out, but I distinctly recall it being played often in my early childhood. Maybe because it was one of the most major videos EVER.
  • Owning the entire Moonwalker movie. Smooth Criminal was like a true story to me. I was seriously worried for Annie. ARE YOU OKAY?!
  • The Remember The Time video that was also like a movie. I learned the entire Egyptian dance thing that he did. And when he turned into dust I was completely amazed.
  • When I found out how they did the extreme lean in the Smooth Criminal video. I think it was because he did it in a live concert. Still requires mad Ab skills son.
  • When Michael did that interview with Oprah at his house. I felt like he was in my living room. I recorded it on VHS, it was like the talk of the school. We were so hyped to even watch it. Here is a clip. The first minute is all I’m trying to show you. It’s hard as heck to find good YouTube videos now that the internet has been taken over by people who are bored.
  • Ohhh and then remember this part!?
  • When Michael did that video with Eddie Murphy. LMAO.. WTH on both of their part. Epic Fail on both parts. LOL
  • The Jackson Family 30th Reunion. I cried while at home jumping up and down at this awesomeness.
  • BILLIE FREAKIN JEAN!! Everyone else SIT DOWN as my girl Jen B says. Just sit. In addition, the first time he ever Moonwalked. I just got chills watching this video. The magnitude of this man is continuing to hit me. WHO DIDN’T SPEND HOURS TRYING TO DO THIS!?
  • The Scream video. They were so ahead of their time and Janet was so fierce. Like this was so amazing. I felt like I was watching my brother and sister.

That’s the thing. I know that I didn’t know Michael personally, but damn if I didn’t feel like we were related. I’ve seen The Jacksons: An American Dream more times that I can count. I remember the lines “She calls, let’s it ring two times, then hangs up!” I remember the scenes. I think I, like most fans, felt like we KNEW this family. We felt like the humble celebrity Michael Jackson was our friend. You can’t tell me that if ever in my life I got a chance to meet him, he wouldn’t have treated me like it was just as much of an honor to meet me as it was to meet him. So I could do all day with this list of memories. I really could, but I’m honestly still in shock. I’ll continue to play out his music, play all of his videos, and just celebrate his life.

PLEASE! CELEBRATE WITH ME! What are some of your favorite videos, songs, memories?

P.S. my angry rant against the people who couldn’t let this man rest before his body went cold is here.

C’mon! This man was amazing from the jump!

Everything's Lame

I am so excited and so extremely happy to do a blog on this dude. I’m so excited that I don’t even know if I’m able to get started.

*deep breath*

Okay I’m ready. This will probably be a jumble of thoughts, because I am that excited.

I graduated from one of the best institutions ever know to the educated man ohh… about 3 years ago. Yes. I am old and it sucks. After I graduated and left my legacy on said institution I began to hear a buzz about this dude with a funny name that rapped. Now once again I will assert that I am sort of a music snob. I will not cosign or purchase or allow to be on my itunes anything that I deem to be pitiful, f**kery, or just plain wack. Most of my artists are still in the underground circuit and sometimes I feel a little sad when they make it big because then everyone fights for the right to say they are the coolest for listening to “So and So”. I love all genres of music which is why what I am about to share with you is so awesome. I went off on a tangent there, but I’m going to bring it back.

So this guy, I’m told his name is Rufat. Again, I am skeptical because what does some guy named Rufat, who is a college freshman at the time, know about hip hop? I ask, “Where is he from?” People respond, “Man I don’t know” or “some country overseas” I only had one friend who was able to say “Azerbaijan” and I believe it had a lot to do with his own familiarity with the area. 🙂 However, since my Asian geography was a little off I was like “a what who? Like Borat?” LOL I knew it was a joke.

I am deeply saddened to say because I didn’t take him seriously, I am pretty late on his awesomeness. Recently we became Facebok friends because it’s always a good idea to continuously expand your network especially when you have a good product. Through stalkerbook’s news feed option I noticed that he had a mixtape coming out and all of our mutal friends were promoting it hard, titled Everything’s Lame. Clearly I AM lame because I still paid no close attention to it. One day I jumped online to see that Mr. Rufat had posted his mixtape on my wall, and I was almost offended. How dare he push this on me? I had vowed that when it sucked, I was going to leave a scathing review of it right on his wall. But, alas, I gave it a good hard listen and I loved it!

Before I give my full review, let me give you some personal words right off the man’s Facebook Page out the man’s mouth:

I follow no man except Jesus. Im diverse and Light Hearted. I love Art, God, Music, Fashion, Shoes, and Rebelling againist the mind control. Hop on my spaceship, where we don’t view the stars, we are the stars. Take the journey called “Rufat”, cuz I am a Trip (literally). I joke around 97% of the time because life is harsh and stupid people are those who actually think I’m serious. Jesus is who I strive to be like. The bible never talks about Jesus laughing, Why? because he prolly did it so much they felt there was no need to write about it. By the time life is over, all I want to hear is WELL DONE.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now on to the music.

Everything’s Lame (click the title to go to the mixtape’s download site) is any music lover’s breath of fresh air. It is like traveling through a spectrum of all great musical tastes and captures the essence of a lot of great artists through Rufat’s eyes. He takes beats and styles that we all know and love but makes them his own with his particular unique flavor.

The Intro to Lame is pure genius with the voice of Stewie coming through your speakers to introduce the concept, the sarcasm is priceless. His equation to explain how everything really is “Lame” is pure lyrical wordsmith geniusness and is very remniscent of the interlude on the Love Below with Fonzworth Bently, Good Day Good Sir. I think I’m on the right track with that being that the next song, the title track, is sampling Fonzworth’s debut song “Everybody”.

It goes from hard hitting to the perfect club banger with the song “Can’t Deny”. Even though he uses the banned word swag, it’s still a bumping song. LOL. I’d dance hard to it in the club. It’s got that Europop electric feel (more on that later) to it and I love it.

Can’t Deny [audio:Can't Deny.mp3]

Everything’s Lame is a melting pot of genres and flavors and probably speaks to Rufat’s background. Native to another country, here in America, and a lover of Hip Hop. By default he himself is a melting pot of different flavors and I’m sure that’s influenced him greatly. From “Wait for It” that samples Erykah Badu’s Soldier, to Electric Feel that samples the original of the same name by MGMT. I can’t even lie, when I heard the beat drop to Electric Feel I did the typical Hip Hop exclamaition “ohhhhhh snap!” (That’s not typical? No? I thought it was.) At this point, I was beyond impressed.

Electric Feel [audio:Electric Feel.mp3]

I can’t say enough. It’s an amazing mixtape. I love the hype songs, the straight up “hard” anthems, and the chill and laid back vibes. From politically charged rhymes to songs about computer lovin’, lyrically I love his flow. At first I was having a hard time feeling out his cadence, but I realized that he adapted it to whichever sound he was going for and I appreciate that. He’s creative and able to actually talk about something. He’s not a conscious rapper, but he’s definitely real Hip Hop. It’s great to see someone of our generation and age taking it back to good real music. Like Drake I truly believe he is right on time. I’m not trying to be a bandwagoner, but I just want to do what I can to try and get the home team some more love.

Please please go check out the mixtape and show him some love. Go to his myspace page, leave him comments here on the blog, SHOW HIM LOVE.

When it comes to this mixtape, I barely broke the surface on it, but I just hope that I wet your pallete a bit. Below are two more songs, one that just gives a deeper look into the man behind the music, and the other I just love. 🙂 Check it out, spread love!

Closer Look Ft. DJ AcroJam [audio:Closer Look Ft. DJ AcroJam.mp3]

PC Love [audio:PC Love.mp3]


When Artists Turn To Crack

This morning on my way to work I was listening to an old Amy Winehouse CD of mine and I was just rocking out. I mean it was Me & Mr. Jones going hard in the car. As the song wound down I was thinking to myself “I wonder how the ole Brit is doing these days?” Then I remembered that I actually didn’t care. (I do) But more importantly, it made me sad because I realized that I’ll probably never hear another great Amy Winehouse album ever again.

The sadness deepened when I realized that several other Artists will never be great again thanks to that “White Girl.” (no offense to actual White Girls) Well there are a number of drugs that these artists cling to and in some cases, maybe the drugs actually made them great before they started killing their bodies off. Amy Winehouse is a great example.

So let’s take a look at some artists whose careers have been affected some way or another by the Killa that is drugs.

Whitney Houston:


God Bless her. I mean she was like America’s Black Sweetheart before Rihanna and before RiRi gave up that title to do Lifetime Specials. I hope beyond hope that Whit can Mary J. the game and recover to be awesome once again, but I seriously doubt she can hit those notes in “I Will Always Love You” ever again.



I think this one may be the most painful. What a waste of a beautiful body and voice. Here’s the thing. I think he could be great again pure talent wise, he just has to put down the pipe long enough to focus. I keep hearing about a comeback like every year. What’s really going on?

K-Ci & JoJo:

I almost hate to put them in the *great* category, but in their day you couldn’t name me a black wedding that didn’t play All My Life. Back when R&B was actually sweet, they had the game on lock. Plus everyone loved Jodeci, so for that they get love. I pray they get some help. In the above video, the commentary of the people recording is hilarious.

Lil Weezy:

(Not actually him the video, but hilariously accurate) He aint on crack… at least I don’t think so… who knows? However he is on that purple drank and to be honest, I’m not sure if it makes him great or makes him incoherently horrible. I just know that despite it all I’m a fan. (Except if he truly did impregnate Lauren London) I like him better when he’s coherent, but who didn’t like the song “Can’t Believe It” in which he basically mumbled the entire song.

Rick James (R.I.P)

I mean he said it himself. “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”

Mary J. Blige:


She is the true black sheep of it all. She WAS on drugs, fought through it, put out some BANGING albums because of it, and now she’s just fine fine fine fine fine fine WOOO! I hate to be the one person in the world, but I am not the biggest Mary fan. I loved her more darker albums, but I’m glad that she’s no longer in the same place and therefore can’t make that same music. But I’m just not a fan of the happy club joints. But I sure am a fan of her Testimony!!

So who else has either gotten worse or better or we’re still not sure yet because of drugs?