JG* Runs Atlanta. Live from the Field

So  I know you guys have seen the videos of me before the workout, after the workout, in the gym but not working out (ahem), well here is one from off the route. It’s funny. My trainer did a 3 minute running/2 minute walking thing with me, and I shot this short film, during a walking period. I did much better last night in that I was much more consistent. I’m getting my breathing down better, but the burning calves thing is still a major problem. 

Enjoy my foolery!




Hell Hath no fury. Day 2

Hell hath no fury than a Trainer on a mission. 

Here is the video I took after my second 3.1 mile run. It was painful, and I couldn’t move. I look a mess of course, but that’s all part of the pain. More video blogs to come, and please believe we’ll get some live action shots as well. 



J “Sorer than all get out” G*

I hate my trainer. Day 1

*Now that things have calmed down a bit. We resume business as usual! 🙂 This was to be Monday’s post.*


I told my trainer that I wanted to get a move on with my training. I’m not sure where he thought I was in my fitness, but somehow he thought I was in some sort of shape. I am. Round. I met up with him and we walked to the park and I was excited. Until he told me that we were going to do one mile at a pace I could handle, rest, then go 1 mile all out, then another mile to cool down. 

I’m sorry. 



The look of hate










I thought we were going to ease in. Like maybe walk half of a mile. Talk about life. No. He really made me do 3 miles. What was he thinking. He had a plan though. 


Weapon of mass destruction

Weapon of mass destruction










This was his way to get me to move. Do you see that thing? It’s a snake. A big huge nasty beast of a thing. I couldn’t deal with it. 

Needless to say, we ran 3.1 miles. Well he ran. I jogged (or walked with my knees bent quickly) and walked some. But I did it. It was cold, and I didn’t quit. I think it may have taken us 50 minutes. Better than nothing right?


Let’s see if President Obama’s call to change is enough to inspire me to continue running. LOL IT HURTS! 


J “Forest Gump” G*