Music Monday: Radio Recognizes It's Role in Hop Hop Today


I was listening to the Ricky Smiley morning show the other day on my way to work and I was pleased with the conversation for that segment. I don’t listen often so I don’t know who said what or who is who, but they were discussing the recent comments made by Gladys Knight on Hip Hop music today.

“Well, it’s been good as far as giving young artists an opportunity to get out there. But, it’s been bad, in my opinion, as far as the quality of the music and the stories that they tell. It’s one thing to be raw about your history, but they took it to another level and it became vulgar. It has not elevated our industry musically, and it definitely has not elevated us as African-Americans, because we show disrespect for our partners, men and women. I believe we have lowered our self-esteem with these performances and presentations.”

Now first of all let me say that I agree to a certain extent! Not all hip hop is like this however. Several of the radio hosts agreed as well but it sparked a conversation on what Hip Hop was doing to the minds of young people today. I believe Ricky made the comment that when his children are in the car and strong-language hip hop is playing their entire demeanor is different. Conversely when gospel or anything smoother and milder is playing, they themselves are calmer and more well behaved. Other people agreed to have experience similar effects with their children and even with themselves. I think we all have those playlists that are designed to get us “crunk” or wake us up in the mornings, motivate us, or help us chill out. I know that back in the day my “Crunk” playlists were filled with Lil’ Jon, 8 Ball & MJG, and a slew of other rap artists, so clearly that point is logical. Likewise my “chill” mixes are composed of lots of Blue Six, 4 Hero, Sade, and the like. However, if music has these types of effects on our mature, more developed minds imagine what it’s doing to our children.

Just something for you to chew on.

The other major point they made was that while a lot of Hip Hop is vulgar and ugly today, that’s not the end all be all of the genre. There are PLENTY of great artists out there but they just don’t get the exposure. I was really taken aback that the RADIO station was talking about this when they are the ones that have a lot to with who and what gets played. This began the political conversation of the cycle of music. The radio plays what the people want to hear, but the people want to hear what’s hot on the radio. Which came first?

While I understand that party tracks were always hot, that doesn’t necessarily account for the high amount of ignorance going on today. Even back in the 80’s and early 90’s when Gangsta Rap was really making waves, there was still a story to it. A real one. Now we have Young Joc rapping about a life that he really doesn’t know. Or Plies making the most silliest songs when we KNOW he knows better. I believe that today’s society is used to being fed. Consider it lazy. We eat what you place in front of us. If more meaningful or at least musically intricate artists got more airplay you would see a stronger demand for that. Bump the people that say “no one wants to hear good lyrics anymore” they have their own agenda. It’s cheaper and easier to put out a track that took 10 minutes to engineer than to put out one that had actual hard work go into it. Those are the same people that took the news off of BET because “Black people don’t care about the news.”

Listening to the radio personalities pretty much say these things was refreshing yet disgusting at the same time. They pretty much admitted to being the perpetrators of bad music today and the reason the face of Hip Hop is looking more and more twisted, yet they were also unwilling to do a darn thing to change it. Again, I realize this is all a game of politics. The heads of these businesses only see the bottom line, not the social responsibility involved, but that to me takes us back to greed. Instead of setting up our own shops and doing our own thing including what’s best for our people, we need the money of the “big men on top” and we play by their rules. Now I know many people feel like it is not their job to babysit and raise other people’s children. I agree, but I personally have a heart of service and responsibility to my community. The same community that keeps our media outlets running to begin with.

Funny thing though, this morning I was listening to the radio again just to see what was going on and a Gucci Man song came on. I thought “Oh this beat is catchy” and I almost thought that I could like the song simply because there was no way I could actually make out what he was saying. LOL Like seriously, he could have been talking about chopping up babies and sending them to China for all I know, but in my mind he was discussing Health Care Reform and the national debt.

All I’m saying is we need to start holding each other accountable. Let our media outlets know that we don’t want the BS anymore, and maybe we can get the message across to them and the artists. I’m all for fun tracks, but you don’t have to reduce every woman down to a hoe you can do drugs off of. Let’s do better.


Is Plies really THAT bad?

Anyone who knows me is probably gasping and clutching their chests at the title of today’s blog post. I’m sure if they were in the process of drinking anything tasty, their computer screens, phones, or whatever is now covered in it. Well to put to rest any fears that I’ve done gone and switched to the dark side, let me answer that question. YES.

Plies is pretty bad.

Plies latest contribution to musical murder is the song Becky. Now it’s not completely new but whereas I used to refer to extremely ditsy women of the melanin-challenged persuasion as Becky’s (and one of my blogger alter egos is actually Becky The Black Blogger) I am no longer able to. Any utterance of the word Becky is now met with some random grunt in the affirmative or some sly grin followed by an attempt at a high five. I’ll give you an example:

Me: Yea* so there was this Becky at the gym last night and..


Me: Stop. Just stop it. Anyways, she was grunting all Venus & Serena like and…

Them: BECKY LIVES!!!!! (Or #BeckyLives for my Tweeps)

Me: *pulls out gun and ends it all*

Right I mean I get it. Men love fellatio. They really really love it. *shrugs* Whatever rocks your boat, I don’t care.  However, when I admit my disgust at this song many men challenge me that it’s not that bad, and in reality Plies is only saying what most men are thinking. *Blink….Blink…* Additionally, I even had one man tell me that Plies is saying what most women want to hear as well. (Where are these wretched “ladies”!?)

I beg to differ.

Real men and women do not think and talk in this manner. If they do, I would more than likely say they are more accurately boys and girls. I honestly, don’t want to have such vile words on my blog, but I just have to post the lyrics to this mess. (Any inaccuracies and spelling errors are the fault of the website).

I’m on this liquor oh so heavy fo we fuck can you neck me. A little head and I am ready I want yo mouth give me that Becky
Keep that pussy I want yo throat front that head fo you go.Wet yo mouth fo you blow, must get Becky fo I bo. You Mz.Becky? Let me know licky licky I love that bro. Head nigga thatz fosho umma lock yo jaws fo I go.
Like pussy love head will pay I got that bread, open yo mouth fo you open yo legs. Man down I am dead. Suck no dick,can’t get in my bed, heard me right thatz what I said. Drop that spit right on that head squeeze that meat and hit that head. ( Chorus)
Tired of pussy I’m retired. Aint fucking her! got too many miles. will put poll rite in her mouth. babbit pussy aint my style fly head make me smile. put this mayonnaise on yo child. gotta be grown to fuck with plies. the longer you suck the longer I wow.
Just got Becky I can’t move I love Becky yes I do. I get Becky I am glued, give me Becky I’ll do you. you don’t do Becky Bye Bye Boo. I love Becky like my jewels. You don’t like Becky you a fool, oughta put Becky on the news. Becky Becky she so cool, i don’t get Becky I can’t sleep I need Becky Fo I beat. Becky Becky marry me.

What? For real? Now I’m not saying that every guy I know is a perfect gentleman but I refuse to believe that in their minds they are looking at their girlfriends (or whatever sexual encounter person) thinking such disgusting things. I do not understand where men get off degrading women in such a way. How is this fulfilling? If you’re having casual sex with a woman please don’t forget that she’s also having casual sex with you. Treating her as a simple whore means that you are one too. I’m not even going to get into the the whole “white women do what black women won’t” issue. But if I were a white woman I’d be like “seriously! WTHarmonicas!?” Like I said, you like oral sex, great! But there HAS to be a better way to say, “Pardon me darling. I know you wish to have intercourse, but in all honesty and excuse me for being frank, I would just prefer some good old fashioned fellatio. It’s just that you do it so well that I’d actually like to offer a proposal of marriage.” See.. I just did it. LOL

And if you are sexing down a female with “too many miles” and that bothers you to the point that you would rather only allow her to orally adorn you, then all I can say to that is… Kill Yo’ Self.

I digress.

But is it true? Are there people out there that I would typically respect in daily life that actually THINK this way, but are just afraid to say it? Now I unfortunately have friends who enjoy this song, but I refuse to believe that this how they would prefer to talk to women. My biggest issue with Plies is that he’s smart. He knows that ignorance sells and he turns his ignorance WAY up. Most people by this point know that he’s a great actor and his persona is just a front, but surprisingly, no one cares. People still love the illusion. At the end of the day it’s almost as if Plies is mocking his listeners. It’s like he’s thinking, “Even *I* don’t believe this crap I’m spitting, but you dumb goons just eat it up while I make millions. This is great!”

Let me apologize again, I don’t mean to call the Plies fans dumb goons actually I really do, because like I said, I happen to know a few and love them dearly. Yet and still they KNOW not to come at me with this Plies b/s. I think I would be slightly less mad at him if he just really didn’t know any better. But he does. Therefore I will add him to the list of musicians that I’m rallying the Secret Order To Bring Back Good Music to kidnap.

This cannot continue. Who’s with me!?

I have officially seen the entire Internet

Seriously…. I have seen it all. I have reached the end. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. What is wrong with the world?

I feel like I need to do something to get my childhood back. I won’t waste too much of my time ranting and railing (although you can read my brief thoughts here from our FXP Roundtable) but I will ask this: When will we (including myself for even posting this) tell this fool to SIT DOWN? There needs to be a Southern Sambo StepinFetchIt Round Up where we gather all of them up and either shoot to kill, or attempt to educate.

This is that ignorant shit you like
Nigga, fuck, shit, ass, bitch, trick, plus ice
C’mon, I got that ignorant shit you love
Nigga, fuck, shit, maricon, puta, and drugs
C’mon, I got that ignorant shit you need
Nigga, fuck, shit, ass, bitch, trick plus weed
I’m only trying to give you what you want
Nigga, fuck, shit, ass, bitch, you like it don’t front”

– Jay-Z