day #10

and i’m pretty sure that i’ll never do this again… 

my body is trying to detox and i’m not letting it do a good job. well, i was up until last nite. but i’ve been sick since i started this whole raw thing and things are almost starting to look on the up and up. 

in the past week, i’ve managed to lose 7lbs and my skin looks horrible right now. it’s detoxing and this is a rough process. but on the flip side, my insides are quite happy. i’m forced to drink way more water to curb the hunger. but i need to be incorporating some more green leafy veggies to help with my iron deficiency. i’ve always been anemic but now it’s way worse. my blood was denied after i was recruited to donate. *sigh*

i’m having cravings badly. like yesterday i was craving an asian morningstar veggie pattie with muenster cheese and fake bacon topped with lettuce, tomato, and horseraddish mustard. the day before that the things i would have done for a turkey hot dog with sauerkraut and some spicy mustard… but nonetheless, i haven’t had any of those…

i’m still working on diversifying my meals. for dinner i’ve been eating apple slices with peanut butter because that seems to fill me up and my lunchs are filled with salads. i’ve been drinking lots of juices and things too… ardens garden are always my favorite but i really loved the purple carrot juice i mentioned a couple days ago too. 

next weeks big task? incorporating my workouts. i think that will aid in this awkward detox phase i’m in. 


“hungryily yours” ladebelle


day 2 being raw

i don’t know how much yesterday or today will count because i’m still sick…

last night during one of the few hours i was awake, i went to the store and grabbed $50 worth of fruits, veggies, and juice. as i was telling ainz today, this 40 days isn’t the hugest deal for me except that i love to cook. i’m already a vegetarian so this isn’t so far from it right? well, we’ll revisit this question again on day 30.

so today i slept through breakfast but for lunch i had a salad with cucumbers and naturally fresh’s ginger salad dressing. this is like that salad dressing that they serve at the japanese restaurants. i could eat it straight out the jar it’s so good! i also had a naval orange and am currently sipping on some bolthouse purple carrot juice.

purple carrot juice? well i looked at it funny when i first put it in the cart too but i figured theres only a select couple of things i’m eating so let me not be finicky. apparently what they’ve done here is feed the carrots beets, pomegrantes, and some other purple stuff to make them turn this color but the taste is absolutely superb!

tonite is sav’s birthday so who knows what i’ll be eating… going back to sleep now because i’m still feeling awful (not as awful as yesterday tho).


“the official veg head” ladebelle

my first day raw

and i’m sick… 

i feel like i’m getting the flu and that’s no good… my mere existance in the world is in pain. 

with that being said, it’s not too hard to guess what i’m eating (or not eating) today… 

lots of water and orange juice… sounds like i’m kicking off my lent wonderfully!

Ladebelle Eats Raw!

i grew up as a roman catholic in ny and we have always celebrated lent. although i’m not a practicing catholic, i still make the annual sacrifice for 40 days.

this year i’m giving up cooked food. what does this mean right?

this means that ladebelle will not be consuming foods that have been cooked at a temperature of 98 and above.

why raw?

well, i’m already a vegetarian and during this time of sacrifice, i would also like to work on my discipline with things that are hard for me. see, i love to cook and this will be a challenge for me. i’m worth it and so is God. plus, going raw is great for your body!

so why make the announcement here?

well, i’ll be documenting my challenges, recipes, and things of that nature here so while you are on your on quests for optimal health and fitness, you’ll have even more information!


“the official veggie head” ladebelle