Stop. Celebrity. Worship


Please! Celebrity Worship Syndrome. It’s not good for you.

I just can’t take it anymore. We can discuss celebrities without the worship. It’s to the point now where anyone with over 2,000 followers on twitter thinks they are a celebrity and deserve shout outs in the club and a platter of free wings. No Bueno! Although I’ll take them free wangs. Lemon Pepper please.

An-tee-ways. I’m tired of hearing about every little thing concerning so and so or who cares. Well, it’s not so much hearing about it as it is how everyone blows things way out of proportion. I am of the camp that celebs need not talk about their private lives AT ALL. Just because the media is a lynch mob and pesters the hell out of them does not mean they have to oblige. Whether it’s good or bad. We make these people role model when outside of what they do professionally we probably wouldn’t let them pay us to take care of a loved one. Does that make sense?

For the above reason, I don’t see why we continuously ask celebrities to “speak out” on certain causes and issues all the time. I understand we do it for the fundraising or the awareness, but that stops working when said Celeb does something that the rest of humanity does but that we expect them not to. They are not Popes people.

Examples of Celeb Worship Gone Wrong:

  • Rihanna felt the need to come out and speak on the DV situation between her and Chris Brown. Like I said, I believe private lives should be private no matter who you are, but whatever. She said she knows that she’s a voice for young girls and she had to speak out so that someone in her position could get out. I applaud. However, the next week she’s in an interview in which she says if a girl doesn’t send her boyfriend naked pictures then she feels bad for him. Basically encouraging those young women she wants to save to participate in the same activities. Nevermind that they don’t have PR Teams, Lawyers, or millions in the bank should the same exposure happen to them. Now, I’m not saying a few fun pictures back and forth is a bad thing (plus no one cares about my opinion) but that’s child pornography for most of her fan base, and chances are higher that the pics will make their way around the school. Stop the worship.
  • Recently word got out that Pleasure P of the uber-famous boy group Pretty Ricky (/sarcasm) could quite possibly be a convicted child molester. Hmmmm. While I never found his music to be all that great (never heard his solo stuff, just Pretty Ricky’s) I could tell from his twitter following and myspace groupies that most of his fans are tiny-aged. So you have young boys bumping and grinding against pillows on youtube to homeboy and young girls frothing at the mouths and talking about Boyfriend #2. That’s a problem when you consider that this guy is probably really really sick and should be behind bars still. Worship…stop. Please.
  • Then you have the First Church of Tiger Woods (shout out to @SDotWalton) that is pretty much a cult full of strange people that don’t leave the house much. They have since disbanded because *gasp* Tiger did something that millions of people in the world do every day! While what he did was triflin’ I think for these crazies they may need to look at the bigger picture. #stopcelebrityworshipshrug

I could create a list that would span the entire equator of all the dumb things that celebrities do. Clearly that’s why this blog isn’t as popular as millions of others. I don’t particularly tackle celebrity gossip which is what the millions want to read. Last night Dwight Eubanks (sp?) from RHOA (a show I don’t watch) came into my job. I was bitched at for not knowing who that plastic looking man was. After being told who he was real proper like, I remember that I wrote a blog featuring him concerning Gay men who marry women and I wanted to laugh. Child Boo. Bye.

Here’s how it works, we let celebs stick to what they are good at (i.e. acting, singing, sports, WHATEVER) and we go about life without having to read their every dumb moment on Twitter, paying extra to get in the club just because they will be walking through it, and seeing their every downfall interrupt our favorite show that they happen to not be on. That’s all I’m saying.

If you or someone you know is addicted to celebrity gossip and their every move, there is help. Call 1-800-stopthemadness and we’ll get you or your friend locked away in a padded room for life. iKid!


Celebrities Are The New Circus Freaks


And I can’t stand them.

These days with Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, and a news media that’s pretty much a joke, celebrities have pretty much proven themselves to simply be lame people with lots of money. Many of them don’t actually have any talent, they probably just either knew someone out of a diminishing group of people that still have talent, or they are in the genre of talentless hacks that for some reason has become cool these days. With all of the gossip blogs, television shows, and reality shows that pretty much show celebrities acting a fool, looking a fool, or making fun of them for being fools, it’s as if we prefer making fun of them versus being entertained by them. They are the new circus freaks.

That doesn’t seem like fun.

Celebrities are way overexposed. Even D-list celebrities are overexposed. How did THAT happen? What happened to the days when I’d only have to be bothered with your face by paying to see your movie or concert? Or when the only time I’d see you was in a video? Now I know your dog’s name, your favorite color, your favorite drug, and what your private parts look like. That’s way outside your area of expertise.

This is all our (well really you people that idolize celebs) fault.

We put celebrities up on a pedestal and beg to know more. We buy the gossip magazines, and we watch “Access Hollywood” and crap like that waiting for the next bomb to drop. We watch train wrecks like Real Housewifes of Who Cares, and we line up to get a glimpse of the newest baby of whatever celebrity that has nothing to do with your life. I’m really sick of it. I mean I can ignore these things, but do you know how hard it is to go out of my way to ignore all things celebrity related? I have to not watch T.V., stop tweeting, ignore the internet, and move to a remote island off the coast of Antarctica. Do you know how cold it is up there?

But the reason I’m so bothered is because all of this attention leads to stupid publicity stunts. Case in point, Rihanna. I find it all too convenient that she has chosen to BREAK HER SILENCE OMG RIHANNA SPEAKS! GET THE INSIDE SCOOP! PICTURES INSIDE! at the same time that her newest singles are dropping, and I’m guessing she has an album coming out soon. Look, I only saw bits and pieces of what she had to say, and I’m sure her speaking out will help some girl who looks up to her that’s in an abusive situation. However, I can’t help but feel like this is NOT part of her healing, and ultimately she cares far less bout the welfare of her fans than they do about her welfare. Of course I have no way of knowing this, but I bet you that she could have spoken out about this well before her new hairstyle and all of the many video shoots. While I’m sure healing takes some time and she’s a role model and she needed to talk about it (I guess), the timing just don’t seem right to me. I’m not trying to hate on the girl (since you guys still continue to use such a stupid phrase) but I’m just not buying the hype, and certainly not the album.

Stop being sheep. Between February and now Rihanna could have BROKEN HER SILENCE! DON’T MISS OUT! Hell she could have even waited until the dust settled on her album that I’m sure won’t be much of anything spectacular (that girl is not Beyonce) and it would have seemed more genuine. The timing is just fishy to me. However despite all of that, I hope that those girls that needed to hear what she had to say take heed and don’t allow themselves to be caught up in the same trash. If that happens, then I’m guessing it’s worth the celebrity PR stunt.

But from now on, can we do more to make our own lives interesting instead of spending time salivating at the lives of people who wouldn’t even pay someone to pee on fire to put you out? I mean I think I’m pretty freakin cool, but no one cares because I don’t shave my hair into funny styles or make a gillion dollars. Stop being so shallow… adore ME! I’m awesome! But no really. As soon as the celebrity worship stops, we’ll see less of them, they’ll stop acting stupid for our attention (Tila The Alien anyone?) and maybe they’ll even drop the prices to their concerts. Maybe. Please, let’s all join up for the cause to end Celebrity Circus Shows. If you are someone that follows every celeb on twitter and knows every detail and intimate fact about God knows who, we can get you help. Just reach out.

Anyone else tired of it, or am I just cranky today? 🙂 (It could be both you know).
Oh and stop with the hybrid names. No one calls Will & Jada Willada. They wouldnt’ stand for that ish!

The Burning Bush

Everyone worries about getting burned. One of my favorite songs on the 88-Key’s album addresses this appropriately: Burning Bush. It’s a real problem out in the streets and you would think people would be more careful. But with the statistics out there staggeringly high it seems like every other person you pass in the street has something yet when the questions are asked, everyone seems to be squeaky clean. Granted there are plenty of diseases that are quiet and dormant and never give you reason to kick down the nearest clinic door, but that just means you need to be a good steward over your privates and get that check-up regularly.

So what would you do if you looked down and discovered that your most prized posessions are experiencing their own “I Am Legend” transformation?

Well if you are in a relationship, it all depends. If you have been good on your end then I’m sure the first thought to go through your mind is “Oh…. i’mma kill that fool!” (man or woman) If you might have slipped up a time or two it gets a little tricky. It’s almost like the girl who is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. Kinda hard to go on Maury and ask “Who gave me this STD?”  This is why I say constant check ups are enormously important. They give you Benchmarks. On May 20th you messed around with Random X. On August 15th you had a check-up and you were clean. You and the boo continued to do you and on October 14th you were burning. In this situation you can reasonably deduce the source of the itch. Getting a check up at least 2-3 months after a suspect affair should give you accurate results. Either way, how do you approach the giver of bad news? Coming at them like a wildwo(man) isn’t  going to save you from the rubber gloves.

So what if you realize that it’s you that’s out there giving people the “forevers”? How do you tell the people you’re involved with and more importantly the one you love? What if it was something you didn’t know you had. Like HPV or something. In that case, your current boyfriend could have given it to you but since he can’t be tested (or affected really) neither of you knew.

If your girl said she had something like HPV how would you respond considering it really doesn’t affect *YOU* but could affect any future women if she doesn’t have staying power. And it may have been YOUR fault. It is definitely one of those sleeper sneaky diseases and not even a condom can save her. They also say that 80% of all women will eventually get this. (I feel like that number is crazy high, but what do I know?)

Are you more lenient if the “problem” in question can be gone with a simple co-pay, some antibiotics, and a week without liquor? If you met someone who you really liked and they had the burning bush but they were upfront with you and even had solutions as to how to safely have sex with them would you go for it?

These are some serious questions from my random mind. Honestly, it was inspired by the old rumor that Chris Brown and RiRi got into it because he was blue over his wang being green. *shrugs* Who knows. But seriously, what would YOU do? Me? I hope to never find out. *straps on chastity belt and flies off*

Good Girl Vs. Bad Girl

**Tomorrow’s Blog post is titled “Can We Break The Double Standard and it’s a good one. But I wanted to open up with this post today. It’s an older post but moves quite well into what I’m talking about tomorrow. Check it out and give me your feedback! Then come back tomorrow and we can really get into it.****







Halo or Horns?


I’ve always wondered what this meant. I mean in my mind good girls are the ones that well… do good. Bad girls, are the ones who don’t. One is a pillar in society, the other is in jail. However, like anything else things aren’t always what they seem. According to a random poll that I took with complete and total biases, no proper sample, and no kind of professionalism, I came to the conclusion that there are hardly any good girls left in the world. Here is what my research turned up for me.

Good Girls:

  • Virgins
  • Naive
  • Somewhat Nerdy
  • Very Sweet & Kind
  • Tend to be under-developed (What!)
  • Wears clothes that fit her
  • Eat healthy (again… What!?)

Bad Girls:

  • Not virgins
  • Have tattoos/piercings
  • Are very sweet & kind as well
  • Despite the above statement they are fond of trickery and using their feminine wiles
  • Probably smoke cigarettes
  • Over-developed
  • Shops at Wet Seal, Rave, and Man Alive
  • Also shops at only high-end stores because she’s got some simp paying for it
  • Dances provocatively
  • Smart, but also not smart.
  • This list seriously goes on and on

So pardon me for thinking WTHeck. How do you figure? These are seriously some responses I received in my random polling of people who clearly should not be allowed to speak in public. It got worse but I thought I would spare the readers. Why is it that Good Girls have to be nuns and Bad Girls equal the devil. What does this differentiation even necessary? A good girl is under-developed!? Please tell me how she is able to really help that. If she has a child (which if she’s not married, automatically makes her a Bad Girl) and grows a body all of a sudden, is she then a Bad Girl? I’m so confused. Please help me people. All jokes aside, when Rihianna was the “Good Girl Gone Bad” what exactly did that mean? Was it like “Genie In a Bottle” Christina Aguilera to “Dirty” Christina? And even in that case, Christina became a “Bad Girl” when out of her little group of Pop Starlets she seems to be the one faring the best and doing things right in life. Interesting.

I like to believe that your character is define by your believes and how you carry yourself. If you have a million tattoos, and love to dance hard in the club along to Beyonce, yet you are a firm believer in spirituality, hardcore community activist, and a woman that carries herself with poise and class (when not Getting then why should you be labeled a Bad Girl? Are these types of judgments a hindrance?

What are you definitions of a Good Girl vs a Bad Girl. Can you tell me the point of even defining this? Are you a good girl or are you a bad girl? Menfolk, which do you prefer?

*adjusts my halo*

The "One Major F-Up Pass In Life" for Chris Brown

Yesterday, as with most things that really don’t affect the world at large, the internet stood still for a second to log-on to the nearest work-allowed website to view the Chris Brown apology that he and his camp released. If by chance you were under a rock, more concerned with other worldly issues, or just couldn’t catch it, here it is:

As always, I feel like I have to disclaim because you i-goons be quick to get all angry and want to e-bang over nothing at all, including things that have nothing to do with you. LOL So I feel no pity for Chris Brown. While he is a victim, he is definitely not a victim in this case. He committed a horrid offense, and I am not apologetic for him or what he did. He does NOT get a celebrity pass, and I do not feel he is instantly redeemed.

With alladat said, I noticed that the overall response and twitter reaction was a bit….negative. People clowned him for using a teleprompter, people felt like he should have gone on Oprah, people felt like he wasn’t from the heart, and on and on and on! I think it’s strange our society’s desire to undercut even the best intentions. We are extremely difficult to please. Now I know on this blog, I’m always poking at something or calling out Beyonce, but several times I include the fact that I love her, and I do appreciate her hustle. Rarely am I just on some hater-type mess. Except for Sexy Spectacular. That was because I literally hated what he did. Like I can’t get those minutes of my life back.

Tangent. Sorry

With the Chris Brown situation, I kind of find it hard to jump on his back and attack him for apologizing. I mean think about that. The man APOLOGIZED. As far as I know, most people who have so much to say about what he SHOULD have done are not Publicists. They are not image consultants, and they also do not have direct knowledge of what really happened. I know more people who support R. Kelly, and bump his autobiographical nasty music still, and he has in no way shape or form issued any sort of apology, shown any type of humilty or anything concerning the situation. While he was found innocent, I believe many people would have appreciated some sign from him that he is aware that his actions were wrong. In the R’uh’s case, I’m sure he doesn’t believe that they were. At this point, Chris Brown as done way more than R. Kelly, Don C., and a host of other criminal record holders in the entertainment industry.

Here’s my thing, I believe we ALL can be afforded the “One Major F-Up Pass in Life”. I believe I’ve already used up mine. We are human and we are not above making mistakes. Even mistakes in which we should have “known better”. Chris Brown is a young man who he himself was a victim of domestic abuse (watching his mother be abused) who made an extremely wrong choice regarding his own ability to handle his anger. We’ve been over this before all over the blogosphere. At this point he has been handed his punishment, which many agree or disagree with (I feel it was moderately appropriate. Rihanna wasn’t pressing the issue, and he was a first time offender), and he has taken the time out to publicly apologize to the world. I don’t really see where we get off requiring more than that of him.

He read from a teleprompter. So what? This was a statement. One doesn’t have to stumble and stutter through something for it to be from the heart. Liars talk off the cuff all the time. I am sure that he felt it would be in his best interest to properly articulate all of his feelings. Often times speaking on sensitive subjects without prior preparation leads to forgetting some really important points. I believe with my whole heart that he was sincere. I feel that most people’s fears that he will get a pat on the back due to his celebrity is leading them to crucify him even more unjustly for the same reason. If it were your brother, or cousin, or son, or best friend you would more than likey give him a second chance and hope that society would too. Too many people expect this man to crawl into a hole and shrivel away until their unspecified time of punishment has been reached. When I ask people “okay, so at what point is America allowed to forgive him?” no one knows. They respond “I don’t know, but it needs to be SOMETHING.” To me… that’s no bueno. No dice. Impossible standards.

To Chris Brown I say, “Thank You for apologizing. While in reality, it’s none of our business, and you were given your punishment to pay and you have your own demons to work through, I appreciate the fact that you do recognize your charge in life and your need to be socially responsible with your fans. The public is what made you who you are and so I think it was a good move to take time out to address the public on your trangressions.”

To everyone else that has sooo much to say (myself included): Let us all hope that our mistakes don’t become major spectacles for the world to see and judge. Let’s remember that while we feel it is our right to get the answers and be in the business of our entertainers, it really isn’t.

With all of that said, I hope CB is getting the help that he needs, and I pray that we NEVER hear anything like this happening again from him.

Celebrity Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna

So today I am so tired. I mean it. I’ve been up all week pretending to make up my condo (hit me if you are in downtown ATL looking for a nice cheap condo) and reading these hot Twilight Vampire books. So I’m pretty much all out of random things to talk about for this week. I mean I had things up my sleeve, but I still have Popeyes left over and the itis is strong. So I was happy that I was sent a you tube video that I thought was curiously funny in some places. Mainly the fun poked at Bey. I love Bey. Y’all know her movie is dropping today. Let me know what you’re thinking about it. I really wasn’t paying attention to the “Rihanna” part and of course, D.V. is never funny, but Bey… that was funny.

In the meantime I share with you the most randomest thing I could find today.

Celebrity Therapy: Beyonce & Rihanna