It's official: Today's music aint for us.


I read this article a few days ago and I had to hang my head in shame and find a corner to go SADDOWN in.

They write:

Apparently the BET Awards aired tonight. I wasn’t at all surprised by the number of tweets that showed up on my twitter timeline criticizing today’s music for not being lyrical enough, for being too violent, or otherwise not up to par. To that I say:


If you believe that, most likely you are 25 and above. In fact, you might even be 21 and above. And, if that’s the case, current music is not for you to like. It’s not created for you, and really, it shouldn’t be created by people much older than you. Music has always been driven by young people. Young people are the ones who have hours to spend in their rooms listening to music. They also have parents who give them allowances with which to buy music. Young people have been responsible for almost every major music movement in this country from rock n roll to hip hop.

I guess I really just wasn’t ready to admit that I had jumped the shark myself. I thought I was still young enough to be ooh’d and ahh’d by the latest releases into mainstream music. In all reality I am, but this blogger does make some good points. I can’t say that I follow them word by word, but it gave me something to think about. I think I pointed out in a blog before that raunchy music is not new. People have been singing some pretty wild stuff since back before our grandparent’s time. Minnie Ripperton and other older singers had some songs that might make Trina blush (okay, not THAT bad, but still). However, we all justify that away with “but it was still better, and more complicated that the stuff out today”. Sure, maybe it was, but then again, the music that is out today is catering to a whole new generation of listeners. Not us.

This is a tough pill to swallow. I realize that the musical artists I love and adore are older than me, and may not be in the game much longer (JayZ…..I see you will NEVER lease so this aint about you). What will I do when these artists leave their craft for good? Why can’t I expect a 25 year old artist that grew up with the same good music that I did to actually be talented and produce great music beyond samples and autotunes?

That’s what gilds my lily. I understand that each generation will always have issues with the next, but these days we’re opening the door for talentless hacks to become musicians. With the overuse of Autotunes (even for rappers…who don’t even sing… they speak) and studio trickery, it’s like the C & C Music Factory scandal is actually the norm now. You remember, they had the cute skinny chick as their front woman, with a huge black lady backstage doing the actual soulful singing. I almost don’t see what the point is in going to concerts anymore. What you get is not what you see. But hey, years ago people didn’t think rap was music, but even then rap was a part of the hip hop culture. The MC, plus the DJ, plus the dancers, and the graffiti artist all worked together to create a culture. Rap is becoming separate of any culture and *shrugs* I’m just not ready for that.

I look to MJ as an example. MJ wrote songs about ANY and EVERYTHING. No one cared because it was good. Today, artists sing/rap/grunt about the same things: money, chicks, money, drugs, money, strippers, love, money, loving money, etc. Everythings sounds the same, which is why when a new song comes out and everyone loves it I think, “Well of course you do. Sounds just like the one that played before it!” I’m so out of touch. I just feel like people are becoming sheep to the music. While it may not be made for “my generation” anymore it’s still what’s blasted when “my generation” wants to go out. So if I have to deal with it, I feel like I can complain about it. Can someone tell me the draw to Gucci Mane? I feel like my mother when I say that I can’t understand a word that he says. Is he sincerely mentally challenged? Did he have a stroke or something? Suffering from some type of trauma? Please advise.

So I said that I understand what the blogger above was saying and that I’d take my “over the hill” self somewhere and sit down and shut up about it,  but then I continue to rant. I’m sorry, it comes with being old. You know old people speak their minds without caring about a dang on thing. So if I’m considered old now, then I can rant and rave about everything and you just have to “respect your elders”. LOL

So what do you think? Is music today only for the 20-below crowd? Should us “older cats” just shut up and let Soulja Boy be great? Can we only enjoy artists in and above our age range?


Music to my ears? Rarely

Remember this?

*dances around*

I used to wake up on Saturdays to the sounds of Al Green or Luther or Tina Turner and the smell of Pine Sol. Those memories about have me in tears. My mom would blast that good music while cleaning the house. I’d get up and meet her in the kitchen, dance around with her and then eat me some good cereal before my cartoons started up.

Now, this is what is supposed to wake me up.

I’m not going to use this time to talk about my love/hate relationship with S Beezy and all ATL music. I’m just using that song as an example of how things have changed and how sad it makes me.

The state of maintstream music (i’ll just say Black Music.. because Coldplay, Oasis, most European groups, etc, still have my heart) today makes me really sad and makes me feel old. I’m too young to have abandoned the radio and the clubs. I’m too young to be out of the loop with the newest sounds, dances, and music related trends. I work at a bar on the weekends, so I’m often exposed to it unwillingly and it’s always a shock to my senses. Hip Hop today is all about the beats. Lyrically it sounds worse than a small 3 y/o trying to string together sentences to let their parents know they just pooped a big one. It’s a mess to say the least. Hip Hop has always been about the sound, but it was just one element. The DJ handled his/her part, the MC did his/her thing, the Grafitti artist was tagging in the background, and the dancer was body rockin. Today, Casio and Autotunes rules the record and the “MC” is saaaaaaaaaannnngggin like thissssssss “yeeaaaaaa gettin monnnnnnanaaaayyy ooooooohhhhhhhh” WTHeck!? Not to mention the dances these days. Stankey Leg? Swag Surfin? Superman/Batman/Spiderman/Juwannaman/I’m not really a man- A Hoe? Crank Dat Anything-you-can-think-of-in-30-seconds?


Let me go back and say that I understand that it’s what the kids are doing these days. I get it. However the music of today doesn’t do anything to contribute to the art. Souljaboy is young, I understand that, and he needs plenty of guidance. However his lyrics should have never come within 1000 miles of network television. I would never be okay with my children listening to his music. And if they decided to do so behind my back, I hope to have the instilled enough fear into them that they better not hum a tune, or even think to emulate him.

And I know I am good for using a man’s taste in music as a measure of attraction. Don’t think I’m going out with you if when you come to get me “Becky” is playing. I will hop my still single booty right up out the car.


What’s really going on? I almost can’t take it, and it’s turning this 24 y/o into a serious homebody! But before I get beside myself and forget where I’m from. I give you a lil bit of my homestate flavor and when I’m home in FL you will see me hit it.

The Wu-Tang (the song is I just wanna f*** FL twist on B-more style)

Bean Ahhh (my fave)

But some of my fave artists I listen to that are mostly underground are: Slum Village, anything touched by J Dilla (RIP), Tribe, Older Kanye, Drake, Erykah Badu, Dwele, Eric Roberson, Viktor Duplaix, Amel Larrieux, Koop, The Cinematic Orchestra, Joe Budden, Common, 88-Keys, The Roots, Pharrell!, N.E.R.D., The Lady Jill Scott, Foreign Exchange, Old Little Brother, Daedelus, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Aya, Wale, Jaspects and the list goes on and on! It sucks that a majority of my music wasn’t put out in the past 2 years. What’s good about it is that it is classic.

What y’all listenin to?

Women aren't the only ones who fall off…

Remember that really sexy guy you were sprung over in high school? Or that hot Fraternity boy that you just loved from across the union (yard, square, quad, insert [whatever] here)? Isn’t it funny that he’s not so amazing anymore? Men love to talk about the woman who let herself go, but men do it too. It’s not always about looks, and often times it has more to do with the Woman’s ability to grow and mature and how it sometimes takes men longer to do the same.

I was looking through random pictures on my facebook page and I came across a few guys that back in my day I just thought the sun rose and set on their backsides. It led me to clicking on their name, going to their pages, and laughing my A** off. Not particulary AT them, but more so at myself for having been a stuttering fool over these cats. I mean they haven’t reached the “Boy you sure did peak in High School/College” point yet, but it’s just not there for them anymore. Some have gone from completely gorgeous to looking like shriveled up poster boys for Rainbow Magazine. Others have turned their Panache off and seem to be nothing more than pitiful shadows of their old selves. On the flip side, some have turned their Rodomontade WAAAY up unjustifiably so considering that many people know that they are living in a cage full of lies. That car is not yours, we know you lost your job, the house is rented. Just be YOU.

As I move closer to my day of enlightenment (My 25th Birthday) I have really started to relax a bit on my anxiety over where I am in life. I am positive that all will be ok, and that I will be where God wants me, with who he wants me with, and when he wants me in place. At the same time however, I cannot stop looking at the people I surround myself with and wondering how we all fit together as we move into the next quarter of our lives. Not everyone will grow the same way. And like I quoted yesterday “in relationships of any kind, if everyone were alike, then someone isn’t necessary” and that is so true. If you and I both can do the same thing, then I don’t need you. You may not need me. I surely hope I’m not on someone’s “She let herself go” list because that would suck considering I totally don’t believe that! (LOL In my cutest Becky voice) I’m sure that the guys I’m thinking of don’t think they have either. And maybe instead of writing a blog about them (in a non mean-spirited way might I add) I should reach out to them and see if they need anything. Maybe I should pick up their Panache switch and hand it back to them. I know sometimes when I hop up out the bed to turn mines on… I realize that I misplaced it and it takes a minute to find it again. Then once I do, I proceed to turn it on, look in the mirror and of course… say “What’s up”. Thank you Soulja Boy for illustrating the proper morning routine.

I have to do it: