Day 2. Wins and Epic Fails

This is my face this morning.


This is due to the epic fail that was dinner last night. I bought this Tapioca Loaf “bread” because I didn’t think I was ready for Ezekiel Bread, and boy was I just completely grossed out. I figured I would use this time of fasting to work on another area of my life that I’ve been successfully working on. Healthy Eating. Although the week before the fast I had fried chicken every single day. LOL But I digress. I figured that since my diet was so restricted, I would learn how to cook/love/appreciate alternative foods. What was I thinking? So for dinner last night I had a GardenBurger veggie burger with Soy Pepperjack Cheese on the Tapioca “Bread”(dairy, flour, and all other things logical-free), and Sweet Potato fries. Needless to say I demolished the fries. The burger however, elicited a simple “ehhhh” from my mouth when I first bit into it. My friend who was witnessing this said “That’s not what people usually say when they first eat something.”


When I opened the vacuum sealed package containing the bread (clue #1) the bread began hissing. Like it was “activating” or breathing or something. This seriously worried me. The veggie burger smelled really good and I added some extra seasoning to it thinking that this would help. Not so much. It was like biting into a flavorless McDonald’s hashbrown pattie that was full of chunks of spinach, carrots, corn, bell peppers, and broccoli. It was very awkward. The cheese though, that was the worst. I chose pepperjack because I was told that getting regular cheddar was going to taste gross for a beginner. The peppers in the cheese were to offset the completely gross soyness. NO dice. I can’t even explain it. Well after realizing that just eating Sweet Potato fries might be doing too much, I rushed to my frige to see what I could hurried make and consume in 20 mins. At this point it was 6:40 and according to my fast I can’t eat after 7. I settled on a grapefruit and for the moment it did the trick.

To be honest, I wasn’t hungry really all through the night. I said my third prayer at 6:15 for my family and I read the scripture as to why Danial began the fast to begin with. I think this provided comfort to me.

Again, waking up at 6 so far is the HARDEST part. I wake up, kneel to pray, and I think I’m back asleep by the time I say Amen. I think I’m going to start waking up, getting FAR away from my bed as possible, reading scripture, then praying. But the prayer is so important. It allows me real private time with God and it prepares me for the day. I pray for strength as I go through this, a closer bond with God, and breakthroughs in the areas of my life that God knows I need the most work on. As I type this, I haven’t had anything to eat since 6:50 pm yesterday and it’s now 9:00 am today. I’m not starving, and I’m only feeling very minor signs of hunger. I’m drinking water, so it is helping to curb that and In a few minutes I’m going to have a cup of my Puffins cereal. It’s pretty tasty even if it is practically cardboard. 🙂

*unenthusiastic excitement* yey! Breakfast.


LOL Come on back tomorrow. Later today I’m going to try to post some more Green Smoothie recipes.




day 2 being raw

i don’t know how much yesterday or today will count because i’m still sick…

last night during one of the few hours i was awake, i went to the store and grabbed $50 worth of fruits, veggies, and juice. as i was telling ainz today, this 40 days isn’t the hugest deal for me except that i love to cook. i’m already a vegetarian so this isn’t so far from it right? well, we’ll revisit this question again on day 30.

so today i slept through breakfast but for lunch i had a salad with cucumbers and naturally fresh’s ginger salad dressing. this is like that salad dressing that they serve at the japanese restaurants. i could eat it straight out the jar it’s so good! i also had a naval orange and am currently sipping on some bolthouse purple carrot juice.

purple carrot juice? well i looked at it funny when i first put it in the cart too but i figured theres only a select couple of things i’m eating so let me not be finicky. apparently what they’ve done here is feed the carrots beets, pomegrantes, and some other purple stuff to make them turn this color but the taste is absolutely superb!

tonite is sav’s birthday so who knows what i’ll be eating… going back to sleep now because i’m still feeling awful (not as awful as yesterday tho).


“the official veg head” ladebelle

breakfast of champions!

and no, it’s not wheaties. 

being a vegetarian, it’s really hard to get all of my protein in. especially since right now with the recession the price of fish is going up and i surely don’t want tofu for breakfast… GROSS!

so here’s a vegetarian-friendly and utterly delicious recipe for a protein packed breakfast shake. not only is it a great source of protein but it has lot’s of antioxidants in it as well. 

cherry almond smoothie


mmmm... yumtastic!

mmmm... yumtastic!



1 cup vanilla almond milk

1 tsp almond butter

.5 cup frozen cherries

1 tsp honey

combine all ingredients in a blender (or magic bullet), blend, and enjoy!


not only is this recipe easy as pie, but it’s absolutely delicious and an easy clean up!