JG*’s back in the gym!

New Vlog for you guys!

Y’all know I was getting my cardio in the Church last week, so my actually gym participation was down a little bit. But I’m back, and I’m sharing! Like always, nevermind the hair. THIS IS HARD WORK! THIS IS A STRUGGLE! No time for cuteness! LOL Even though I did put a little lip gloss on. 🙂

Enjoy! Work hard!



morning workout: 2/17/09

morning guys… 

now that i’ve gotten rid of my migraine from yesterday, i’m back at working out hardcore (i promise JG* i do!!!!) so check out my vlogs here…



post workout


this morning’s workout was completed with the help of britney spears’ blackout album… this album is like non-stop upbeat tracks that when i was losing energy, they kepy me going… THANKS BRIT!