03.You can Randomly find me…

…at several blogs near you.

First and foremost, I also run the best and greatest site about running for a reason.

This is where I blog about my races and fundraising. Also heathy eating and encouragement for my ladies out there trying to get fit!

Next up is another very special blogsite. Very near and dear to my heart. What started out as an interesting relationship, blossomed into a very awesome and great blogging relationship. I am one of the Acquisition Editors for The FreshXpress and it is my job to recruit the best and the baddest bloggers out there! Check us out! I also contribute and you just never know what I may blog! I’m so Random!


Also, I have guest blogged at this site recently, and you can definitely expect more to come in the future. The great DCBG is a lovely friend of mine, and please look forward to what I’m sure will be D.C. Domination once I arrive. Please Check out:


**Check out my guest blog: “Playerisms: Step ya chef game up.”

And as many of you may know, I got my blogging start with the one and only:


While R.O.W.C. may no longer be active, I still owe everything to it! *pours out the wine*. I will probably repost some of my gems from there on here, but in case a miss a few, you can always check out the archives there. 🙂

More to come….


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